Astrology: Marriage Proposals

What a wonderful romantic moment it can be when your boyfriend asks you, the love of your life, to be his wife. What a high! You don’t want it scotch it though, and answer a brazen no, so arranging just the right atmosphere will be his best bet.

Using the correct phrasing will also add to the proposal situation. So if you really dig “the tomb of love” wait for that great marriage proposal to move your soul!


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Aries will want to go the whole hog, and propose in the middle of a camping expedition, or a tennis championship. They like an active type of life, so they will dig an active type of proposal. The Aries tends to say it how it is without flowering appendices, beating of chests or tears in the eyes. His question will be a simple “will you marry me?”, and you will be expected to tick, yes or no! Expect a church wedding with you as a beautiful bride and him doing an imitation of Hugh Grant just to please you.On the other hand he might arrange a snorkeling weekend and propose to you 20 meters under the sea, as we said, Aries like action.


Taureans are into basics, so expect the down on your knee spiel with some flowery phrase like “will you keep me in your heart forever?” If you do not understand what he means, ask him to repeat the question again, with a “will you be my wife” to which you can yes or no. If you are willing to be a stay at home mum and learn cordon bleu cookery say yes, otherwise run in the other direction fast. Expect do discuss a honeymoon in Tuscany.


Gemini will not be into mainstream proposing. You could get some strange person knocking on your door dressed in tiny, fur trunks with a message carved on a stone saying “Me Tarzan you Jane?” or some such original take. Gemini’s like to play with words, so you will definitely not get a straight “marry me”, or see him “doing the bended knee bit”. You will probably say yes, cos you like to have fun arguing and will agree that reading Emily Dickenson to each other on your honeymoon is very romantic. Gemini’s are verbally expressive, and mentally creative. Expect an intellectual honeymoon sightseeing in St Petersburg, Russia.


If you see your boyfriend retiring to the snooker room with your dad down the pub, know some hanky panky marriage proposal thingy is going on. It is likely this watery boyfriend will ask want to discuss your future together with Pater because his mum adores you. It is no use stomping out of the pub in a huff, this is the way your future husband is made, mainstream and traditional. Expect him however to give you the real ring in a private and very romantic moment or setting. And be bowled over by its rock solid value and his never to be forgotten words of “let’s dance together at our wedding”. Cancers are sensitive and like stability and good jewelry.


Your Leo will probably take you on a cruise to propose, and as you are kissing in the pool slip the engagement ring between your teeth. Leo’s like unusual romantic situations to prove their love and devotion. Sitting in front of a castle fire place, for example, or holding hands whilst sky diving are other “larger than life” Leo marriage proposal scenarios. Expect the unexpected. And be prepared to rock the night away if you say yes. Do not be surprised if he suggests a honeymoon on a south sea island. Expect to read some of his poetic and romantic love declarations on parchment paper on your sensual wedding night. Leos like to make an impression.


If your Virgo decides to say to you “please do me the honour of being my wife!” he will probably have insisted you take a day off work, and have organized a five star weekend in a spa. Be happy, unless of course it is leap year and it is you that is doing the proposing. It took Virgo a very long time to get to this point. Your courting has been going on for years, and his self expression was limited to passionate trysts in the bedroom. So accept his verbal dexterity with a smile. He is an earthy being and will give you his all. Honeymoons in Italy are preferred.


Expect nothing less than a romantic moon lit restaurant proposal with a bunch of red roses, and a Gypsy band booked by your super romantic, Libra boyfriend, playing in the background. Venus will encourage Libra to balance his words and express them poetically. For example “you are the love of my life and my infinite future!” or “you are my soul mate, and without you I am nothing”, etc etc Say yes before this lovely Venus style guy gets away, realise his handsome looks and dimpled smile will be the envy of your family, friends and above all your mum.


Expect your Scorpio proposal to emerge into the midst of passionate love making. Scorpio might just burst forth with some phrase like “let’s do it” that you probably will not understand. You will only cotton on when the tears well up in the eyes, and you get that their ”let’s do it” does not refer to chandelier swinging in a bout of kinky sex, but rather a need to unite his profound and deep soul with yours. Expect a heart shaped diamond and a romantic Shakespearean sonnet from Othello to be read out aloud to you.


Your fire sign Saggy guy might ask you to marry him as you are cleaning out the horse manure, or you are swinging on the end of his rope in your attempt to climb Everest. You are soul mates who love fun and frolics of the sporty variety. Say yes if you love him, this is a guy you will indeed swing with to the end of your days. Sags can be are clumsy, messy and over the top, but they are great philosophers and you could spend your senior years wandering the world like Sadhus. Expect a horse riding or hot air balloon honeymoon suggestion.


A Cappy proposal could be in the form of a typed message from his secretary, while your earthy type is away on a business trip. He will be serious indeed though, he does not mean to be impersonal he just needs to organize the least emotionally intense proposal. He would hate to see you burst into tears after your 15 year engagement. So say yes, and accept his odd ways as a sign of deep commitment to your future together in whatever form it comes. When he returns from his business trip he will take you to a fancy hotel, and hide a box of choccies under your pillow. Cappy’s are conservative.


Your revolutionary Aquarius will probably ask you to marry him over peanuts in the pub, or get into something eccentric, like plaiting your hair and placing daisies in it. He could want to paint your portrait in the nude too. Whatever he does when he asks you to marry him, it will not be mainstream. Words like “let’s tie the knot!” are not his thing at all. More like “Hey old girl want to get spliced?” He loves you oddly, but when an Aquarius falls see him spring on his toes for his lady time after time! On the other hand, he might attempt to disguise his proposal as an anagram and insist you work it out. He will say you are daft if you don’t! Aquarians are intellectually demanding. Expect him to suggest a honeymoon in Bulgaria.


Your Pisces boyfriend will probably invite you down to the local aquarium, and as you stand in front of the killer sharks he will tell you that on your last holiday, a scuba diving trip to the Red Sea, he realized that you were the woman of his life. He will then present you with an unusual antique ring, and a poem that moves your soul. Pisces are illumined beings, and he knows you have travelled through your many lives together already. Even if in those past lives you never once tied the perhaps now is the time. Pisces are incurable romantics. Expect a candlelit dinner if you say yes.

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