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What next for former MPs and ministers?

Gordon Brown

Pisces Gordon should pursue his artistic passions in life. Although the World was his stage he’s probably better suited to the arts. Perhaps a bit part in casualty would prove his worth – and test out the NHS waiting lists first hand.

Peter Mandelson

Libra Peter’s diplomacy will see him charming a lot of people in very unusual ways. With his administrative talent and social charm, he wouldn’t go far wrong in marriage guidance as well as becoming a party planner – perhaps the divorce party era is about to start with Peter as the ringmaster?

Alan Johnson

Taurus Alan’s methodical skills and determination will prove to become somewhat of a bore for others – I can see him surrounded by numbers and cash, perhaps not so much his cash – but he wouldn’t go wrong as Cashier number 3 in a local branch of Natwest – or indeed something in the field of scientific research – placebo bitter pills are quite hard to swallow.

Alistair Darling

So has this Sagittarian got enough of a positive attitude to break away and pursue his dreams of public relations anymore?  I can see him travelling and becoming entwined into social administration – perhaps an ambassador for a charity would exercise his boundless energy and positive attitude will help others in a unique way.

Tessa Jowell

Delightful Tessa…  the cheerful and tidy one. Bubbling away in the background she’ll draw on her investigational skills somehow; she’s hard working and all in all a perfectionist. Her skills for uncovering things could prove her well in becoming the modern day Jessica Fletcher – move over Angela Lansbury, Tess is in town.


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Andrew Adonis

Double act with Brown?  Could be an interesting act!  Britain’s Got Talent – eat your heart out!  His spiritual side leaps out, so does music and literature – let’s hope he’s not going to emulate the Smack-Spear act with Gordon, or indeed pop up in panto as the third ugly sister to nurture his drama passion…   Although Hannah Gordon might start wondering who’s mixed up her paints when he strikes out to be the next Da Vinci.
Independent, Sunday 16th May 2010
What next for former MPs and ministers?

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