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Astrology: Relationship Break Ups

Breaking up is not an easy task. Some of us leave another with broken hearts, some of us with relief, but always with memories that haunt us deep within.

Love knows to let go when the time is right yet obviously we tend to remember a true love to the end of our days, and a nasty love for a couple of hours! But how do the astro signs deal with the end of a relationship? Do they forgive and forget, move on, ready to fall all over again, or do they want to get even?


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If you are an Aries you are passionate and perky in romance, yet dead tragic when it all comes to the end of the affair. Moving on will be sound and thunder, none of this “Never having to say you’re sorry” stuff. You will be seen sobbing loudly or heard ringing friends about how awful your ex was to you. However being an active sign, you will soon rush off to get a facial, and strive to meet the newest belle or dude in the gym or down the golf club. Aries moving on is not too difficult if you get active. In time your ex will be a friend to invite to your engagement party. A dignified goodbye phrase could be as in “Gone with the Wind” such as,”Tomorrow is another day!”


A Taurean “moving on” is more like a “hang on”, similar to that genius Linus of Peanuts fame, in other words terrified of letting go of the emotional security blanket. You will not really understand why the lover got bored with sensible routine. Got tired of going to the same restaurant, and spending happy evenings watching TV. Taureans like structure and stability and “the end of an affair” is a devastating experience. You could be seen regressing with a thumb in your mouth. Eating a lot of chips could also be the outcome. A moving on Taurus is an overweight Taurus. Perhaps Taurus needs to learn that sometimes you have to let go to see if there was not anything really worth holding on to!


Messrs Gemini moving on situation will be like arguing in front of their own reflection with phrases like “this is not the end; this is not even the beginning of the end. It is instead, the end of the beginning” If you are Gemini you will tend to be very complex. Emotionally fraught scenes are a no no, they will generally be more of the schizoid ilk and uphill all the way. The Gemini will be inclined to still be arguing as their sweetie walks out the door. It will take your Gemini heart some time to heal that emotional wound, but once you do you will be arguing with a new love by your side in a jiffy. Gemini’s are ambidextrous and will write their goodbye notes with both hands. You know, twin number one and twin number two self, expression type of thing! That old phrase “why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye,” could play over and over again in a Gemini’s over thinking mind.


If you are a Cancer in love “it will be forever, or I’ll never fall in love!” as per Nat King Cole’s torch song. When the relationship breaks up you will dig a hole in the ground, preferably sandy ground, and do your best crab imitation. The result is that it is unlikely you will be seen around for quite a while. Once you emerge you will play the favorite love song, and start looking at all the photographs of your past liaison obviously feeling a lot worse as a result. Cancers and crabs cling, it will take them a while to understand that the hardest thing to do is lose something they never had. Crabs take ages to mourn too, and spend hours on the phone to their mums, knowing that really they are the only one ever understood them.


Since Leo believes that their lover is the best, the most beautiful, attractive and handsome at the high point of their relationship, they will morph into a Mafia boss or Saddam Hussein at the lowest point, hence the ex can only expect embarrassing scenes. When it is time to move on, Leo will sulk, roar, tear at their mane and stamp, especially if the honey is leaving them! Wounded pride devastates the Leo who will tell simply everyone how horrible the ex was, and how they cleaned out their heart and their bank balance! Generous Leo screeches their way into libelous Leo at the drop of a paw. Anyone who says to the big cat “Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened!” will get short shrift.


Virgos will go into primeval angst when they, or their sweetie, walk out the door. They will analyze over and over why, when and where. The sad fact is honey squeezed the toothpaste from the middle of the tube, and left hairs in the sink? Such habits would drive any fussing virgin to the brink of despair. Anyway, logic has been banging on Virgo’s door reminding them that this love was the wrong love; it had been for some time. They once let their Vulcan hearts burn with a passion for this honey. Now that the affair is over the earthy heart will take a long time to heal. They will still ask themselves, where is the good in goodbye! The Virgo is strong and true, and it is hard for them to say goodbye, but when one must, one must.


If you are a Libra know yours is the sign of love, and Venus tickles your timbers. When love fails, you could retire to a beautifully furnished bedroom to sob in silence. Nothing exhibitionist and loud, privacy in times of personal grief is essential. You will avoid all the places you used to go, the restaurants, the cafes, the dry cleaners the pubs, the divorce lawyers. Even if you can tell by your tears you remember all the good times, you will prefer not to talk about the deep traumatic emotions that are breaking your heart. The fact is to the Libra the “song is ended but the melody lingers on!” could be a signature tune.


If you are a Scorpio deciding to break up you will go deep into the underworld world and discuss your romantic future with the dreaded God Pluto, in other words it will not be a bunch of laughs. You gave your all, you did it all, the intensity, the passion, the madness, and now that it is over you feel as devastated as a hedgehog without quills. Perhaps not, but sort of. When it is over there is nobody to play mind, love and sexy games with, and it can be lonely. Like Emily Dickenson you will think “Parting is all we know of heaven, and all we need to know of hell!” But if your lover left you, you will sit on the edge of the bank, and watch the river carry their corpse to the sea!” Othello was a Scorpio, or was he?


If you are a Saggy you will have moved on from your lover because you cannot bear to be shut in and shut down. Their constant need for “emotional clarity” and that “necessary talk about our future together” got to you in the end. You have planned a trip to Tibet, and nobody is going to stop you, not even your pets! You feel a sense of freedom, even if deep down you know you will probably seek your soul mate forever. It is time to let go, even though there is no place to go. So you dry your tears and gallop off into the distance undismayed by this goodbye, you are a philosophical type of being.


Your break up could have been long and arduous. Saying goodbye has taken a while. You tried to write a letter, but it read like a business proposition. You sent them a goodbye card, in copper plate handwriting, but the result was that they screamed down the phone calling you “anally retentive”. You put your bed socks on because you felt chillier and chillier deep within. You felt desperate even, as it is so hard to express yourself and tell someone that you no longer want them in your life. You made so much effort to introduce them to your upper crust family so once they had gone, you wrote a list of things to do, and then sobbed in your study. Capricorn is cautious and earth bound yes, but on occasions somewhat crazy especially when love hurts.


You clicked your “painted and purple nailed fingers” and your honey came running, in love with your eccentric persona and weird romantic enthusiasms, like sending them a pet rat for their birthday, or regaling them with your latest invention, a mini, portable clothe horse for Christmas. But when it all ended, your honey stamped their foot and screamed “nutter” with passionate frustration. You both decided that it was best to be over. You cannot stand scenes, and overly expressive modules of behavior. You like reason, and if you can’t reason you can’t love, so you moved on with a “you are the weakest link – goodbye” It was far, far better that way.


If you are a Pisces you are a wise and knowing, yet still a romantic break up will have you melting into the proverbial “river of tears!” In other words you will literally spout water out of eyes and nose “alla Trevi Fountain”. The sobs are deep, and from the heart. You read over old love poems, remembered everything they said and did, but you knew deep down that your ex was not your true soul mate, and this comforted your tender yet broken heart. You also knew that you could stare at your aquarium and blow kisses at fishy creatures as they calmed you down. Even though a goodbye is painful if you are never going to say hello again, somehow your watery soul accepted the tragic depths of loss, and you swam on. Like Snoopy you thought “I hate goodbyes, I know what I need, I need more Hellos!”

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