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Capricorn monthly horoscope and predictions for August 2013.

Capricorn: Your August Horoscope


Before you make a start on plans you already had for August you might want to catch up on jobs that were pushed aside in July. You hadn’t meant to leave them for so long and you feel quite guilty about it, knowing that someone is waiting for you to get these over with. You hate keeping people waiting but this won’t make you rush anything. As a Capricorn you will either do a good job of what you do or you won’t do it at all. That’s why the first few days of the month will be taken up in completing tasks begun earlier.


You won’t be happy with anyone who tries to cut corners or to persuade you to do this. It may even amaze you that someone in a position where they should know better takes a careless view to matters you feel are important. At least around the 4th as Venus links favourably with Mars other people will be more helpful. A collective effort should help you bring most of your work up to date and this will give you a chance too, to start thinking about starting something new.



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Weird communications around the 9th

Communications are a little weird around the 9th. You will feel you’re getting your views across quite well. People say they understand what you’re saying and there’s nothing to suggest they aren’t telling the truth. What’s strange is that someone you know well is making some muddled suggestions.  Your reaction and the questions you ask seem to be making things worse between you and you might wonder why you just can’t understand what they are getting at. Leave it until after the 13th and if you do have to settle an important matter, it will be easier to do so then.


Excitement is in store

There’s some excitement in store between the 10th and 14th. If you are working, there’s a chance your work or some other responsibility will take you to places you’ve never been to before. It will be with some reluctance that you return to your normal routines mid-August. This is not like you because as most Capricorns I know prefer working in familiar places with familiar methods. But there’s always an exception to the rule and that’s what’s happening this August. You will enjoy the occasional change. You will enjoy new challenges. And you will enjoy exploring new places and situations.


For Capricorns who don’t take the opportunity to enjoy a change when it occurs, life will seem a little dull and it will feel as if something is missing. Something is lacking in some way and you will know this when your mind keeps wandering to other places and possibilities. You might start imagining yourself in different situations. Some of these will be a little far-fetched … did you know you had such a vivid imagination … but some could sow the seeds of new ideas that you will want to put in action over the months ahead.


If you are working, a review meeting mid-August will give you a few things to think about. Try not to get defensive when a senior colleague suggests you could do more to make better use of your talents. They aren’t criticising. They are trying to be helpful. If you missed opportunities in the past because you were too involved in what you were doing, you might now realise it is time for a change.


Opportunity for change is coming your way

The opportunity for change is around you now. How you respond to this is up to you. You might follow past patterns and let it pass you by or you might make the effort, this month, to get one foot over the threshold of new doorways.


You might wonder how to take a colleague or neighbour’s words around the 16th. They will be discussing a matter that involves a mutual acquaintance.  Are they accusing you of something. Somehow it will feel as if they are.  What will really annoy you at this time is the way people talk in riddles when you would much prefer it if they just came out and said exactly what was on their mind. Before you react, count to ten. Pause and take stock of the situation. Ask questions if you don’t understand what other people are saying but do be sure to stick up for yourself if you feel as if someone is in any way judging you wrongly.


During the latter half of the month it will be best to stay alert in your dealings with other people.  The lines of communication between you and a partner could be blocked in some way. This could lead you both to attending to the same job or buying the same item because you never checked with each other first who intended to do this. The 19th is when you might accidentally overhear some gossip, or an email you receive will have been intended for another. Any information you hear because of a mix-up in messages should be kept strictly to yourself especially if it concerns another person’s financial problems.


When it comes to your own money situation, you will be taking a practical outlook towards finances. If you’re spending on anything you will want to get the best value for your money. It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying an appliance for your home, having your car repaired or splashing out on something for yourself, you will want to know you aren’t wasting your money.


In most areas between the 21st and 26th, your judgement will be reliable. So whatever your decision, even if you are getting a few puzzled looks from those sharing your world, play your hunches.


The very end of the month is when friends and colleagues will be impressed by the way you handle certain situations. Relax. Be yourself. Don’t’ feel you have to put on a show. Let other people see you for who you really are.


Monthly Love Horoscope for Capricorn: August 2013

Your partner may at times be driven crazy by your insistence on sorting out financial and other important matters when they are feeling passionate. There is a time to have fun and enjoy romance and a time to get serious. This August you will be taking a serious approach to joint affairs.


The end of the month is when you should plan something special for your partner to let them know you can be loving, affectionate and thoughtful when you want to be.


If you are single, a friend seems to think they can come to you with all their relationship problems and this might eventually get you down.


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