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At some time in our lives, usually when we are single, we share our houses, or flats. Sometimes we find the perfect roommate, the kind of person who is unafraid of responsibility, respects our privacy, is punctual when it comes to bill paying and does not mind looking after our pets when we go on holidays. Unfortunately, on occasions, we get lumbered with a difficult roommate who makes our lives a misery and creates domestic chaos? So how will our Astro club act out as roommates? We have sorted out the good and bad traits of each Astrological star sign, in the hope that tolerance will win out, and the perfect living together solution will be found.



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Good Traits:

Action orientated, helpful when it comes to house work and clearing up after messy parties.

Ready to take on their responsibilities when it comes to paying rent, and taking the rubbish out.

Constantly sorting problems.

Charismatic personality.

Bad traits:

“I am always right” syndrome.

Unable to share their emotions.

Blocks hall with exercise equipment.

Dogmatic and tactless.


Good Traits:

Cooks great Sunday lunches, is a whizz kid in the kitchen.

Makes sure the fridge is always well stocked.

Addiction to Bonsai trees and potted plants that enhance the atmosphere.

Warm hearted and friendly attitudes.

Bad Traits:

Sticks their heels in, with a “My Way attitude”.

Slow at picking up changes in routine.

Hedonistic takes include noisy sex, burping tendencies and spending too much time on the sofa.


Good Traits:

Fun to be with, loads of friends.

Constant social buzz and organizes great parties.

Can be generous when you are down on your luck.

Cracks good jokes.

Bad Traits:

Rude to your friends.

Sudden caustic quips when in a bad mood.

Flirts and jokes with tradesmen.

Contradictory takes on sharing bathroom accessories.

Talking so much you need ear plugs.


Good Traits:

Crochets great cushion covers.

Makes sure you have a hot water bottle when you are feeling unwell.

Listens to your litany of bad relationship sagas without turning a hair.

Looks after all home repairs.

Diplomatic and kind when you have hangovers!

Bad Traits:

Fussy, and shy.

Sudden aggressive reactions and mood changes i.e. screaming “Pass the salt!”

Constant visits from their mum who lectures you on your dissipated lifestyle.

Never takes the initiative at social events.


Good Traits:

Friendly and charismatic.

Forgiving even when you spill your coffee over a favourite cushion.

A great party giver and host.

Kind when you are down on your luck.

Will rarely say no to lending you money!

Bad traits:

Temper tantrums when you contradict them.

Hogs the attention.

Easily offended, goes sulky and rattled on you.

Shows off to friends with shouting, raving and weeping displays especially when left by latest boy/girlfriend.

Sings too loudly in the bath.


Good Traits:

Practical about money issues, so adds up the household bills fast and efficiently.

Spends a lot of time in the bedroom reading, on the computer or researching facts.

Keeps house in perfect condition, and paints over cracks.

Never tramples over the front room carpet in muddy boots.

Bad Traits:

Fussy, with cleanliness obsession.

Gets sarcastic when offended or crossed.

Is not into doing things “on the spur of the moment”, like inviting friends around for an “all nighter”.

Inclined to nag when cornered.


Good traits:

Charming, emanates an air of serenity.

Likes to decorate the house with flowers and pretty knick knacks.

Refuses to argue, ready to look at everyone’s point of view.

Diplomatic therefore does not take sides when you and boy/girl friend row.

Popular with your friends due to attractive and easy going nature.

Bad Traits:

Calls the cops when all night party goers get ugly.

Never takes a position on anything.

Acts like a diplomat at inappropriate times, i.e. after being punched in the nose by your boyfriend.

Empties the ashtray before you have finished your cigarette.


Good Traits:

Very sexy, very charismatic very gorgeous.

Scares bailiffs and traffic cops away with just one of their looks.

Interesting theories on life, for example how the Illuminati are conspiring to take over the world.

Great sensual conversations well into the small hours.

Interesting assortment of boy and girl friends.

Bad Traits:

Too sexy and charismatic.

Paranoid and vengeful.

Steals your boy and girl friends.

Secretly claims to know members of the Russian Mafia.

Caught going through your personal files.

Can be scary when you fancy their boy/girl friend.


Good traits:

Tells a great joke.

Loads of friends in the music, sports and entertainment business.

The life and soul of all your parties.

Gets you involved in positive social activities like organizing psychic fayres.

Forgiving and tolerant of most of your faults.

Free spirit, does not cling, stress or nag.

Bad traits:

Messy, leaves stuff lying around the house.

Shuns domestic duties, i.e. makes excuses about why it is not the right moment to take out rubbish.

Runs up huge telephone bills talking to friends overseas.

Feeds stray dogs that mess up the front garden.

Sticks photos of their guru in the bathroom!


Good Traits:

Serious, takes responsibility and pays bills before they accumulate into scary piles.

Stylish, looks neat and pleasant manners.

Member of golf and cricket clubs.

Impresses your parents when they visit.

Someone you can depend on when life gets challenging.

Gives good advice.

Does not flirt with your boy or girl friends.

Bad Traits:

Rigid attitude, pompous and self important.

Nags you about your poor dress sense, and lax attitude to life.

Always wants to be the one to carve the roast at Sunday lunches.

Monopolizes your parents with long winded advice about pension schemes.

Marries your boy/girl friend.


Good Traits:

Fun company and original dresser.

Creates weird machines that trap spiders in the bath tub.

Likes doing things “together” like cooking and gardening.

Has all the latest news on “Crop Circles”.

Brings home artistic types that look and talk great.

Has so many friends you are never at a loss for things to do, or people to fall in love with.

Does not suck up to your parents when they visit.

Bad traits:

Insists that many gate crashers come to your parties.

Is vague about bills, and never keeps appointments.

Rude to social workers, bailiffs or the postman, anyone who comes to call and wears a uniform.

Refuses to pay parking finds as a matter of principle.

Has very weird friends who insist on reading your aura when you want to be left alone.

Drops their green hair extensions around the house.


Good Traits:

Brings their own aquarium.

Compassionate and kind about your faults.

Does not nag about crumbs on the carpet.

Gives you free Reiki healing sessions.

Fills the house with healing crystals against the evil eye.

Minds their own business. Humane, compassionate and kind.

Bad Traits:

Refuses to talk you when in a bad mood.

Goes into spontaneous astral travel when their turn to clean the fridge.

Sobs loudly at costume dramas on the television!

Gets overly dreamy when asked about high telephone bill.

Joins a religious cult and will try to convert you.

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