What Exactly Is A Ghost?

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you come from or what religious faith you belong to, people all over the world are fascinated with death and the possibility of an afterlife. Most live in hope of “something” after this life. Some claim to have seen such entities or have photographic proof of their existence. Is a ghost the residual energy left in a certain location or is it simply a lost soul abruptly taken and trying to find an exit without realizing its own tragic fate? Whatever ghosts are they remain a fascination and continue to captivate us in our everyday life, in books, through orally related tales and on the silver screen. So when exactly did the deceased take on such a macabre persona? We must look into our ancient past. Imagine being one of the first people in existence. A dark empty void is left where an integral warm piece used to reside. Unwilling to let go, you continue to speak with the memories to your cherished one. Continue to wish that they would return and that things could be as they were before this constant sorrow. You want it so strong that you start to believe it possible and eventually you make it a reality. Believing in a hereafter gives purpose to an otherwise pointless and trivial life journey. In these times our expired relatives were looked upon with tremendous awe and great respect. During the subsequent ages ghosts have become more imaginatively sinister through the writings of great story tellers and spectacular Hollywood productions. It continues to be a long and intensely studied topic but has failed to produce hardcore proof. However motivated these nocturnal thrill seekers remain, it seems that nature stubbornly denies them the fruit they so badly desire. Ghosts, I’m afraid, as spooky as they have been portrayed, could they be an object of our ever fascinated and overactive imaginations? But then again who really knows for sure?

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