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Job interviews are a nerve racking experiences. Certainly, we need to be sure we know our material, and present a professional image. Due to the current saturated job market it is always best to have a few interview tricks up one’s sleeves and avoid being caught out as a phony.

Clear resumes, good presentation, well researched questions and a confident demeanor will certainly help success come our way. But how does our Astro Club handle the interview Hot Seats?


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You will certainly have your CV streamlined to show case your action packed career! The fact is you have done more at 20 than most people do at 40. The only loop hole could be your tendency to know far more than your potential boss! Even if you are a self educated authority on globalization and strategic marketing opportunities, don’t show off, be willing to listen. Say “I am really excited about what your company is doing!” if you see your interviewer staring emptily into the distance. Insight; Wild ambition will take you to the top of the career mountain


You will show up to the interview emanating a settled, down to earth charisma you will emphasize your hardworking references, and give a “power behind the throne” impression to potential bosses. But make sure you do not lean too far back into the interview chair and throw your sling back shoes off. Chewing gum or offering your interviewer chocolates is not recommended either. Insight: Your basic dedication will take you up your career mountain as long as you don’t butt your way into the Personnel Department to demand what your interview results were.


Be prepared to see potential bosses sitting up when you expound on your new theory for multi lateral tasking based on the quantum theory. But do not wait to see their eyes glaze over as you chat on as if “time did not exist” on the String theory. Showing proof of how your projected budget would positively input company financing is still recommended, but don’t morph into your terrible twin if they pick holes in it. Insight: Knowing how to keep stum at opportune moments will help you climb that career mountain.


Do not go into crab like protectionism when the interviewers dig into your past experience. Just diplomatically point out that the gold watch you are wearing was a gift for dedicated service. Emphasize that you are someone they can trust, especially when it comes to spotting product value, and that you have nothing against hierarchical management, in fact “sensitive restructuring” could be your second name. Insight; knowing how to curb sudden emotional outbursts will get you far up that career mountain!


Arriving at the interview with three inch heels, tight jackets, flamboyant ties and big hair could turn your potential boss deathly quiet. Make sure you point out your supervisory skills and generous position when it comes to working overtime. Leave space for the interviewers to demonstrate how on the ball they are. So do not interrupt their flow with “know it all!” attitudes, or expect a lift home when the interview is over. Insight: Showing off will not get you far up that career mountain, so be an expert not an authority!


Your neat appearance, polite demeanor, calm attitude and precise CV will do much to convince your potential boss that you are “just the job”. However, don’t scotch it by picking fluff off your skirt interminably, or reorganizing your interviewer’s desk. Point out that you are diligent, and that they can expect nothing other than committed perfectionism from you! Insight: Showcasing detailed form filling capacities and denying you are a “people person” when it comes to that Financial Manager opening will get you far up the career mountain!


When you walk through the door, with all that chic charisma, you will see your interviewers sigh with relief. Don’t scotch it by spending too much time pondering over simple questions, like “Why do you want to work for us?” If you openly start vocalizing endless “pros and cons”, you could con yourself right out of employment. Instead, demonstrate how diplomatic you are in emergencies, especially when the interviewer spills coffee over their notes. Insight; Show casing your equilibrium by mopping up the mess with an embroidered handkerchief will get you high up that career mountain!


You will mesmerize your interviewers naturally, especially when you dramatically hone into their needs and intuit their budget forecast but do not get into Scorpio enigmas by answering questions with questions. For example a “Why should we hire you?” with a “Yes, why should you hire me?” accompanied by penetrating “Pluto God of the Underworld” gazes! Make sure they know how diligent you are, how “all or nothing” you are by presenting them with proof of professionalism! Insight: Not seducing your interviewer if they ask you whether you want another cup of coffee will get you high up that career mountain?


Your potential boss will be enthused by your upbeat, larger than life “been there done that” attitude. But try not to trip over the interviewer and avoid joking about your achievements or guffawing madly when asked what your management style is? Being full of beans and jolly is great during Christmas hols but not when your career is on the line! Insight. Demonstrating your enthusiasm for new projects and international travel will take you far up the career mountain!


Showcase your file full of blue chipped accounts. Talk professional as only you know how. Use the words “specialized” “trained” and “expert” frequently. Make sure they know you are an “authority” and maintain “sangue froide” attitudes even if they ask you questions like “What do you think of Credit Unions?” Insight: Not boasting about your connections to people in high places will get you far up the career mountain!


Do not sound off about an ex boss being a member of the Illuminati and morphing into a lizard in his spare time! Make sure you avoid purple shoes, hair extensions ties and stockings. Wax lyrical on alternative business trends, and accentuate your team player, “go for it” attitudes to sales projects. Do not get into “one way street” arguments about “Green” issues, or hand out “Peace in Mesopotamia” pamphlets at the end of the interview. Insight: Stick to your saner principles at all times and you will be laughing on the top of that career mountain!


Take Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, as you don’t want to go into a trance at the sight of a potential employer’s aquarium? Try not to take a Jungian psychoanalytical stance when asked how you would resolve staffing problems. Avoid identifying personally with financial problems or you could burst into tears. You will not be afraid to talk about your “biggest weakness”, but avoid expounding on “Spirit channeling” as a solution to staffing problems. Insight: Not answering the mobile when a “down on their luck” ex calls in the office will take you far up that career mountain!

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