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Aries monthly horoscope and predictions for August 2013

Aries: Your August Horoscope

Are you feeling creative? Be ready to put your innate skills to good use, this August. Whenever you get the chance you will get pleasure out of directing your energy towards artistic, fun or outdoor past-times. Creative and leisure activities will be the theme of the month.


With Jupiter in your domestic zone, expect to give more time and attention to home and family concerns over the months ahead. If you’re thinking about making some changes in this area, whether it’s looking for a new place to live, starting a family, taking in a lodger or breaking away from a possessive relative, take the initiative now.


You’re likely to make good progress in all ideas and plans connected with your home between now and the start of November. Be patient too as nothing ever seems to be small when Jupiter’s around. Expect your plans to take time and effort and guard against becoming overly ambitious or you could lose interest, be distracted by other ideas, and all the hard work you’re putting in now will come to nothing.


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Exciting times for you and the family around the 5th

The Sun links with unpredictable Uranus and because Uranus is in your sign, it’s unlikely the first week of August will go by without you experiencing some kind of change or shake-up to your routines. You will welcome this. I always find when Uranus makes this kind of link, that it helps give people the shove they need to get them out of any ruts they are in.


As an Aries you can be restless and what occurs now will bring change and surprises of a pleasant nature. These will have something to do with your private life or your home.  I also think that because Jupiter and Pluto oppose each other, this again points to matters that will cause some conflict within the family but the more diplomatic you are, the quicker they will be resolved.


On the 5th, the Sun links with Uranus and although nothing seems to be predictable at this time, whatever is going on, you’re in for an exciting time. Your thoughts will centre on an exciting proposal recently put to you by someone you live with or a family friend.  This could be one of those offers you aren’t likely to want to refuse.


The new moon could bring the start of a new hobby or leisure pursuit. If you’re single, it’s a great time for a first date.

At the end of this week, with Jupiter and Pluto at war with one another, problems to do with a male relative or younger member of the family may occur. Someone in uniform or an official figure will be involved.  Again, choose your words very carefully as some tense situations will need diplomatic handling.


Versatility works best from the 8th

With Mercury joining the Sun in Leo, the 8th to the 11th is a good time to turn your attention to anything needing imaginative thought.  Take a versatile approach to anything you are doing and this will help you come up with quick solutions to problems. Your social life can be a little unpredictable these days when some people you are mixing with will be friendly and affable while others are touchy and awkward.


You would do best to avoid the latter rather than waste time getting into foolish arguments. Between the 12th and 14th especially, it will be older people who seem awkward or secretive with you. All you will want is direct answers but someone will try your patience by attempting to play mind-games with you.


Fun, celebration and partying mid-August

More excitement is in the air mid August. News you receive might give you something to celebrate. Plans already made could be changed at the last minute to fit in something special.


Venus enters your partnership zone and joint deals will give you a lot to be happy about. Someone has something to celebrate. If it isn’t you, it will be a partner.  A team of like-minded people will reach a mutual goal around the 21st and a friend may step in to help settle a tense situation later that day.


Watch your temper around the 24th

There won’t be as much time for leisure and pleasure by this point in August. Health and job concerns are uppermost in your mind.  It’s important to seek professional help if you are worried in any way about a medical matter.


Emotionally you might feel all at sea. This could have you questioning recent decisions you made or wondering why some people in your life are being so argumentative. Do your best to avoid getting into quarrels or you will only get more aggravated and this in turn will slow down progress in other areas.


The Sun opposes Neptune around the 27th bringing some form of disillusionment or disappointment. Health problems like allergies or stress-related illnesses should not be ignored. You need to take them seriously or they could get worse.  Medical matters may also have something to do with an addiction. Do you keep telling yourself you will quit smoking or you are going to cut down on drinking alcohol only you will do it tomorrow? This transit suggests you should do it: today!


Monthly Love Horoscope for Aries: August 2013

The Sun is in the most romantic zone of your chart for most of August. You’re feeling passionate, romantic and eager to please your partner but don’t try to rush anything in this area.

If you’re in a new relationship, give it a chance to develop slowly and naturally. In other words: don’t expect too much too soon. If you are in a long-term union and you’re finding it hard to express your innermost feelings, this is a perfect month to try something artistic or creative.


Why not put your thoughts down on paper in an old fashioned love-letter, or poetry, or send an e-card to your partner when they least expect it.  Romantic trends are good if you’re planning an engagement or a wedding.

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