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Virgo monthly horoscope and predictions for August 2013.

Virgo: Your August Horoscope

You might feel as if you could do with more time to yourself as August begins. You aren’t giving private matters the time and attention they really need. This makes you feel stressed and under pressure. Trying to please everyone means you aren’t really pleasing yourself.


But your needs are important to. You have some important things to do and it is vital that you sort out your priorities. You aren’t being mean, selfish or lazy by demanding that you have some time on your own to sort out your life. Anyone who accuses you of this doesn’t really know you and if they try to make an issue out of it they don’t deserve to have you as a friend. Virgo, you are being sensible.



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Finding solutions to private matters early in August

Because solutions to private matters will need more time than you have been trying to give them. You need to do some research. You want to find out if some things people have been telling you are really true. You may have to make concessions but you don’t want to jump to conclusions. You won’t believe gossip o rumours going around your workplace or neighbourhood until you hear it straight from the horse’s mouth.


A strangely soft-centred Mars at the start of the month will help in that if you were worried about some commitments, suddenly these will ease. Between the 9th and 16th you seem to have less to worry about. Developments on the work front will combine with your personal aims and the result will be: a pleasing increase in income. You may not see the benefits immediately but there is a promise of money to come and this will lift your spirits.


Is it time for a new car or dishwasher?

Most Virgos I know are cautious about cash and you probably aren’t any different. Past conditioning makes you careful with finances. If you are struggling financially, you will live to a tight budget and once it is set, you won’t wander of this.


There may be problems if a partner doesn’t watch their spending in the same careful way. They won’t understand why splashing out on unnecessary items upsets you but you are more concerned about how essential bills will get paid. Try not to let money problems come between you and a partner or other members of the family. Soon your money situation will improve so if they make the odd little mistake, forgive them for it if you can.


Equally, if you have plenty money, you won’t be frivolous. Whether you’re planning a holiday abroad or you’re thinking about buying a new car, TV, dishwasher or some other appliance for your home, you want to know you are getting value for money. And again you will set a budget before you start spending and you don’t intend to exceed it.

Developing your psychic talents

You will feel tuned-in, mentally, to the people around you between the 9th and 17th. You will have a knack for knowing what friends and loved ones are thinking before they have even said a word. If you are interested in developing your psychic and spiritual talents you might join on-line groups where people meet to help each other in this direction. It’s a great time to fine-tune your psychic ability so you are able to get in touch with others at the highest level.  On other levels, if some wishes and desires are too personal too voice, take a chance and share them with a partner. You could discover they feel the same way too but even if they don’t, they will understand you.


Trust your instincts around the 20th and this will lead you to the best prospects for romance, if you are single and looking for love.

Around the 24th you might get the impression that someone you work with or who is a member of a team you set up or helped set up is hiding something from you. Although you don’t want to pry if you feel you have a right to know what is going on, you should start making some discreet enquiries. If you get the feeling a friend is reluctant or anxious about revealing too many of their personal opinions but you are interested in their views, pay attention to the tone of their voice. Watching other people’s body language can give you a good idea about what they are thinking or feeling.


The month began with you feeling a need to make more time for your personal life. The month will end with you acknowledging what you could be doing to move forward and find more personal fulfilment. You will have the confidence and the courage to take a hold of your problems and to deal with them.


You intend to face up to any worries or uncertainties you may have instead of letting them get a hold of you. Virgo, you have it within you to change your life for the better. Circumstances now and over the month ahead (as will be described later) will provide you with opportunities to push ahead towards your main aims and to promote your personal ambitions.


Monthly Love Horoscope for Virgo: August 2013

There is potential for romance for Virgos this August. If you are single and you like it that way, there’s no reason why this should change. If however you’re looking for love, a new relationship could begin this month in the least expected way.


You might strike up a conversation with someone in a train, bus, shop or restaurant  or some other place you would never have associated with romance and before you know it, you will be making plans to meet up again.


Although you take an intellectual approach to life, thanks to your ruler Mercury, it is Venus that will have you weaving imaginative ideas around your romantic relationships this August.

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