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Find A GirlfriendLove – Find a Girlfriend

The psychic is used to hearing sad tales of romantic love and the cries of “Will I ever find a girlfriend, or boyfriend?” Many of us feel lonely; feel that if we only had that special person all would be right with the world. Sure, we tell ourselves it is great being independent, and doing what one likes when on likes, but if we could just find a girlfriend, or boyfriend, life would be so much better.

Gay or straight, determinedly single, or “footloose and fancy free” – human love is the one thing that keeps us going, keeps the inner fires burning. As the financial institutions crumble, as oil seeps into our oceans, as volcanoes explode and there is seemingly a dawning of the “New Ice Age!” As conspiracy theorists insist we are about to see a UFO land on the White House Lawn, the very act of seeking to find a girlfriend, could relieve us from all that global angst.

Psychic Help

So we ask the psychic is true love ever going to come back into our lives? Are we ever going to feel those loving arms around us? Will we ever find a girlfriend? The psychic will be honest, without treading over our hearts with hobnailed boots, and assure us that yes, we will find a girlfriend. We will find a boyfriend; we will find true love. We try to believe! We check out dating agencies, speed dating, online dating sites, blind dates, or even an old fashioned matchmaker! But nothing happens; we still meet up with hoards of frogs, creeps and “leaving hairs in the sink” types, and feel desperate. But then just as we about to give up the whole thing, and “get us to a monastery” they step into our lives, the girl or boyfriend of our dreams. We bump into them in a super market, a friend’s party, down the beach, in the grocers, in the dental waiting room, at the car mechanics, on the tube or waiting for a bus in the rain. In other words, it just happens, as it was always supposed to happen! As the fates wanted it to happen all along! The psychic was right, we say to ourselves. How could I ever have doubted that I would find a girlfriend?

The truth is life on this planet would be a sad state of affairs if all the hate we see around us was not counteracted by love and devotion. So even though all that “waiting” for true love can bring us to our knees, as we sob into our pillows, just lonely hearts looking for solace, we remember one amazing fact. That we are all predestined to love. The love songs tell us so, Jane Austin told us so, Shakespeare told us so, Byron told us so, Shelley told us so, our hearts tell us so! And when we find our perfect mate she or he will tell us so too. We remember to be kind, to respect our adored one, and pay attention to their needs. We know that once we “get” what the psychic said, “Your soul mate is coming and if you treat her well, she will never leave you!” we will never, ever look back!


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