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Cancer monthly horoscope and predictions for August 2013

Cancer: Your August Horoscope

Although you and everyone who is around you might begin the month of August with good intentions, you might be surprised by how quickly things seem to start going wrong. A project you had hoped to get started on could bump into problems almost immediately and with the

Sun in your income zone linking with Uranus, these could be costly to put right. You will be feeling restless.


Delays will seem to try your patience. Even so, you need to keep control of your emotions. Most Cancerians I know can find it hard to keep calm when they’re full of pent-up emotions but a sudden burst of temper could cause you more harm than good.


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Keep a hold of your temper until the 10th

With Jupiter making a challenging link with Pluto, your boss or someone in a senior position might read you the wrong way and feel you aren’t capable of the work you are doing. Trying to explain that it is delays and other frustrations that are causing the problem and not your ability to get the job done seems to make it worse. The last thing you will want is to have work that has already been achieved to be revised, reworked or rewritten.


The best thing you can do when anything seems to go wrong early in August is to keep a hold of your temper, stay in control of your emotions, and find the patience to wait until it starts going right again – which it will around the 10th.


Money, relationships and promises

Mercury, planet of communication, will be travelling through your money zone, this August. Financial talks around the 10th could take an emotional tone and may even end up in an argument. Someone will fail to keep a promise and the consequences will cost you in some way.


Stay calm or you could end up losing more than money. If this person is close to you and you normally get on well with each other, think about how important this relationship is to you. Do you want it to last into your future? Do you want to stay together? Is it worth letting a silly little matter like a financial misunderstanding break you up?


You might also discover that you were over charged or you have paid the same bill twice to an institution or organisation.  I know a Cancerian who would not give up on having fees they had been charged returned, and not only did their perseverance pay off but they were awarded a little extra for their trouble.


Cancerians can be incredibly determined when they want to be so if you feel you are entitled to have your money back, stick to your guns, and you could wind up recovering your money.


Receiving and giving support

Relationships are important to Cancerians. You are torn between giving your family the time and attention they seem to need mid-August and giving your time to community ventures you are committed to.  If you give this a little thought, the solution to this problem could be to encourage your family and friends to join you in doing some voluntary work together. If you all find the cause meaningful and worthwhile, no-one will begrudge any work they do for a charity.


It is easier to motivate yourself into action when you have the support of your loved ones behind you. Whereas if those at home seem to begrudge the time you devote to outside activities, you will find it hard to remain motivated. So, persuade others to join you in a voluntary venture that you find inspiring and they will start feeling good about themselves, too, as they make a valuable contribution to their community.


A money surprise around the 17th

Around the 17th, money that was promised to you some time ago will finally come through. If this is a sizeable amount be sure you don’t spend it all at once or in one place.  Towards the end of the month Venus will link with Uranus, making it hard to foresee any twists and turns on your financial, family and career paths.  Some unexpected events as August ends will be easier to cope with if you have a little money put to one side for emergencies.


Also as august ends, your eagerness to get on with plans and to see results could tempt you to break the rules. My advice is: don’t! Be careful. I get the impression your boss or someone in authority will be secretly monitoring your progress. So think about wording used in emails and reports.


Avoid discussing confidential matters in public places where even if you feel you and the person you are talking to are alone, even the walls might seem to have ears! You might feel there’s some secretiveness or conspiracy going on around you and it is unfair to have your activities monitored by those in high places but sometimes life is unfair and you don’t want to be punished for a minor infraction, so: take care.


After the 25th you should channel your restless energies into a creative project. This will help you get any feelings of annoyance or anger out of your system.


Monthly Love Horoscope for Cancer: August 2013

Money could be a source of trouble in a romantic relationship at the start of August. If either you have a problem with your partner’s spending or vice-versa, be open about your feelings but be willing to negotiate.


You might not be completely happy with a compromise agreed on around the 11th but this will be far better than continuing a destructive cycle that might destroy your relationship or the trust that had built between you. Some changes are for the best as you will discover as August wears on. There may be a number of issues that need to be sorted out between you and a loved one but take these one step at a time.


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