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live psychic tv

Live Psychic TV

Live psychic TV will certainly have evolved psychics available to read tarot or your aura for you. Especially if you have an urgent problem to resolve. But Live Psychic TV is also likely to have a “hot line” to the latest metaphysical events going on worldwide.

Discovery Channel

Live psychic TV will probably keep us informed on the Discovery Channel findings regarding super astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. Hawking has averted the citizens of planet earth that it might be best to stay away from UFOs and ETs. As they might not be that friendly! If there really is intelligent life “out there” Hawking is not convinced they will be into partying with the human race. Yet, if ETS were really so hostile, why have they not taken over planet earth before? Or perhaps they have!?

Live Psychic TV and Zero Point Energy

Live psychic TV might embellish on the power of Zero Point Energy. It is the ultimate holistic healing system. Zero point energy techniques connects to the natural energy we all carry within and accentuates it. The US National Examiner.com tells us how the latest Zero Point Energy Wands are “a powerful tool for health and healing!” These wands apparently transmit prana or “chi” into our own energy field. They stimulate and balance nervous and health conditions.

Live psychic TV might also inform us of the US National Examiner’s theory, which is that we can all get ourselves back into that “peaceful place” that some call “The Zone”. To find a way of connecting to the “Zone”, push the tip of your tongue to the top of your palate. Just an inch from your front teeth and let it remain there for a few minutes. You will soon feel super peaceful.Yes surprising but true!


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Mahendra Kumar Trivedi

Live Psychic TV will definitely be into folks spreading the light on this planet! One of the most astounding is the now famed Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. He was born in India in 1963. Trivedi has an “unheard of” capacity to perceive illness in human beings, animals and even plants. For over ten years Trivedi has been working with failing crops to ameliorate their performance. He literally “blesses” the land. The results have been without precedence.

Currently, six different countries are scientifically investigating the outcome of the “Trivedi Effect!” on agriculture. His healing powers show a consistently provable “re-flowering” of the life force in all living things. Cancers have also been healed. Trivedi calls his work “Transcendental Science”. He believes by accentuating positive energy within destructive cell forms. That the substance of them can be totally transformed. Scientific experiments have proved the positive results of his healings!


Live Psychic TV might also report on the UFO Roswell Crash in 1947. That some claim has been covered up by the US Government. An inquiry recently brought to light that “senior citizen” witnesses are still suffering the effects of this experience. Thomas Gonzalez, a Sergeant in the US army who had been transferred to Roswell with his family, cannot forget the “little men” he saw after the crash. He remains traumatized by his memory of four ET bodies flung from the crashed UFO. One apparently still alive! In the 1994 Vol. 9 No. 5 Edition of UFO Magazine, Don Ecker, related his discussion with Thomas Gonzales.

“Gonzalez said he was sent overseas right after the crash. Causing undue hardship on his wife and family. And like many witnesses to the event, it affected him for many years. He admitted to drinking heavily A syndrome which has been reported by a number of other witnesses.”

Live Psychic TV could indeed be a portal whereby we learn “alternative” news stories! An intriguing media outlet. We “predict” more and more folks will access as we near 2012!

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