Free Astrology Readings and the Media

free astrology readingsFree Astrology Readings and the Media

Fun and free astrology readings are found on the back pages of magazine and newspapers. We can even find a variety on the Internet. We read them avidly. We turn to the astro to know if we will be “overcome by splendor”. In other words, whether dad will say, “This will all be yours some day!” If the stars bode well, we are convinced life will be easier for us. But can free astrology readings really tell the future? Well, no, and then again yes. They can predict similar to a weather forecast but they cannot go into our personal details in those daily or weekly readings. For an insightful chart, astrologers use specialized talents to assess the planetary influences rotating the heavens the day we were born. They’re far more accurate than free astrology readings you find in the media which are generic.

What is Astrology?

A super-simplified explanation is that astrology evaluates our ruling planet, our moon phases and our ascendant. The astrologer assesses our moon sign in regard to emotions and creativity and looks at our ascendant’s influence as it enters one of the 12 zodiac signs rising over the eastern horizon the moment we were born. Astrology paints a portrait of our personal tendencies.  Our faults and opportunities. When our ruling planet and moon phases add to the fun. The astro chart can be life changing!

Famous Astrology Followers

Throughout history astrology has fascinated the rich and famous. During Elizabethan times John Dee held court on the astro. Portraits of “the Master” depict Dee as a cross between Nostradamus and the Wizard of Oz. But Dee was Queen Elizabeth the I’s personal astrologer as well as a mathematician, occultist and navigator. The British Museum houses some of John Dee’s 15th century astro trappings such as small wax seals, a gold amulet engraved with Dee’s visions, and a crystal globe. Some say Shakespeare based his character Prospero of “The Tempest” on Dee, the Astrologer. Dee has not been forgotten. A character cameo of him even appeared in the popular film “Elizabeth the Golden Age” alongside Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth I.

Modern Day Astrologers

These days astrologers still astound us. Popular astrologers such as Russell Grant reach a wide audience as they do not “read the stars” for the “privileged” alone. Successful astrologers tend to have charismatic personalities and a unique capacity to access powerful insights. In fact, we are more inclined to check out those free astrology readings if they are penned by astro folk we trust and respect.

As much as we might struggle with the concept that the planets are responsible for our destiny, they still inspire us. There is something so mysterious about the wonders of space and the celestial bodies that are said to influence astrology readings. But we need to realise destiny is not always written in stone! A good astrologer will show us that we do have alternatives. For example if we become aware of our faults and change them, we can transform the future! On a lighter note, we can still enjoy the weekly predictions of those free astrology readings to understand, albeit superficially, the celestial forces shaping our lives.


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D. H Lawrence

The great British novelist D. H Lawrence once said “The cosmos is a vast living body, of which we are small parts. The sun is a great heart, whose tremors run through our smallest veins. The moon is a great nerve center from which we quiver forever. Who knows the power that Saturn has over us, or Venus? But it is a vital power rippling exquisitely through us all the time!” Now who could ever question that?!

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