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Leo monthly horoscope and predictions for August 2013

Leo: Your August Horoscope

This is a month when your personality shines. All that is positive about your nature can be shared with friends and even strangers will feel drawn to you and will enjoy your company. You are a warm-hearted person and you never feel better than when you are in the limelight. This August you will often find you are the star of the show when every day you seem to be the one who comes up with the best ideas on how to keep everyone occupied, busy and entertained.


You have a lot of things to be grateful for and happy about.  Your cup of happiness is full to the brim and overflowing! There is joy in your friendships and even business relationships are going well. You’re feeling philosophical and even quite spiritual this August. Whatever the area (and I shall be going more specifically into the different aspects of your life soon), there will be a calm acceptance of what has to be.



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Exciting new opportunities for Leos this August

The Sun in your sign links with Uranus at the start of August bringing some exciting new opportunities your way.  Some of these will come as a bit of a surprise. You feel a strong urge to relate to other people and you want to help those who are needy. You’re more sensitive than usual and that’s because you can put yourself in another person’s shoes.


Surprisingly, perhaps, you’re being quite modest about this too!  When you do someone a good deed, you aren’t doing this for praise or to draw attention to yourself. At times like these, all you want, is to help those who need it. So you might feel a little flustered when others try to praise or compliment you for doing something that came totally naturally to you and was done out of the kindness of your heart.


Take care with finances

With Jupiter making a challenging link with Pluto, there’s a tense situation concerning finances. Did you borrow some money from a friend in the past and although you are sure you have paid them back they may be saying you haven’t. Or you may have loaned someone a valuable possession which they now seem to have lost.


Two people you have known for a long time who usually get on well together seem to have fallen out with each other. You can sense the tension in the air whenever they are in the same room. This may be in the workplace, a group environment or at home but what’s apparent is there is some conflict between them. This will have a negative effect on the atmosphere when other people start to sense this too and become uncomfortable.


Whether they explain what’s going on or not, there will be times when you might wish you could escape this awful atmosphere.


When other people’s problems mess up your days

Generally, friendships in your life are happy and harmonious. It seems a shame to have other people’s problems mess up your days. If they can’t sort out their differences you might feel better off leaving them to it. Before the end of August the situation will come to a head. If anyone who is having relationship problems comes to you for advice, you might tell them to face it head on and get what’s bothering them out in the open. They should not let things continue in the same way if they’re really bothered about it.


With Saturn in your home zone you are likely to be faced with extra responsibilities to do with your domestic situation. Some of these will be heavy and you might be surprised by what other people are expecting from you but you can and will be able to cope. Also if you have been at odds with someone you live with or an older member of your family, things will get on a more friendlier footing after the 20th.


Because events around the 19th will bring a home or domestic-related matter to a head. If there has been some arguments, disagreement or discord in this area, a long discussion will soon put an end to the issue. Decisions will be made, agreements reached and compromises agreed on.


Move forward with personal challenges as August ends

The latter half of the month is a great time to move forward with any personal challenges you have been contemplating for some time. Even the biggest stumbling blocks that are ahead can be overcome with determination. You will be drawing a lot of attention to yourself this


August and your public persona could play a large part in the changes that are about to take place.  At last you will receive the recognition you deserve for your talents and your past hard work. This might be a good time, then, to apply for a promotion, wage-rise or a cushy new assignment that could have lots of perks and that will involve work you will thoroughly enjoy.


Monthly Love Horoscope for Leo: August 2013

The first thing that is being almost thrust upon me by the stars is how important your romantic life is to you and how this will play a big part in your life, this August. If you are single, don’t hesitate about giving an answer if someone asks you out on a date. They may not wait around for you to make up your mind. If you want to be in a relationship, it has to start somewhere. Cupid is firing his darts. He is hitting a target. You are being given the chance to explore new romantic possibilities. Take it while you can.


Whereas if you sense someone secretly fancies you, why not help them to admit this. Your powers of persuasion can be incredible. Although you dislike the word ‘manipulation’, that’s exactly what you will be trying to do. – You want to manipulate someone into admitting they’d like to go on a date with you. Luckily your victim will be more than willing to do your bidding.


And whether you are single or attached, admit it Leo: you love to be the one who pulls the heart strings!

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