Psychic Phone Reading: How does a Psychic Phone Reading Work?

psychic phone reading

Psychic Phone Reading

We all relish the thought of just picking up that phone when our life is in a pickle and talking to the psychic on the other end of it. The psychic phone reading is a classic stress buster. Just letting rip about the boyfriend who let us down to an insightful human being can have us feeling a lot better. In fact, some of us will create an ongoing friendship with the psychic tuning into our phone reading. So much so, that she feels like family, and every time we have a problem we just go for the psychic phone reading to ease the angst.

A psychic phone reading can give us a sense of security. In other words we can see solutions to our problems emerging. We even learn to understand “why” the problems are manifesting in our lives and whether to some extent we are creating them ourselves.

How Does a Psychic Phone Reading Work?

It is likely that the psychic “feels” the energies flowing through the airwaves physically. As we talk, the psychic’s energy field could “light up” with heat, or ice cold tremors. When your own spirit guide steps into the psychic’s awareness, they will feel a rising of compassion, and access a need to help you. An experienced psychic will have learned to handle these types of sacred energies; indeed the psychic recognizes them as a great healing force. When the “gift” is acknowledged deeply, a psychic learns to live in a peaceful “inner place” that could be externalized with a radical life choice such as living in the countryside. In any event, an evolved psychic always follows a spiritual discipline that protects her from negative thought forms. In this way the psychic is able to automatically shut down. Differentiating energies is part and parcel of the psychic gift!

Lottery Numbers

However, when psychics are asked to predict lottery numbers they could find themselves up against a wall. Spirit is the bridge between this world and the other, and it might not be in a client’s interest to win the lottery. If this is so, no numbers will be given and the client could be disappointed. If the psychic is challenged by a skeptic who demands unreasonable answers to superficial questions, again Spirit will not play the game. Spirit communicates through higher visions that will be revealed as need be. In this process, the psychic’s higher self assesses the quality of the client’s own thought forms, and when readings disappoint, it can be due to personal resistance or disbelief in paranormal phenomena.


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The true psychic understands undercurrent feelings, and has developed skills that encourage, strengthen and guide an individual through emotional challenges! If these types of gifts are clairvoyant she or he will also be able to “see” what situations caused the problem in the past, and how healing emotional dilemmas can facilitate a positive future.

A psychic phone reading can be exceptionally accurate, however, the client needs to comprehend that the psychic is playing a “sacred tune”, in that not all questions can be answered. This is due to the metaphysical law of free will. The more evolved the client is however, the more evolved and accurate the reading will be. So next time you dial that number for a psychic phone reading realize the deeper your question, the deeper the answer!

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