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Sagittarius monthly horoscope and predictions for August 2013

Sagittarius: Your August Horoscope


You just want to get away, this August. If you haven’t a holiday or journey booked it’s unlikely you will get through the first week of the month without having been on the internet and making a booking. If money is what’s holding you back, you might find a last-minute bargain offer. You will hardly notice  where it is you’ve decided to go. Just getting away is what’s important and you are determined to enjoy yourself come what may!


The travel bug is about to bite


The sun in your travel zone links with Uranus and this is what’s causing your restlessness and your desire for change.  For there’s just no getting around the fact that you won’t be happy to settle into your usual routines this August.  And it really doesn’t matter whether it is a short trip, long trip, over land or over sea, travel of any description or the thought of going away soon, will fill you with a feeling of joy and anticipation.


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By the 7th you really couldn’t do better than to give in to a moderate-to-strong wander-lust urge. If a friend wants to come along for the ride, they will be welcome.


If you can’t get away during the first half of August, it will be a time when your imagination is in high gear. Ideas flood your mind. You can hardly keep on top of them all. Focus on one or two ideas, give them a chance to develop and you are more likely to see results.


Patience is a virtue


You also need to be patient with other people. If you need someone’s approval before you go ahead with some of your ideas, give them a chance to think it over. Give them time to let your ideas and suggestions sink in. Some people just won’t be rushed. Their slow approach to life can frustrate you at times but if you need their support and cooperation, you will need to be patient.


Between the 9th and 14th is when sudden ideas and inspirations come into your mind. These can lead to something big if you are able to make use of your thoughts in a constructive way. You could soon start to forge ahead with some great new plans but you will also be aware that a lot of solid work will be needed if you are to reach the goals you are setting yourself and because you’re feeling so restless at the moment, you may not find this as easy as you would like.


You will also benefit, around this time, through spending a little quiet time alone in meditation. It doesn’t have to be long but the Moon in your private zone suggests you will feel more able to cope with whatever life throws your way if you also get to enjoy some solitary moments when you can clear your mind and then organise your thoughts.


Around the 20th, neighbourhood and community affairs could start to take up your time. You might accept commitments which you hadn’t looked into only to discover there are more responsibilities attached to these than you had first realised. Even so you won’t begrudge this. People need you and it will feel good to be appreciated. These are the kind of responsibilities you won’t mind having to deal with, at all.


Complications and finances


Around the 21st, when Jupiter links with Uranus, expect to find yourself having to deal with a complicated legal or financial matter. This is something you can’t ignore as much as you would like to. The sooner it is out of the way, the better.  It could cost you through financial penalties to leave it standing as it is.


If a partner or someone is trying to get you to take on some new financial commitments, ask to think it over. Between the 21st and 25th is not a good time to instigate anything of a long-term nature. You need to know these decisions will suit your lifestyle. New ideas are appealing but are they practical? Are they sensible? Think about all you could be letting yourself in for before taking on anything at this time.


Travel is once again highlighted at the end of August as the Sun links with Neptune.  Being beside or on water appeals. You might take a trip to the coast if it is within drivable distance. Also as the month ends, a matter you cannot put to one side any longer needs to be discussed with a partner or someone in the family. Communication is important to avoid future confusion and misunderstandings.


Monthly Love Horoscope for Sagittarius: August 2013

Getting away from it all with your partner will do your relationship a lot of good. You have a big appetite for travel and if your other half feels the same this will enhance your relationship.


If you aren’t travelling, sharing a hobby, sport or fun pastimes together would be better than pursuing your independent interests. If you are single, although you are romantic, friendships are fun at this time of the year. Travelling with a group of friends could lead to a romantic adventure.

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