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If you believed in the After Life, what do you think would happen to suicides? Perhaps you could ask Kooma Psychics, or a spiritual empath what occurs when a suicide leaves this world? The less compassionate, or dogmatically religious, might believe suicides go to hell, that their hand in their own death would condemn them to eternal suffering in the After Life.


Others would say that suicide is indeed a tragic death, a denial of life yes, a lack of faith and a disbelief in recuperation and evolution too, but not a sin that merits a hellish existence in the other dimensions. But it could be said suicides do not take into consideration that they can change their destiny, and evolve in this life. They do not believe in themselves, or their own personal power to change desperation to joy perhaps. And that is the cause of their deep suffering.

But most Kooma Psychics would tell us, as would mediums who connect to the spirits of those who have passed on, that the After Life is an emblem of compassion and eternity, and therefore there would not be no condemnation of suicides, but rather a healing of them. If God is love how could that love not support a suffering soul, someone who found life such a terrible burden of anguish and suffering that they took their own?


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In World War II many imprisoned in German Concentration camps committed suicide, as they were unable to bear the terrible suffering. Nobody could possibly condemn them for taking their own lives in such horrific circumstances. But we might condemn an adult who had every capacity to heal and evolve, yet left this world by their own hand. Our judgment of suicides, could stem from the fact that it is very hard to understand chronic depression, perhaps impossible, for it is one of the most challenging mental conditions to deal with. But the fact remains Near Death Experiences are varied, and some are said to be hellish. Could this mean that the After Life is a continuum of an anguished suicidal state prior to passing?

Donald Whitaker

Dr Donald Whitaker fell ill and had a Near Death Experience in February 1975. He stated that he was a hard core atheist who did not believe in God and lived only for himself. He was also a PhD research scientist and the facts were more important to him than mere religious whims. He drank and even took drugs. Indeed, he was dedicated to living his life superficially. He was operated on for a sudden illness, and found himself in intensive care. In a coma he heard people telling him how sick he was and that he was going to die. In fact, he started to fade away into a horrific darkness, indeed a very hellish place. The kind of darkness that communicated a profound sense of horror into his very being. He fell into a state of terror. He knew that if he slipped down into that darkness totally, he would never get back to the light and love. Dr Donald Whitaker said it is not very easy to be an atheist on one’s death bed.

Mr Reagan

Mr Reagan was a drug addict and a criminal. His children were afraid of him. His mental state was negative. He knocked down a man, who leaped up and tried to stab him. The cuts he suffered as a result of the attack severed his wrist arteries. As the medical attendants worked on him in hospital, he heard their voices. But then he saw everything explode into flames, and he heard a multitude of people screaming, groaning and crying. He looked down on what looked like a volcanic opening, and he saw people burning, but they were not consumed by the flames. He then felt he was moving downwards into that pit. This was a place where there was no hope, no escape, no way out.

Kooma Psychics might agree that the After Life is a reflection of what a human being believes deep within. Perhaps some souls already vibrate in a hellish dimension whilst in life, not only when they leave their bodies. Of course, to help and love others is a way towards a deeper sense of peace and goodness. One might say that Heaven and Hell are within us before we leave this earth! And what we find on the other side is what we have created in our consciousness already. But then, others might say the Light of God is far stronger than our fears, or our doubts.

Kooma Psychics will tell you we need to think good of ourselves and others. Perhaps by praying for, or sending compassionate thoughts to a suicide, we might help them discover some sort of peace and compassion on the other side.

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