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With the current financial climate, many of us will be only too pleased to have a steady job, and starting our own business could appear a challenging, if not scary endeavor. We might think one has to have a certain chutzpah to lurch into the unknown and begin from scratch perhaps with a creative idea that has been playing on our minds for years. The best advice is to do base line market research, and keep you day job till your life mission takes off. Astro advice on how each sun sign can use their best traits and move forwards with a financially lucrative business activity is listed below.


Fiery Aries will “climb every mountain” at the drop of a hat and not suffer vertigo. Our hard headed rams would be well advised to avoid jumping in the deep end. The Spring Equinox is a great time to launch any Aries venture, as is wearing a garnet. This precious stone will enhance Aries’ fiery Martian creativity. Aries need to learn diplomacy when it comes to meeting up with irritating bank managers. Sportswear shops are excellent outlets for the active Aries. However they do need to curb a need to run around tiring themselves out with super enthusiasm, otherwise they will not enjoy playing tennis with newly acquired customers.


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Stubborn Taurus will plod on through all the initial phases of creating a business such as what guiding principles to adhere to. Their eye will be on a good deal! Realistic Taurus will be determined to build a solid financial base. Their fixed sign element will make sure they go for conservative outlets, like double glazing or floor tiles. Wearing a Citrine crystal will help stimulate their imaginations, as Taurus can be slightly prosaic. They are not into flash activities like tropical fish, or bungee jumping. They could open their business any time of year, and will appear affable, enthusiastic and well turned out to all their customers.


Once Gemini does away with anxiety, and mind chatter, they will go for the business jugular. Their webs of contacts will enhance show biz or PR activities. They need to avoid talking to everyone about their great idea before it gets off the ground, they could kill the momentum. They do have tendency to rustle up interesting ideas regarding quantum science and other complex secrets of the universe so could decide to return to Uni and do a physics degree. Once they set up their research company they need the help of a good accountant for they are prone to scatter airy energies and lose important documents. First time customers involved could run out the door screaming, Gemini will over sell! Aventurine is a great stone to calm the Gemini down enabling him to people talk with style and avoid general yapping tendencies.


Cancer will love their new soft furnishing business. Every item in the show room will be chosen with care. Their customer service will be excellent in fact customers might feel they have come home to mum and not get up from the showroom sofa. Cancer’s Initial plans will be well advised by business people who know their Logos from their color printers. In fact the business should go well, unless this Cancer is going through a wonky moon phase. Kind Cancer will then morph into cranky crab and will snap a customer’s head off, without so much as a “by your leave!” Moon stone is recommended to balance irregular moods, and tone down bad customer service.


Leo will certainly make sure his new circus gets off the ground. He will have many show biz friends, and know the best acrobats and clowns in town. He will be the perfect ringmaster as long as he has sorted out baseline expenses and has received sound business advice before he tames the lions. A tendency to roar like one when the ticket sales are down could be a problem as could forgetting to brush his mane. He would do well to carry a rose quartz on his person, and meditate on his heart chakra. Calming down and understanding another’s point of view will help. His motto will be, “the show must go on!” The summer solstice is a good time for Leo to get a new business going!


Virgo will want to be sure that output and performance is at high level efficiency. He will have spent at least a year creating his business plan and have a great relationship with the bank manager. He will run his software company with an eagle eye, and make sure that he is surrounded by skilled workers. Shoddy service and down market attitudes will not be tolerated. Letter heads and typing fonts will be well presented and matched. Dark blue business attire, with low cut black shoes are accepted in the work place, sandals, tattoos and white stilettos are not. Virgo is a hard worker so a light green peridot crystal will recharge his batteries. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the God of Commerce, so the right day for his new business launch will be Wednesday. This is the day Mr. Mercury sets the record straight and demonstrates that really the “Sky is the limit!”


Libra will do well in a business milieu that believes quality beats quantity. Other than aesthetic outlets like beauty parlours, Libra would do well in the diplomatic service. He could start up a new business as a free lance project adviser or ambassador to the United Nations. His aim will be to calm down seething heads of state. This balanced air sign will smile madly as he seeks funding for various charities. Only when he is overworking could he create problems by losing his cool with subsequent chronic indecision. At such times a dangerous international situation could occur and World War III declared, that is why it is advised that Libra carry a Turquoise on his person to clear any negative energy, especially when it comes to new diplomatic ventures.


Scorpio’s business plan for a Private Detective Agency went down well with his bank manager. He has already invested in unusual and dubious business accounts, and they have brought him great profits. The Scorpio has a nose for human foibles and sharp deals. His intense gaze could have any potential employee misrepresenting their CV squirming in his seat! He can spot a loser at five paces! The only problem is that the Scorpio boss could morph into Attila the Hun when employees refuse to work 15 hour days. Before he opens his outlet he needs to attend a course in business diplomacy. The Jasper Stone on his person will emanate a positive outlook that could be inspiring in the longer term. Scorpios motto might be “leave no stone unturned!”


Sagittarius loves the big picture, so opening a travel agency dedicated to adventure holidays would be the perfect outlet for this fiery enthusiast. They will be well advised to make sure they have insurance plans set up, especially when a group of climbing enthusiasts gets lost in the Atlas Mountains. However, leading groups along the Inca trail or sky diving off the Grand Canyon will have our adventurous Saggy in his element. Big dreams are indeed possible if Saggy carries on their person a Fluorite which protects them from perplexed creditors and any lurking Big Foot on excursions into the wild. Rescue Remedy is also recommended if they are leading a particular arduous trip to the South Pole!


Any new business venture will go down well for this earthy sign, as long it is not catering or arts orientated. This is a guy who will start his own financial consultancy when the dollar plunges rock bottom, and leaves lesser folk standing. His penchant for the heady heights of upmarket consultancies will have him dealing gold and diamonds without a qualm. Capricorn knows what he is doing, and it is high class and control freak orientated. Waiting too long in the wings to get the business started through over caution could be a problem. Therefore a Carnelian stone will protect our goat from “looking too much before they leap” with its creative and calming energies. High located friends will protect his venture, as well as his tendency to dig his heels in.


The Aquarius business venture will probably be creative and slightly off the wall. He could build a tattoo franchise, or a swish new hair extension endeavor. He could also have invented super fast nail clippers and want to sell his patent. He therefore needs business advice when it comes to trademarks, copyrights and pinpointing sensible manufacturing resources. He probably has a string of “best friends” who will help him on his way. Cultural and ideological business outlets like growing mangoes in India will also be considered by this idealistic Water carrier. To avoid stress he needs to carry an aquamarine to protect him against accidents, and misplaced trust.


Watery Pisces will really enjoy making decorative aquariums or starting up an art outlet. Another Pisces venture could be of a therapeutic nature to do with psychic classes, or Reiki sessions. Pisces needs a bigger picture, a higher vision to feel they are getting somewhere in life. However, the more practical aspects need to be dealt with by his team of sensible accountants who see the pitfalls in spending too much on decorative logos or product packaging. Getting to grips with reality is not a Piscean tendency. Therefore a grounding stone like Malachite will bring harmony and balance to his business ventures.

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