Historic Women’s Astrological Signs

36945266floWhat makes a woman historic? Is it the historical context in which she was born? Is it the empathy she emanated? Is it her astounding ability to affect humanity? Certainly, historical women gave their all! Good or bad, they did not stand back from challenge. Some suffered deep sorrow and hardship. Others left a profound impression on our psyches. Certainly we will remember them all for generations to come! An historical woman is one who touches the depths of our hearts, and even leads us to inspiration and a higher understanding of life.


“My sexuality has never been a problem to me but I think it has been to other people!” Dusty Springfield the iconic sixties songstress with the mile long eye lashes touched the hearts of millions. Born Mary Elizabeth Bernadette O’Brien, she was of Irish working class origin and possessed a voice that “haunted a generation”. She was the only British singer who could truly do “Motown”. Her personal life was tormented, she was rumoured to be gay. She never confirmed it herself. Her Bacharach-David success “The Look of Love” took the hit parade by storm with her “all or nothing” Aries rendition; she was passionate, emotional, and controversial. Her persona would never be forgotten! She died of breast Cancer after re-launching her career! Eight of ten to this tragic, historical songstress!


“How very little can be done under the spirit of fear!”Florence Nightingale or the “Lady with the Lamp” was born in Florence in 1830 to a rich upper class family. As a young woman she was well traveled and deeply sensitive. She felt that she had “been called to God”, and indeed her dedicated mission to nurse the Crimean War wounded would become an awesome calling. Her typical Taurus hard “headedness” helped her stand up to the arcane British authorities as well as to typhoid, cholera and dysentery. She managed to build on her initial contingent of 40 women to nurse the wounded, and the nursing profession came into being at St Thomas Hospital in London only due to her diligent work. A great Lady indeed, beautiful, practical inflexible, bolshie, and downright intractable, a true Taurus. Nine out of ten to this heroic historical heroine!


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“I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it!” Marilyn Monroe who is still a unique archetype, not only possessed exquisite beauty but a high voltage personality. Her magnetic screen presence is still legendary and etched on show biz history. Her marriage to the intellectual playwright Arthur Miller, her rumoured affair with the Kennedy brothers and her inexplicable suicide left the world guessing. Marilyn was a typical Gemini, in that she was highly intelligent. She hid behind a public mask of joy and radiant charm however, but when left to herself the other “twin” emerged. This twin was a deep thinker, and a woman with quicksilver communication abilities. She broke the world’s heart when she died. She was indeed Elton John’s true “A Candle in the Wind!” Eight out of ten to this historical celluloid princess!


“Being a Princess isn’t all that it is cracked up to be!” Princess Diana was an intuitive, sensitive woman, deeply attached to her mother, and tormented by her abandonment as a child. The “Cancer mother adoration issue” is a well known aspect of this watery sign and can weigh heavily on the soul. Diana herself was a wonderful mother. Moody, unpredictable, yet a true communicator with a compassionate heart, she left her mark on the world. Her untimely death in a Parisian car accident left many guessing and even more grieving. She was a controversial figure like Marilyn and Elton John’s rendition of “A Candle in the Wind” at her funeral could not have been more apt. She left a world bereft. Diana was a woman that history will never forget. A true Princess of Hearts! Ten out of ten to this awesome historical woman!


“I don’t think there are any men who are faithful to their wives” Jacqueline Kennedy said. But she was unusually exquisite woman, upper class, highly intelligent and well educated. Many men would have adored her! She and President John Kennedy were the ultimate “Golden Couple”; wherever they went they stimulated rapt adoration. Jackie possessed that Leo fire sign charisma, a unique class, a sensuality that only the Leo woman so naturally emanates. When John Kennedy was assassinated her dignity impressed the world. Her subsequent marriage to Onassis deluded the world. This however was a woman who rose above tragedy. She was the ultimate in stateliness and poise. A truly radiant Leo! Nine out of ten to this 20th century heroine!


“Be faithful in small things because it is them that your strength lies!” This is a typical “pay attention to detail” Virgo quote. And yet it was made by Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta. Mother Theresa has now been beatified as a saintly woman. She originated from a humble background, and initiated her spiritual journey as an Albanian Catholic nun. Her true mission was to enact the love and compassion of God in the slums of Calcutta. A Noble Peace Prize winner she possessed that pure Virgo heart, plus that dedication and compassion so common to the gifted Virgo. Gracious, empathic, caring and devoted, meticulous sometimes, controversial often, she was notwithstanding a true humanitarian! Ten out of ten to this angel of mercy!


“I am extraordinary patient, provided I get my own way in the end!” Born in Grantham England on the 13th October 1925 Baroness Maggie Thatcher was Britain’s first female prime minister and is one of the most important figures in 20th century politics. “The Iron Lady” was a grocer’s daughter educated at Oxford. She showed early ambition, intellectual abilities plus a steely determination so common to her Libra sun sign. She joined the Conservative Party in 1959 and never looked back. Her capacity to remain resilient in the face of challenge, plus her robust political savvy were also due to that Libran tendency to seek balance no matter how high the price. Margaret Thatcher’s airy zeal had another side too, her devotion to her beloved husband Dennis, and her controversial son Mark. Her true comfort was found in culture, “the cultural things add a great richness to life!” she said. Her need for beauty, order and symmetry was the secret to this amazing lady’s political success. A hearty nine out of ten for this rare dame!


“Let them eat Cake” said Marie Antoinette, wife of Louis XV of France and daughter of Emperor Francis I of Austria. Certainly she had a lot of bad press in her day! Said to dance the jig while children starved, she became the most hated woman in France. True, she was obviously not the luckiest lady on the 18th century block, but certainly a looker. She was prone to nervous attacks, and odd delusions of grandeur. She was earmarked for excess by starving French revolutionaries, and was guillotined with other members of the French aristocracy. The dark side of her Scorpion nature obviously attracted her to excess and egoistic musings. Up to the end she never lowered herself to her captors’ level, notwithstanding the horrors around her. She was a complex Scorpio with an intense erotic nature. Her need to revel in intrigue might have made her seriously misunderstood. A tragic eight out of ten for this astounding queen.


“Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance” said Jane Austin born in 1775 at Steventon Rectory, England. Jane would become the greatest female novelist of all time. Books like “Sense and Sensibility”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Mansfield Park” and more are still avidly read today. Many of her works have been made into popular movies or TV series, but in her own day few knew of her; her books were published anonymously. She was certainly a “journeyer”, like all Saggys, however, the confined moral dictates of the time only permitted Jane to voyage in her mind. Her magical humour and the individuality so typical of her sign certainly emerged in her writings. Her need to marry off all her heroines sensibly was probably due to the country gentry’s dictates of the time. Jane never married herself, but it is said her one great love was with a certain Thomas Lefroy. Ten out of ten for this unforgettable historical heroine,


“Hold the cross high so that I might see it through the flames” Joan of Arc or the “Maid of Orleans” is still considered an international heroine. A romantic figure, who fought as a man in allegiance to her country, reached heights of spiritual sacrifice only a true Capricorn could bear. Obviously Joan was not of the “Capricorn drinking tea on their mansion lawn ilk”, but the kind of Capricorn who took heed of the Saturn planetary ruler. Saturn tells the Capricorn that only profound spiritual allegiance to the God Force can lead the human being beyond limitations to enlightenment. Joan of Arc was a Clairaudient/Clairvoyant who claimed she received visions from God that commanded her to free France from British Rule. The result was both victory and terrible sacrifice, for she was burnt at the stake for heresy. She has become an archetype of woman’s courage, and individuality. A superb ten out of ten for this historical heroine’s unique spirituality.


“God gives talent, but work transforms talent into genius!” Anna Pavlova was indeed a genius, and the most gifted ballerina of all time! The noted lead dancer of the Imperial Russian ballet, she was born in St Petersburg of humble origin in 1881. Her stunning depiction of a “Dying Swan” is still considered a performance nobody has yet surpassed. She first became attracted to dance when her mother took her to see “Sleeping Beauty” at the famed Mariinsky Theatre! When she joined the Russian Imperial Ballet School however, dancing did not come easy to her; she was physically frail, with very narrow ankles. But her Aquarian nature reached out for her true life mission and encouraged her to step out of the rigid classical ballet mores of the time. Anna danced from her heart and soul; and to her own tune! The results were unique interpretations of sheer genius. A ten out of ten for this great artist!


“I don’t pretend to be an ordinary housewife” this film star said. Elizabeth Taylor is certainly no ordinary chick either. “Passion” is the name of her perfume; the anti-AIDs campaign is her cause. Elizabeth was a beautiful child star at ten, when she signed her first show biz contract with Metro Goldwyn Mayer. She grew up to be considered the most gorgeous woman in the world. Yet she did not have an easy life. She lost her beloved second husband Mike Todd in an airplane crash and her passionate love affair with Richard Burton had the markings of Piscean emotional sacrifice. She was frequently ill, and challenged personally. However, those violet eyes, that white skin, that jet black hair stimulated others’ adoration. She was much under-rated but still a great actress! She was also married to Michael Wilding, and broke up Eddie Fisher’s marriage to Debbie, to the fury of their fans and a moralistic US public. She fell for Richard during the filming of the US one million dollar production of “Cleopatra” and a twin flame love story as born. Elizabeth is a fish indeed, but one of the tropical, multicoloured “fins and scales” variety. A resounding eight of ten to this modern day, historical heroine!

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