Astrology Love Songs

Love songs move our hearts and souls. They underline our convoluted emotions, and sometimes broken hearts. As we listen to the music and lyrics, we tap into the profound meaning of both unrequited and fulfilled love!

Love songs accompany us throughout our lives and help our hearts heal. As we listen to them, we remember our first love, the “way” we used to love and our more recent “love affair!” But how do our Astro Club love, what love songs turn them on? Let us take a peep!


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When this go-getting fire sign falls in love heroic emotional feats are the order of the day. In fact, only an Aries can stand up to the rigors of unrequited love, and still go bungee jumping! There is something of the Superman and Woman about this fire sign’s love destiny. Therefore their favourite love song could only be the Enrique Iglesias interpretation of “Hero!”


Taurus loves the sensuous, fulfilling experience of life in all its manifestations. In fact, “Music is the Food of their Love!” It could only follow that “Meatloaf” is one of their favourite singers, and what could be more inspiring than his rendition of “I’d Do Anything for Love?” As long as that “anything” means a romantic night out at a great restaurant, all is well for the lush Taurus.


Airy Gemini might not always be an intellectual, but certainly does have “theorist” tendencies! Therefore when they fall in love, they tend to theorize even more than usual; in fact one could say they obsess! “What is my honey doing at this moment?” “Will he or she call me soon?” “Is this relationship going to last?” “Do they really love me?” etc. The classic rendition “Always on My Mind” will obviously be their song!


Cancer is a lunatic into moon phases. They languish with emotion, they “need” their lover, in fact their clinging crabby claws could become an issue. Sometimes the stress of falling in love is almost too much for our sensitive Cancer to bear. Obviously, they need relief. Toe tapping, to the Sinatra evergreen “Fly Me to the Moon” will obviously make them feel less anxious.


Leo tends to go for big, lovelorn emotional connections. Their need for adoration can become excessive, if not paranoid. If their lover does not compliment or acknowledge their innate superiority they tend to sulk. They also tend to listen over and over again to Sinead O’Connor‘s – “Nothing Compares 2 U” It appeases their yearning, and makes them feel needed!


It takes a lot to melt an earthy Virgo heart. They want an “exceptional” love a perfect love if you like, and they are rarely willing to compromise. But when this earthy sign does fall, it is usually with a huge thud and for life. Dedication to their lover can be total. The only song that will get Virgo reaching for the Kleenex is Bryan Adams “Everything I Do (I Do It for You)!”


Libra is the archetypal soppy date when it comes to love songs. Romance, beauty, harmony, these will always be the name of the scales “wooing game!” So what could be more romantic than that old classic “I’m in the mood for love”… In fact, your average sentimental Libra will be in the mood for love “simply because you are near them!” Romance is this sun romantic sign’s “raison d’être” in fact!


Scorpio’s watery currents run deep. They are sensual, possessive and to some extent “dark” when it comes to love! In fact their intensity goes far beyond verbal expression. Scorpio will tend to dig that somewhat neurotic songster Nick Cave, especially his famous duet with Kylie Minogue. Their sinister ballad “Where the Wild Roses Grow” speaks of obsession, and the ultimate “Crime passionnel!” Excessive? Yes, but that is the nature of Scorpio love!


Enthusiastic fire sign Saggy does not like to “beat about the bush” when it comes to love’s challenges. They just go for it, laughing at their own jokes all the way. Patience is not number one on their list of things to do, nor is pining and mooning. So rather than hanging around waiting for the lover who forgets to call, they will get going and dial the number. Their favourite love song? Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On!”


Earth sign Cappys could be proper, afraid of letting rip and expressing their passion. They tend to want the other person to come up with those loving feelings. Not that they are cold, for they are devoted, but they just prefer others to express the emotions they find so difficult to! Their favourite love song can be none other than Elton John’s classic “passing the buck” love song entitled Your Song!”


Aquarians are a detached air sign, and tend to go for the “unusual” the “alternative!” Okay so they do not find it that easy to let go into their hearts. They need a little help. In fact, only a proverbial “nutter” could be their true soul mate. Someone who does not make them feel imprisoned by false bourgeoisie values. “Unchained Melody” the ultimate “bid for freedom” love song is obviously their favourite!


Pisces emotions are profound, complex, dedicated and emotional. They are capable of great sacrifice for love. They could lay themselves down for it! They are true, “deep blue” lovers, as long as you do not try to stick a label on them. If you do, see them swimming in the other direction before you can say “Angel Fish!”! Their favourite “self sacrificial” love song can only be Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over Troubled Water!”

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