Father/Daughter Relationships by Sign

24717434dadbikeA good dad imparts life skills that turn a little girl into a big girl! No wonder some of us hum “My heart belongs to daddy!” as we put up our shelves, pay our bills, negotiate with the boss, and say it how it is to the bank manager. Our relationship with our Dad has helped us tackle life, emanate confidence, and build a loving relationship with our life partners. When Dad told us we were beautiful in our party frock, we felt like a fairy queen. When Dad hugged us because we had just won the potato sack race, we were the happiest little girl on the block. When Dad walked us down the aisle, we knew our heart belonged to him, but also to hubby, and the world seemed just right. But how do those astro signs affect Father/daughter relationships? How can the stars have anything to do with the way Dad really relates to his honey pie?

For example, did you know a fiery Aries dad, “alla Alex Baldwin” could break into a love song when it comes to his “peaches and cream”. He will buy ribbons for your hair, and carry you around like a trophy! He will work all hours God sends to be sure you have everything you need. All you have to do is win the swimming blue or the diving cup. An Aries Dad is unafraid of life’s obstacles, and would expect nothing less from his girl. So if his “peaches and cream” can thrill to the chase, do what he tells her, and not get all sensitive and teary when he acts up a storm, as Aries dads tend to do, your relationship will spin around and around like a whirly gig that nobody gets off. Aries dads are ambitious and attached.

A Taurus Dad is sheer solid backbone. Unless he gets angry he will be of the doting ilk, i.e. if his honey falls he will be there to catch her. He will take you to fancy restaurants, or teach you cooking at a young age. Taureans love to eat. In fact, you will probably have more dimples than ribbons! A Taurus Dad and his darling girl will lie on the beach, swing in the hammock and snooze on the couch together. A Taurus Dad will shower you with sloppy kisses, but when you put on too much make you better wash your face, because no Taurean Dad fails to lose when it comes to having his way with a growing teen! A Taurean Dad will ready for awesome rows when you hit both sixteen and sixty! Taurean dads are safe as houses. Taurean dads are stubborn. David Beckham is a Taurus dad!

Gemini daddies will be downright whimsical. Johnny Depp is a Gemini dad! You will both have fun in “Never Never” land, where you will fight the pirates and chat to Tinkerbelle til the “cows come home”. Gemini Daddy will encourage his little girl to read the poem, play the piano, or sing the nursery rhyme to his cosmopolitan friends. Gemini dad will build sand castles, tree and “Wendy houses” for his girly, and not be too dignified to go for an egg and spoon race if it gets her laughing. However, when his perky princess morphs into terrible teen, Gemini Dad will not sleep till he knows the key is in the latch. After all, his most treasured “free spirit” is just finding “herself”. He would prefer to drink ten cups of camomile tea, or read volumes on teen psychology rather than nag you to get in before midnight! Gemini dads are alternative

Tom Cruise is a Cancer Dad and you won’t see him jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch when it comes to your education. He will be changing the nappies, getting up at all hours when honey is teething, and arguing with teacher about bad reports or behaviour when you hit the age of 12. In other words, a Cancer Daddy could morph into a Mummy at the drop of a hat! Cancer Dad’s nurturing skills are 9.5 on the Richter scale. You will find him fussing like a hen. Did you eat enough? Are you warm enough? Perhaps you should put on another jumper it is cold out there in the big wide world? But when Daddy Cancer gets cross, his little girl better run, because he will morph into a crab, and pinch you hard on the toe. Cancer Dads are doting.


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Leo Dads are like Ben Affleck, out on the mall with “little treasure” in a baby sling, making cooing statements like “she is the best thing that has ever happened to me!” Your Leo dad will want the world to know he adores his gal. That she is the best thing since sliced bread, that there is nobody prettier, more intelligent than his wunderkind. A Leo dad is a Dad who preens his honey, and is surprised when she fails to make Beauty Queen, Quantum Scientist, or Astronaut status. But never mind, in a Leo dad’s opinion the world is at fault, never his girl. So if you stamp your foot and insist on the Pontiac Vibe for your 18th Leo dad will probably run out and get it. His little honey better be beware when Leo dad gets cross, it will be like a forest fire to run and hide from, for ten minutes that is! Leo Dads are pushovers.

Virgo dads will not go out with their little one unless the baby-grow is spotless, the chin is milk free, and the nose is blown. Virgo dads will have an emergency kit full of bandages and disinfectant at the slightest sign of a mishap, but woe betides honey if she vomits all over his adding machine. Virgo dads will keep a diary of your childish victories, i.e. the day you started teething, the day you toddled the day you began nursery school, with every one of your childish sayings carefully noted, with time, place and date. Virgo dads like details and will pin your best drawings to their office computer. Virgo dads are cuddly once a week, sticklers every day, and kind all the time. Virgo dads do not boast about a child genius, i.e. the three year old playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, but Virgo dad’s heart will swell with pride if you show kindness to unhappy school friends. Virgos are modest, caring, patient and picky. Virgo dads are also devoted.

Hugh Jackman is a Libran, if you are lucky enough to have such a hunky Libran Dad expect him to negotiate with you in your high chair as you are spitting spinach in his face. The Libran dad will listen, even when you scream very loudly. Libran dads understand everyone’s point of view, even those of the “terrible twos”. However, Libran dad will not tolerate OTT teen moods, messy school uniforms, or satchels thrown haphazardly in the hallway. He will want you to be reasonable even if you did not come top of the class, or win the singing contest. And you must act restrained even when you get a bad report. Yet you will forgive a Libran dad for being diplomatic to the point of exasperation because he tends to be forgiving, loving, nurturing and fair. Libran dads expect respect and do not tolerate Goths.

Scorpio Dad will mop up baby sick with a smile, little repulses them. He will understand the deep emotions baby girl is going through when she is teething, or tripping up on the bouncy castle. With the King of the Underworld Pluto on his side, you can bet Scorpio dad knows how dark emotions can affect his little honey. A Scorpio Dad is a Rhett Butler lookalike, a” Gone with the Wind style” dad. He will get up at night when little Bonnie is crying over nightmares and cuddle her till dawn. He will buy her frills and flounces, her favourite sweeties and chocs, and turn murderous if anyone hurts his offspring. Woe betides the school room bully, the critical head teacher, or the wayward boyfriend. Mafia boss or brain surgeon, a Scorpio dad will get even with anyone who does not agree you are an illumined spiritual master.

Sagittarius dads will want to clamber on the roundabout with you, even if nobody over the age of two is allowed on it! Brad Pit is a Saggy dad, in fact most Saggy dads will be into fun and frolics. Do not talk narrow minded to a Sagittarius dad, as limited thinking is about the only thing Saggy dads go ballistic about. His little girl will learn four languages at two, be able to book herself a ticket to Kathmandu on the Internet at five, and be packing her own suitcases at six. Your Saggy dad likes the kid independent, and whine-free. Saggy dad will horse around, play around and buzz around but you will get absolutely nothing from a Saggy dad if you are a bad loser, and blubber if he does not buy you the lollypop. Saggy dads are adventurous.

Capricorn dads are realistic. Baby girl needs to be fed punctually, and nappies changed efficiently. His honey will have lunch tea and supper at a preordained hour and be in bed at 7.30 pm. Cappy is a classic dad who will not take kindly to night screams, supermarket tantrums, or anything drippy around the nose. He does not like bad school reports; talking back is scorned. He will make sure his honey wears the best, preferably labelled, with name and address in Italics. Schools tend to be top drawer and geared to achievement. Future careers are planned at the dinner table. Rudeness is banned, even if Cappy dads can be ungracious to traffic cops, and anyone in uniform. Mel Gibson is a Capricorn dad! Capricorns do not go for contradiction, alternative lifestyles, and badly dressed teens. He expects mainstream views on existence. Capricorn dads are planners.

An Aquarius dad, like a Gemini dad, will be into tree houses, and fairy stories. But after he builds the tree house, you will both sleep in it. Aquarian dad will teach you how to make weird machinery such as automatic nail cutters, or spider traps. You will be able to tie your shoe laces before anyone else at nursery school. Your dad will discuss quantum physics and astral travel with you when you are five. You will understand more that he does about these subjects as you are probably an indigo child and will teach him how to be astrally aware! You will go on survival stints to the Scottish highlands, and you will know how to build your own bunker, and plant your cabbages before 2012 hits the fan! You will love your Aquarian dad’s changing hairstyle, sometimes green and spiked, sometimes long and purple. All your pals at school will envy your dad, especially when he picks you up in his gypsy caravan. Aquarian dads are eccentric.

Pisces is not that materialistic, he almost failed to get the car started when he had to take your mum to hospital as she was giving late birth to you. Pisces dad is so dreamy. He has a plan about your life and will tell you about it when you are mature enough, i.e. when you are two years old. Pisces dads are deeply empathic to small babies. When you cry, he will cry. He will sense when you want your rattle before you do. He will know you need your night feed and will have the bottle already perched over your rosebud lips the moment you scream. He will take you to sacred sites, He will tell you all about universal laws, and read Shakespeare’s Hamlet to you, you know “to be or not to be?” always a Piscean dad’s dilemma. Your Piscean dad will understand your teen emotions as if they were his own. Piscean dads are sensitive. Bruce Willis is a Piscean dad. Piscean dads morph and time travel! Pisces Dads are the tops!

Whatever dad is lucky enough to have you as his daughter, we know you will love him!

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