Thinking of Working Abroad?

Working abroad can be very exciting, and a very rewarding experience; and if you take the time to plan ahead carefully before you go, you can make this a smooth transaction.


If you’re considering relocating overseas or you’d like to move abroad permanently and find work, then there are three main aspects that you need to think about before you decide to make your move. First of all you have to choose your location carefully. It’s a big world out there and you need to know where you want to go when considering which country best suits you and your employment requirements. Think about the location’s distance from your home country and your family and friends, because there could be times you want to return home or to catch up with familiar faces. Of course your friends and family could always visit you but for the most part you will be staying there possibly on your own.


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Think about what type of weather you can deal with, do you like the hot weather or are the cooler countries more of an option for you? This is the first thing you must give careful thought to. You also need to think carefully about the healthcare facilities available overseas and also about getting any insurance needed in place before you go. Remember that some countries are more expensive than others so give this plenty of thought. Better to be safe now than sorry later! Then its time to think about the language and if you need to learn another language before you go and if the country speaks English. Have a think about what sectors you would like to work in, and in which countries you can find work in a profession that agrees with you. Next, if you’re moving overseas on a permanent basis you need to be realistic and consider what the long-term employment prospects are for you. Are you also thinking about taking some of your family along with you or maybe a friend? because they will have to make enquiries too.


You should then think about your desired location carefully and whether or not you need any work permits, visas or permission to work and live abroad, if you are still up for it, then get the ball rolling and apply as soon as possible and always allow for delays in paperwork. Have you thought about the taxation of working abroad? Remember that if you’re moving to a low cost country then you may find that your wages are lower than you’re used to. Then you may have to find somewhere to live before you go and you need to examine the property market and if it’s easy and affordable to rent accommodation when you arrive. Do you want to buy a home abroad? If so make sure you find out all the legal requirements before you go. Remember that the trouble that you take to find this out before you go will ensure a smooth ride while you are out there.

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