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Taurus monthly horoscope and predictions for August 2013

Taurus: Your August Horoscope

Your ruler Venus links with Mars at the start of August making you especially creative and imaginative. This is no time to be lazy. You should be making good use of your imagination by turning ideas into something concrete. If you’re an artist, you might want to experiment with different styles, materials or techniques. You might be drawn to the colours red, pink and pale green.


It’s a great time to start looking for new decorating ideas for your home. Whether you’re thinking about decorating room by room or it’s the kitchen, bathroom or living room, it really doesn’t matter. You will still come up with some great ides to maximise space and make your home feel more comfortable and inviting.



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Also if you’re working and struggling with getting everything done during the working day you will probably find you’re better off working in the quiet of your own home.


Reminders of the past

With Jupiter in your communication zone linking with Pluto, you might find it hard at times to express your thoughts and needs to others. You just can’t find the words or it might seem like you’re exaggerating a situation when you don’t mean to.  It’s a great time to explore your subconscious.


There’s a lot that’s happening now that will remind you of the past and this might also get you questioning beliefs instilled in early childhood. This is all for the good as it helps you develop your spirituality and to feel more confident that the religious or spiritual path that lies ahead is the one for you.


During the first half of the month as Saturn links with Neptune, be careful about signing any legal agreement or committing yourself to an organisation that could demand more from you in the future. Volunteering to help with a fund-raising project or charitable cause will be wonderfully satisfying. Just be sure that other people don’t start expecting too much from you as you have other things going on in your life too.

It can be hard for you to detect hidden clauses of agreements because you don’t want to be bothered by legalities and technicalities so do be careful in that respect.  Or you will want to kick yourself later when you realised what you missed when you should have been paying more attention.


Income gets a boost mid-August

Family life comes under the spotlight all through the month of August. Jupiter’s activity in your home zone will bring improvements in your domestic environment and for some lucky Taureans, this could be due to an increase in household income. It’s also likely, thanks to a Jupiter/Pluto link, that plans being made will turn your family life upside down for a while.


Others won’t seem to mind this but you’re going to find it hard because even if it means the future will be easier, happier, more comfortable or less complicated, what you’re going through now is far from easy. It can sometimes feel your home life has been taken by storm but whatever is going on it’ll be worth it in the end.


You work hard, you play hard. You take your responsibilities seriously and most Taureans I know won’t stop until you are happy with the results. Saturn suggests you don’t realise exactly how much you are taking on. Before you know it you will have too much on your plate and this could have a negative effect on your health. Pace yourself Taurus. Go slowly and if something inside you prompts you to say ‘no’, do it. You don’t have to agree to everything other people ask you to do.


Making a good impression

If you are working, it’s even more important to finish some jobs before taking on anything else. You could do your professional reputation more harm than good by promising your boss or other senior figures more than you can actually give.


If you want to impress anyone in interviews, meetings or on a personal level if you’re applying for funding, a loan or financial backing, try to stay calm and composed. Looking relaxed and confident is the key to winning other people’s confidence.


What might seem strange that is in public you have to show this cool and calm person to the world but inside there’s excitement and anticipation. Exciting things are happening now that make you just want to shout with joy but wait until you’re back home with your loved ones then you can all do a merry dance and celebrate a great offer or opportunity.


Your ruler, Venus will bring harmony to working relationships after the 17th. If you are single, romance could spring from a professional meeting or seminar. You will also enjoy putting your creative skills into your work.


When things don’t turn out as hoped

The end of the month will bring a chance for you to make some changes to a project that didn’t quite turn out as you had hoped. A Taurus I used to work with wouldn’t think anything about re-doing work from square one because they weren’t satisfied with what they’d done. It didn’t matter if everyone was left waiting for them to complete the job, for them it had to be perfect. You won’t be so drastic as to destroy all you have done but I think you will have a sudden inspiration that will solve a problem and salvage all your past hard work.


As August ends, try to remember your dreams. They may take you into your past and this will provide you with simple solutions to a situation that’s getting too complicated and problematic.

Your motto this August should be: Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Monthly Love Horoscope for Taurus: August 2013

If you’re single and someone you start seeing a lot of tells you they just want to be good friends, this is because they get the impression you don’t want to be rushed. They would like your friendship to be more romantic but they’re waiting for you to take the initiative. If you fancy them, let them know it. If you are already in a relationship, trips out won’t be particularly romantic. You’re likely to be shopping together for things for the home and this could turn out to be surprisingly fun.

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