The Astrology Behind Joan Rivers Death

Joan Rivers, born on a full moon, has Mars, her chart ruler, in conjunction with Jupiter planet of abundant enthusiasm in her sixth house of work and health. There is a tense link between Mars and her Gemini Sun providing her with tremendous energy and drive, her love of challenge and her biggest joy: to make people laugh. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Gemini in her third house of communication and an exuberant Mars, Jupiter and Neptune gathering in her sixth house of work, she was born to be in the spotlight. A trine between Saturn and her Sun helped ground her slightly.

At the time of her death, Neptune planet associated among other things with mystery and drugs was in her twelfth house (hospitals and secrets) opposite her natal Neptune in Virgo and also in
her sixth house (both strongly associated with health). Uranus, planet of sudden and unexpected happenings, was making a link to her Mars/Jupiter conjunction again in her house of health and although this was a minor link, it will have triggered the tense Sun/Mars link in her natal chart.

Her Mars/Jupiter conjunction was also being triggered by Chiron, the wounded healer in the zone of her chart relating to hospitals. Chiron was also in a tense link to her natal Sun and Moon. Transiting Mars, planet of surgery along with Saturn, ruler of her midheaven which would bring this event to the notice of the public, were both in her eighth house of transition and moving away from a recent difficult square with her Sun.

All of this pointed to health related issues bringing a need for hospitalisation and surgery. With Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all being close together in Virgo and in her sixth house all being triggered by transiting planets, there would be risks involved as there are in any surgical procedure so what went wrong with this one?

Joan died while she was under a light anaesthesia. Neptune, the planet related to drugs and mystery was opposite her natal Neptune. This alone will not have caused anything drastic but she also had Mars and Saturn making tense links to her natal planets from her eighth house of transition.


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She had Uranus, planet relating to sudden, shocking events linking with the Mars/Jupiter conjunction in her sixth house of health. This points to a sudden health issue under surgery (Mars) exacerbated by Jupiter that went undetected (Neptune).

At the age of 81 Joan Rivers went into cardiac and respiratory arrest during a routine throat operation. She spent the last few days of her life in a coma and on life support.

The underlying cause of her death, if known or suspected, has not been released to the public. At the time of her death, Neptune planet relating to anaesthesia, drugs and mystery was in the zone of her chart relating to hospitals, confinement and secrets. Neptune keeps things hidden and an investigation has been launched into the cause of her death. During this investigation, drugs and sedatives given, staffing protocols and medical records will be reviewed. It is entirely possible that Joan had a sudden and excessive (Uranus and Jupiter) allergic reaction to a drug, sedative or instrument possibly causing a vasovagal response which went undetected (Neptune) under surgery (Mars). This configuration of planets can also point to careless decisions which had life-altering risks.

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