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If you are thinking of leaving your job – don’t burn those bridges! So you’re thinking of leaving then? How’s the best way to the go about this? First of all tie up any loose ends and be absolutely sure that this is what you want. Maybe you’re feeling fed up at work and its not the same working there anymore! Maybe you just feel like walking out because there are issues that aren’t resolved. The best thing at first would be to talk this through with your boss and then if that doesn’t resolve things then it may be time to think about leaving. It’s always best to try to resolve things first before you do decide to leave so give it your best shot.


It pays to write down all the grievances that you are having and then sit down with your boss and go through the issues. Many jobs have been saved this way. If you have any outstanding work then try to get it finished before you go. Try not to let other people down before you go and create a list of any tasks that are outstanding. You may have to show someone new how to do your job so always try to be polite and nice to them. Always try to give your boss plenty of notice. It may be hard to tell your boss that you no longer want to work there but just give a brief list of why you are feeling this way and try to leave on good terms, you never know you may want to go back one day! Remember you may need to have a reference from your last employer to give to your new one, so always best to leave on good terms if you can. When you start a new job don’t take on more than you can cope with.



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If you are experiencing any problems then go straight to your supervisor and don’t sit alone trying to work things out, it will only cause more stress for you! Don’t be tempted to work earlier in the mornings or later at night and work through your lunch break. If you are having problems address them straight away. If you’re boss is aware that you are having problems with the work load then he or she may be able to give you a bit more help. Learn to prioritise your work, do what has to be done straight away and leave the non-essentials for later in the day. Being organised really does help. Set yourself some daily goals but make them within your reach and when you reach them, reward yourself in some way! Learn to delegate, you can’t do everything yourself so if you can get someone to help out with the small jobs while you concentrate on the big ones then get that help. Remember that people usually want to help so let them!!

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