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So what gives with the kisses? Certainly bad kissing styles are a downer for romance. The guy or gal that kisses you with dry lips and a passionless expression on their face will not encourage you to go further than you dare. But what kissing styles do our Astro Club like to go for?

Perhaps after reading this you could compare notes with other star signs!


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Not much of a build up to this smacker, be sure it will be sudden and virtually unexpected. The Aries kiss is red hot fiery and surprising, with a unique pressing down with pursed mouth. Aries tend to be an all or nothing, so no tight lipped deals please. The kiss itself could be somewhat energetic, with rubbing of noses thrown in. The attitude is blatant “Kiss me Kate”.


A typical earthy Taurus build up lasts minutes. You will probably find yourself in some relaxing sofa, and in between each lip close up, a chocolate could be placed into your mouth by passionate Taurus teeth. This bull will do their very best to be slow and sensually intriguing but they will inevitably lick their lips around the choc should you be a slow chewer. A warm mesmerizing, and above all tasty lip clincher. Definitely a “night of the long kisses!”


This kiss will hit the high C if it is between chat sessions. The Gemini kiss is mental, in the sense it is not profound, or deep, due to the long chatty build up. The Gemini might scratch his head, or his nose whilst preparing for the kiss with a series of lip clenching exercises. The stress of kissing could have him making excuses like “I have a cold sore”, etc. Gemini’s are so anxious they could slobber. This is no Bogart Bacall kiss it is more like Rainman!


A more adventurous Cancer might take you on a bit of moon watching, as they surreptitiously place an arm around your shoulders in the front seat of the car. You will then feel a gentle peck on the neck, followed by a ruffling of hair, followed by an “oh shucks you are so hot!” The following kiss will be initiated with deep inhalation, and a subsequent wet lip lock! Cancers are a watery sign. This could be the ultimate Titanic style kisses with a tendency to flounder in a sea of sensuality.


Fiery Leo will suddenly grab for your face, pant excessively, make declarations of everlasting love and then plant a sure fire kiss on your lips accompanied by deep throat groans. If you happen to have a bit of clay around, they could do a “Ghost” rendition, i.e. come up behind you and splatter wet clay all over your dress. Their back handed neck kiss, is deemed a success in this passionate sign’s repertoire. This is definitely a lookalike Rudolf Valentino lip blend as in the Sheik!


Virgo will want this kiss to be neat! Please no slobbering, overly wet jobs, rather a balanced, well aimed tongue squeeze. Virgos are idealistic, and would prefer to manifest a “Casablanca Style” type of kiss, with Ingrid announcing her deep love for Bogart rather than some half hearted job. The Virgo will accept a straight on missionary frontal at a pinch but their imagination will take them far, in fact the amazingly earthy Virgo kiss could morph into the classic dream kisser!


The Libran kiss is entrenched with romance. Your Libran lover could show up with a rose between their teeth, before reaching out to clasp your face between their hands, and land that romantic kiss left centre. They are aiming on that “From here to Eternity” finale, where you will both be together for the rest of your lives, and can kiss every day without all this fuss!


The Scorpio kiss is full on, open ended profoundly deep and very long winded. This is no Joey Rachel kiss and certainly “no kiss and tell!” This is the ultimate passionate, wet, sexy and sensual lip hug that will have you desiring more. The Scorpio has contained themselves for some time before exploding in sensual delights. If you are not careful, this kiss could end up as a “save my soul” type kiss! So you better look out!


This is a fairly happy kiss. Before it gets sensual you will have to climb every mountain and forge every stream with this optimistic fire sign. Yet, that Saggy kiss could also go wild in a stuck elevator. A sense of adventure is primary to this Saggy Kiss. As is a lot of fun in a fair ground, or swimming pool. Expect jokes before the kiss, a bit of tickling and then a full on frontal classic smack that digs deeper than you would expect. This could end up as an explosive style kiss after all!


This is initially a main stream kiss, often in the stalls, or over tea and crumpets. They will have chewed quite a lot of gum prior to the lip grip, which is always advantageous. It will probably have taken quite a while for the grounded and earthy Cappy Kisser to get romantic in the first place. But once they hit the high note there is no stopping this crafty goat! This is usually a classic, romantic movie type kiss, with a tight lipped initiation and a promise of more passion when the conditions are right.


This is no insecure tight lipped grope; this could morph into a 360 degree style “clencher”, once the Aquarius kisser gets in the mood. But it is that getting into the mood that is the issue. This sun sign would have had to see a DVD edition of Matrix to get juices flowing. Expect unusual kiss moves, like tongue whirls, and full on sucks. This is no extra-terrestrial kiss as one might expect but rather a “take my breath away!”


This is the “I care deeply kiss” somewhat on the scale of Romeo and Juliet but hopefully without the tragedy. The Piscean kiss will be rather wet, being a water sign. It will be initiated by deep eye gazing, with the odd tear drop, followed by madly passionate nasal and lip rummaging around the neck area. This is more than a passionate awakening kiss this is kissing fervor at its deepest and very best!

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