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Gemini monthly horoscope and predictions for August 2013

Gemini: Your August Horoscope

You have an inner sparkle these days and this will attract plenty attention your way, whether you’re looking for it or not. If you’re an outgoing, sociable Gemini, you’re in for some wildly exciting times now.


The Sun in your communication zone links with Uranus at the start of the month. You will be game for anything during the first ten days or so of August. You want to have fun. You want change and excitement and you are drawn to areas that will provide you with new experiences.



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Ghost hunts and mystical experiences

Unusual pastimes attract your interest. – Even the chance of joining in mystical activities like ghost hunts or some kind of paranormal research. –  If you aren’t mystically inclined, the subject isn’t what is important, now. What matters, this August, is that you get to stimulate your mind through new experiences and new interests. You’re in an easy-going anything-goes mood.  Friends who have lively personalities will enjoy being around you as you truly are an inspiration.


So if anyone makes a suggestion that you should try something new and different you will snap their hands off. Also with you being in such a versatile mood, you’re likely to enjoy some friendly moments that will give you a good laugh. You’re feeling quite indulgent and it will be your partner and other loved ones who get the benefit of this. You know you are agreeing to suggestions you turned down in the past but if it harms no-one, why not? It feels good to make other people happy.


Small wins or big losses

But keep an eye on your outgoings. With Jupiter in your money zone linking with Pluto, the wrong decision now could have a drastic effect on your future.  There’s a bit of a strange situation going on with your finances at the moment. If you haven’t got a lot of money, something might suddenly occur that reverses this; a small win, some funding, a relative’s generous gesture? Whatever it is you could find yourself rolling in it. On the other hand if you’ve got loads already, be extra careful as a sudden expenditure could make a big dent in your savings.


Mid-August continues to have a lively feel about it but in a more productive way. Your ruler Mercury links with Uranus and there is still a restlessness about you and a need for change and variety. You also want to see results from your efforts and the way to achieve this is by putting in the groundwork.


Towards the end of the month you will feel ready to tone down all your social obligations. Ideally, work won’t be too demanding. You might feel slightly jaded or hung over, but I’ll promise you now that your boss isn’t going to accept that as an excuse for you to take any time off. Try to get through the demands of the working days as best as you can. Then plan something more peaceful for the evenings and the weekends.


Geminis just want to have fun as August ends

Unlike the very start of August, when you just wanted to get out and have some fun, by the end of the month, you will crave peace and quiet. You might feel like locking the doors and hiding within the comfort of your own four walls. Your plan will be that you do nothing more strenuous than pottering around the house or sunning yourself in the garden, weather permitting!


Your mood towards the end of August will be compassionate. You don’t want to spend too long feeling angry about anything or anyone. You’re ready to forgive others who have hurt you in the past. This might surprise them but all it will take is an apology and you will be willing to forgive and forget.


This is good for friends or lovers who have done something to upset you as you will decide to give anyone who has wronged you a second chance. There will be no third chance but if they apologise and mean what they say it won’t be needed.


By the 24th, you will be following the example of a practical friend or colleague and attempting to put more order and organisation into your working days. Your environment will seem suddenly transformed as you have a good clear out and your biggest hope now is that your personal and professional ambitions will meet with supreme success.


Monthly Love Horoscope for Gemini: August 2013

You want to focus on the important stuff in your relationships and you won’t be side-tracked by silly little mistakes or misunderstandings. That’s why you will forgive others for anything they’ve done to upset you in the past. You’re more compassionate.  By the end of the month you want to knuckle down and show your partner how serious you can be about romance.


Relationships aren’t going to improve over night. If you have problems to overcome, taking a positive attitude towards this will help. If you both want to stay together, you will get over these hurdles together.


This August, you are tolerant and broadminded and if you want romance to last, you are going the right way about it.

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