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Libra monthly horoscope and predictions for August 2013.

Libra: Your August Horoscope

If you didn’t get to see as many of your friends as you usually do in July you will make up for it in August. If you’ve been busy with other things and someone is starting to feel neglected, your priority as August begins, will be to try to restore the balance. Text or call up friends who want to get together with you and arrange a definite date to meet up.


Once you’ve set the time and date, you will be looking forward to this and in fact with the Sun in your social zone linking with Uranus, you might be getting involved in a number of group events and activities throughout the month. These may be just for fun or you could be helping with a fund-raising project which will bring in money for a needy cause.



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Librans thrive on happy relationships and there’s also a chance that activities with one special person in particular will mean a lot to you now.


Dramatic moments this August

With Jupiter opposite Pluto early in the month, there could be some dramatic moments connected with your domestic scene. Your attention is drawn to this area when something needs to be sorted out in a hurry. The episode will cause some tension as it won’t be easy to deal with.  This could be something strange that you have never been through before but you will cope with the support of your housemates and friends.


Friendships are fun but some events during the first half of August will cause you tension and headaches.  You might feel you’re trying to squeeze too much into the hours.


On the other hand if you are Libran who is watching all the activity from the side-lines because you haven’t the skills to do anything constructive to help, you might feel as if you’re a spare part within a group or particular scene. You have a lot of nervous energy and this will need some form of physical outlet.  If you offer your help to others they might find something for you to do. Failing this you could find this outlet through taking up some form of regular exercise or sporting activity.


Partners and priorities

Around the 12th news received either by you or someone you are close to will have far-reaching consequences.  Although someone will be waiting for your response or an answer, it can wait without any real problems until the evening of the 13th if you are finding it hard to make up your mind. It would be better if you aren’t too quick to respond because you need time to give some thought to all possible implications of a situation to sink in.


Between the 17th and 19th make partners a priority. If you work closely with someone they may need some advice that has nothing to do with your job. If you are half of a duo, your partner will be sending a strong message to you that they need you. Don’t ignore this. Avoid taking anyone who is close to you, for granted.


On the 21st Jupiter links with Uranus bringing some form of turmoil that’s related to your professional situation. A colleague or even an inexperienced boss could be taking a headstrong attitude towards a situation which would be better dealt with diplomatically. You can see this but they can’t. It’s no use pointing out that their bull-at-a-gate attitude isn’t going to get them anywhere. They won’t listen. You might be able to help out by discreetly attending to some important affairs behind the scenes.


Equally a friend who has a kind and gentle nature is going through a difficult time. You can sense what they are going through and you can see a solution. If only they would listen. You might have one last attempt to shake them out of their negative mood. If this doesn’t work, for the sake of your own emotional health, you should leave them to deal with their problems on their own.


With this being very much a people month in that a lot of your time will be spent with friends, colleagues, neighbours and family there won’t be so much opportunity to deal with private matters. If therefore you get the chance to spend a few hours at home on your own towards the end of August, you will be relieved to take life at a pace which is far removed from the sociable and active time you’ve just had.


A community event around the 28th won’t be too demanding and you will actually enjoy this change of scene or the colourful feel of this occasion.  You already have many friends and yet you will be introduced to some people as August ends which suggests your social circle will be growing even wider.


Monthly Love Horoscope for Libra: August 2013

With planets in your friendship zone, people in your life of all descriptions will be important to you this August. Friends, neighbours, colleagues and family will keep you happily busy. This may mean you don’t have a lot of time for your personal needs and your love life couldn’t be described as being particularly romantic with so many people around you.


It will be important to make some time for your partner, if you have a one, between the 17th and 19th August. If you are single, these are the dates to focus on your own needs.


Most of the month will be harmonious but there will be some moments when you will need to be tactful and diplomatic – something which comes to you quite naturally. This gentle approach will help keep the atmosphere light-hearted and it might also prevent friends or colleagues even, from bickering with each other.


If, around the 21st, a friend seems distant, they will tell you why in their own good time. Also around this time, if you’re trying to help someone who is down but they won’t listen, it’s important to know when to walk away.

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