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Astrology Advice: Introducing your Date to Dad

Introducing a new and hot date to Dad can be an arduous experience. You gear yourself up for the occasion, wondering what your date should say, or wear to make a good impression.

Dad is inclined to look down on your boy/girlfriends especially after the recent “down on his luck date”, or the “rabbit boiling fiancé! But this time you just don’t want Daddy to say “I told you so!”


Your Aries dad will be into outdoor activities, so prefer to be out digging in tent pegs, as you introduce your new date. You love your boyfriend’s physical attributes, and you are sure Dad will appreciate his competitive nature! After a lot of shaking hands and back slapping Dad will encourage the boyfriend to build a rope bridge with him. A lot of laughs will be had when Dad and date dangle across the chasm. Dad says he likes this boyfriend “a whole bunch” because he is a good sport!


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Earthy Daddy Taurus will not mind if you bring your new date home for a Christmas. He likes family gatherings; they make him feel “all is right with the world”. As your family sits around the turkey, you will not talk about anything too embarrassing, i.e. how your dad liked to pick your spots when you were a teenager or his recent hernia operation. You will cover the frequent silences with blithe conversation about the tapestry convention you just attended. When your date chats “alternative medicine”, you kick them under the table. “Alternative” is not a word dad likes to use in public!


When you introduce your date to hyper Gemini dad, he will long know he is about to meet a Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde lookalike. One minute, Dad is nodding his head in approval, the next he is yelling at the dog and throwing the cat off his lap! You direct the conversation to intellectual pursuits like scrabble and snap. Sooner or later Dad will get the cards out, and some fun “might” be had. Your date looks perplexed as your dad shuffles the cards, smokes his cigar, talks on his mobile and screams at your mum for more pretzels all at the same time!


Best to tell your date to bring his hammer and nails to the family meeting. Cancer Dad will be adding an extension on to the back of the dining room, and will be probably putting up a new set of shelves for mum’s spices in the kitchen. Dad is a practical, home loving guy. Delay your meeting, if your boyfriend is an artist, rock musician or lay about, because Dad will and back out the door doing his best crab-like getaway imitation if he does not like what he sees and above all hears!


Your Leo dad will love your date’s compliments, adoration of his achievements, and love for his adored little girl. Once flattered to the hilt, Dad will then show off his numerous golf trophies, not be embarrassed about opening up the family album, and probably end up dancing cheek to cheek with your mum just to “show” what a united family you are. Leo Dad will like your date if he looks good, talks good, and agrees with him. So coach your date at least two weeks before the family intro!


Your Virgo pappy will not like dates with hairs on the collar, laddered tights or scruffy shoes. So make sure your Messrs Rights have had a shower before you introduce them. Virgo dads worry their daughters might be dating a Clyde lookalike, of “Bonnie and Clyde” fame. They also worry the male date will take advantage and spend all your hard earned money. Do not be surprised if Virgo dad ostentatiously gets out his adding machine when you introduce him to the love of your life. You will not mind, but your date might. Unless of course he is an accountant!


You are sure your Libran dad will just adore your date. He is so handsome, and dad appreciates anyone with hair, since he has lost all of his! He likes to see a guy well turned out, someone with a strong and silent demeanour, in fact the more silent your date is, the more your Libran dad will spew forth wise counsel. You will find your Libran daddy explaining to your boyfriend exactly how he can make his dry cleaning business work, even if it is not doing that well at the moment. In fact, as you watch date and dad talk business, you know all will be right in the world! A logical conversation is always a hit with a Libra dad, as is a decisive person!


You will have to coach your date at least six months before you meet up with a Scorpio dad, renowned hard nuts to crack in the ”intro to the new date” scenario. Your date will have to be a ready to be pinned to the wall, if he so much as hints at past failed love liaisons, or hard times with finances. Scorpio dad likes your boyfriend’s solvent, kind and moral. He does not like men who sleep around or hang around. Since your date will inevitably fail with your Scorpio dad, unless he is a sensitive Pisces, (Scorpio dads appreciate sensitive people) perhaps you should delay the first encounter for a couple of years!


Sagittarius dad will like your boyfriend to be a guy who has travelled, know black from white, in other words a realistic, honest man who has some worldly wisdom under his belt. Saggy dads mistrust ingénues and do not dig “stay at homes!” So if you are planning to be the only one who goes to work, expect your Saggy dad to lecture you on your date’s lack of imagination. He will even tell you that you were better off with the other guy, that lion trainer, at least he was a hard worker with some ideals! If your date is a hit, your Saggy dad will want to meet up with you on your honeymoon, especially if it is far, far away!


For God’s sake don’t bring your female date home to meet your Capricorn dad dressed in pink leggings, harem pants or skinny jeans. Dad likes to see a woman in a suit, low key striped. He likes her to look like the kind of girl who could make a living, and be “the power behind his son’s throne”. An old fashioned take on life is preferred, so if she says when the kids come she is willing to be a “stay at home mom”, Cappy dad will open his prestige Italian vino bottle, and toast your future!


Ask your date to help your dad build the bunker in the back garden, she will go down more than well, especially if she knows how to plant her own vegetables and tend her own herb garden. Always best to prepare for a possible meteor hit in 2012, says Aquarian dad. If your date is a visionary your Aquarian dad will probably fall in love with her, and they might even elope together. Your dad is an Aquarian so expect the unexpected! And expect everyone to be his friend, even your date!


Your artistic Pisces dad will like your date as long as she is into garden ponds and soft furnishings. Pisces dads are loving and giving, even if dreamy! He is a cooperative dad who truly wants you to swim in a sea of love. Due to his super sensitivity and complex imagination, he might stare too long into the distance and worry your date (who could think he has fallen into some sort of coma). But dad is only doing his Piscean “dreaming of your happy future” thingy, and the moment she plants a kiss on his forehead he will come to, and smile at her. Nothing like a Piscean dad!

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