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Making up with your lover can be traumatic, especially if hurt feelings abound. The real trick to “making up” as opposed to “breaking up” is by admitting you are wrong, even if you are right. Idealized concepts as per that old movie classic “Love Story” never helped anyone.

It is no use believing that “If you love someone you never have to say you are sorry!” because you do, and often, if you want your relationship to last. So be realistic, and beat that old monster “pride”. Don’t delay, start apologizing to your favourite sun sign today,


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Aries originate from that “Fiery Ram” gene pool, and do not dig having their noses put out of joint. So you told them they were pompous, you said you could not take one more day of fanatic exercise regimes, or see them stomping around the house in leg warmers. So you borrowed their exercise machine and broke it! So what gives? What gives is an apology. How do you apologize? A bunch of flowers, a bended knee job, a new CD player? It might have to be more of a “forget any last vestiges of pride” job when it comes to an Aries. If you are apologizing with an email, make sure you copy it to their friends! Rams like to forgive, but they like their friends to know about it!


Your stubborn bull of an earth sign will dig his heels in so hard; they will sink into the core of mother earth. Even if he was wrong, wrong, and wrong again, there is absolutely no way that your Taurus will admit it. You will just have to get your wounded self together, and admit that you made a mistake. If you come around with a box of chocolates, or cook him a great curry, he will feel more secure and thus be inclined to “make up” rather than “break up”. Expect the ensuing peace to be consumed with passionate and earth moving intimacy as you promise you will never use his credit card again!


Gemini’s like people who are “quick off the mark”. So if your lover is sulking because you spilled your liquid foundation over his favorite iPod, make sure you send him one of those amusing “I am sorry” cards, or come around to his house dressed up as Charlie Chaplin. Gemini’s love funny people or at least those who make some attempt to be. If you had a “one night stand” with his best friend however, see dual personality Gemini morph into Hulk and rampage around the neighborhood! In any event, do not wait, make sure he gets a communication before his resentment turns “green” and grows into a ten foot scary, yelling man!


If you hurt your sensitive water sign Cancer the crab lover, whether you are a boy or girlfriend bake a cake and send it around their place by courier. You could also attempt to darn their socks, fix their CD player, or clean out their mop cupboard. On-bended-knees type ploys for forgiveness will make no impression at all. Cancers prefer realistic actions. The best option is to book a swish hotel by the ocean. Crabs love water, and therefore this sort of kindness will soothe their hurt feelings, bring them out of their shell, and prevent them from scuttling down the beach backwards!


Fiery Leo the Lions, definitely dig that old “on-bended-knees-type” ploy. They also dig gifts like diamond ear studs, or a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, with matching handbag of course. Male Leos dig total subjugation to their greater intelligence, with demonstrations of tearful apologies, and “how could I have been such a fool?” type statements. They will forgive fairly rapidly though, in about two hours, if you have committed a minor offence. Flirting with their friends will result in a series of roars, and a twisted mane. Better to wring your hands publicly or write a ten page letter about how wrong you were in that case. You could beat your chest too… Leos like drama!


If you want to make up with your steely hearted Virgo lover, please do not sob all over their furnishings, mess up their bathroom with Kleenex, or make a scene at their front door! Best to present yourself dressed as if you were just about to go to the office, you know neat hair, slick suit, polished shoes, with a copperplate written apology in your trembling hand, making points a) b) and c) about how right they are. To really endear them, you could also give them the telephone number of a trustworthy accountant, or invite them around to your newly decorated minimally furnished flat, with nothing lying around. Virgos like order. Again, do not kick up a scene. Any hand wringing and sweatiness will have them out the door before you can say “where’s the soap?!”


If you have hurt your very beautiful and airy Libran lover, make sure that you listen to their complaints without chipping in with emotional feedback. Be willing to discuss bottom line issues as to why you got to this point, preferably with them doing most of the talking. A Libran will try to see your point of view, unless you have made an exhibition of yourself in a public place. When you meet make sure you tell your Libra how much weight they have lost, and button up your lip as they lecture you on why your bad behavior was due to some deep psychological flaw. If you love them you will smile and nod, and perhaps let a tear roll down your cheek!


If you have hurt your deeply unfathomable Scorpio lover, get the gypsy band to play the mandolin rendition of “Always on My Mind!” under their balcony! Scorpio’s need something “meaty” when it comes to apologies. Luke warm, “Sorries” will not appeal to them at all. You could also howl “Mea Culpa” in the local piazza, bistro or job center. When a Scorpio is mad a Scorpio is mad, and you could lose them if you are not willing to do all of the above, and more, for at least a couple of weeks. If you have sexually betrayed them, and don’t want the hired assassin to knock on your door, pack your suitcases and get out of town as soon as humanly possible!


If you have offended your lovely Saggy lover, be sure that you gift them a cuddly toy, or a real pet, like “Terry the Tarantula”. Saggys love all wild life. You could also offer them some free rides on a horse, or take them to the zoo! Throw a surprise party, making sure all their best friends are there as you raise your glass to say how sorry you are. Saggys are social animals, and they will be yours forever if you are big hearted enough to put your pride on the line in front of their friends! If you tell them you have paid for a pioneering expedition to the Arctic Circle to watch the polar bears and trek the glaciers, you can be sure they will be yours forever!


If you have got your earthy Cappy’s lovers nose out of joint, you could send them a handwritten note preferably in Italic Parker Pen on gold edged paper. You could also ask them for tea and cucumber sandwiches, make sure you are well dressed, like in head to foot Burberry. Offer them your list of things to do when it comes to behaving yourself over the next six months. Claiming that you have opened a savings account will appeal to them. But make sure you show them legal backup, Cappys love plans written out and statements proved. If you have betrayed them with another, expect a long, cold silence that could last from three to ten years, and a complete dismissal from their presence with a wave of a “Queenly” hand.


Your airy Aquarian will be only too pleased to “discuss” your shortcomings over a cup of Grog or even herb team with Indian music playing softly in the background. Let them point out how the social “emptiness” of human interactions in today’s world have affected you, and then nod madly in agreement. If you come up with an entertaining argument as to why you borrowed their moped and smashed it against a wall accidentally they might even laugh. But be prepared for them to ask you for a new one, Aquarius folks like justice and equality. If you then tell them that yes, you will help them build that a yak shelter in the upper Himalayas this spring, you will be “in” again.


If you have hurt a sensitive water sign Pisces by throwing mud into their garden pond, insulted their sensitivity by playing loud Rock music while they are napping, or overdid the jealous “freak outs” in local fish restaurants, expect their distant gaze to morph into a gaze into the distance, as they walk out the door with their aquarium under their arm. The only way you can get them back on your side is by romantic wooing. Start from scratch. Send them dried seaweed, a new fish for their aquarium, or you could take them to the Red Sea Coral Reef for a stint of skin diving! You are better of being romantic and tender. So lower your voice, and read out your love poem with decorum. In time they will be staring at you just as they stare at their aquarium all over again!

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