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Work takes up most of your life. You usually start around 16/18 years old and end up working until retirement around 65 years old. It’s a big bonus if you can enjoy your work whether part or full time. When you are at school you think what shall I do when I leave, what sort of job will suit me? Then usually you go out and find a job that you love. However these days it is much harder to find the work that you want due to the Credit Crunch starting to hit so many people. So either you feel that your job could be at risk or you just can’t find the job that you want and this makes you feel very unsettled. If you are lucky enough to be in a job that you love then enjoy it first and foremost. Do you wake up in the mornings looking forward to starting the day ahead or do you sometimes dread that Monday morning feeling? Either way, try to make you day more interesting, even on the way to work, try to enjoy the ride there and take a newspaper or have a read so the time passes quickly until you reach your destination.


How do you feel about your job? Do you find it a challenge and the time goes quickly or is it too easy and you find the time drags? Either way try to find something positive about your employment. What about your co -workers, do you like them? Do you socialise outside office hours with them or don’t you really get on and just keep yourself to yourself? Work means a lot of different things to different people. To some its just a way to pay their cost of living and they go through the motions every day, but to others, they really enjoy their work and can’t wait to start the day and sometimes work really late, not because they have to but because they want to. You will find that when you start work you tend to make a lot of new friends but later down the line, due to people leaving and other circumstances they tend to dwindle down.


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Do you have fun while you’re at work? Always try to be bright and cheerful if you can as it makes other people feel much better around you,  someone happy rather than someone who is like a bear with a sore head! Try not to spend all your time at work and remember that you have other responsibilities outside work too, so just aim for balance and you should be able to have a good working life with enough money to get by and perhaps have a few luxuries along the way, then when you get to retirement you can look back and feel that you had a rewarding job during your working years.

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