Father / Son Relationships by Sign

24723620dadreading“Any man can be a father it takes someone special to be a dad” states an unknown writer, but certainly a significant one! As the heavenly firmament teaches us about the more intricate areas of the human soul through the wonders of astrology, can we also assess how a father would relate to his son simply by accessing his sun sign? Certainly we could reveal some of those Water, Air, Fire and Earth sign fathering “styles”. Some of which could be a tad surprising.


See the Aries father and son “dressed to kill” in their sports gear, striding out the house on their way to some military style excursion, or sporty event. The Aries dad will teach his son to kick that ball around the block. Competitive sports are much on the Aries dad’s agenda. His son will need to be a winner, and understand that one has to be resilient to life’s challenges. He will leave mum to mop up any “bad loser” tears. Aries Dad has to learn to respect his son’s individuality and not continually preach on about “climbing the highest mountain and forging the stream”. No use pushing a boy into playing basket if he wants to weave them now is there!


“I have worked all my life to make sure my family has everything they need!” Would be Taurus dad’s key “tirade phrase” at the wayward son who has just smashed up the family saloon. Taurus dad’s wants his boy to take responsibility, to obey rules to come home on time. To have a bit of respect in other words. Taurus dad could unwittingly encourage his son to become “A Rebel without a Cause!” and not understand his son’s deeper emotional issues in that process. This could cause long term rifts. But in the end Taurus dad will reach out, he loves those he protects with all his heart and soul.


Gemini dad will want his son to know his two times table at two, and expound on the Pythagorean theory at five. In other words, Gemini daddy prefers a child genius as a son, if possible. Gemini dad might give the boy a prod if he is an introvert, and will insist that he overcomes his shyness by selling raffle tickets or joining the boy scouts. Gemini dad will be great at helping out with his son’s homework; “Twins” know their facts backwards. But Gemini dads could turn into Mafia bosses when son does not learn to stop squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube! The fact is if Sonny Jim wants to win over dad in any argument at all, either he will have to be another Gemini or a Scorpio pouring watery scorn on Gemini dad’s yapping.


Cancer dad will teach his son to excel at “do it yourself” home improvements. You know put up shelves and paint bedroom walls at the very least. He will also do his best to educate his son with cultural input and outings to museums and historical places of interest. Cancer dads are prone to nurture their children, and school bullies will not be tolerated, especially if Sonny Jim comes home with tears in his eyes. Cancer dad is willing to sacrifice his own goals to fulfil his son’s! He does not mind making a fool of himself to make a point to Sonny Jim’s enraged teachers, and any other individual who cannot see his boy is a treasure, and brings joy to the heart and soul! Cancer dads are prejudiced.


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Leo Dad will be the life and soul of the party. But nothing could be worse for a Leo dad than to see his boy standing on the sidelines, having trouble being popular. Leo’s son will have his work cut out keeping up with dads mythical generosity, good looks and stunning style. To inspire their boys, Leo dads will spend more time with them, perhaps with fun and games, when Leo dad is not overworking that is. Leo like to give the best of the best, but that does not always mean their full on paternal attention. Leo sons will need to learn to keep up to the plate when Leo dad is around but will certainly be able to deal with Leo Dad’s fiery furies because they only last three to 30 minutes.


Virgo dads are inclined to fuss. Did the boy wear their galoshes when they want out to dig down the back garden? Have they done their homework? When son is misbehaving Virgo dads go for the “heart to heart” in the study, waving bad reports in Sonny Jim’s face and banging their fist on desks for show. These types of talks usually “burn the midnight oil”, with Sonny Jim asleep in the armchair as dad goes “on and on”. Virgo dads want their boys to understand the true meaning of precision and accuracy when they undertake even the simplest of tasks. Virgo dads are kind though, and will literally go to the moon if Sonny Jim is ill, or in need.


Libra dad could have a tendency to weigh “pros and cons”, like, should we send Sonny Jim to the private or public school? Should we get him the motor scooter or the motor bike, etc? Libran dads like the boy to understand that good manners are imperative if you wish to contribute to any social situation. Libran dad will definitely expect the boy to get what they want in life but with respect, rather than by threatening others. Libran Dad could sometimes appear distant as if lost in thought, but they are simply thinking “two alternatives”. They will come through when the “going gets tough for they are an epitome of “the tough get going”, especially when it comes to their well brought up boy getting into scraps.


Scorpio dads would fight to the death for their sons. The Carousel song “My Boy Bill” especially the “he will be as tall and as strong as a tree!” bit is applicable to Scorpio’s take on father/son relationships. Scorpio will want son to hold the head high, have feet planted firmly on the ground, and certainly not let anyone to push him around. If they do, watch Scorpio dad morph into Count Dracula. Enemies will run when they see an angry Scorpio dad, as will Sonny Jim if he borrows dad’s treasured motor bike and crashes it. Watch how the dog, the cat and mum go into hiding as Scorpio dad morphs from Dracula into “Pluto the Scary King of the Underworld!” Nightmare on Elm Street II will seem like a picnic in comparison.


Saggy dads will pat Sonny Jim’s pals on the back, take them on trekking weekends and teach them how to erect tents in five minutes. Saggy dad will also slob out in front of the TV watching riding championships or sporting events rattling on about the wonders of being a “Free Spirit”. Saggy dads are a hard act to follow if they are into Judo as they will probably have a black belt and throw Sonny Jim on the ground before he can say “where’s my padded vest?” Yes Saggys are stunning dads, but their sons need to take them with a “pinch of salt” and not get upset by their practical jokes. If the boy can remain detached from Saggy dad’s inclination to put “their foot in their mouth” on important occasions like talking to the head master about the a lousy report, all will be well.


Capricorn dad and his family will reside a) on a country estate, b) some swish town house, c) a well decorated tenement. They will expect respect, and no lies, Sneaking out the back door whilst school reports are being read loudly, is one of the more odious things a son can do, according to Cappy dads. Cappy dads want their offspring to strive for excellence. If they know the boy has done his best, all will be forgiven and forgotten. Sheer idleness is frowned on. In other words, Cappy dad will expect top marks and will want a clear explanation as to why their boy has been expelled in his own words.


Aquarian dads will probably love their son’s penchant for collecting spiders. They could even teach Sonny Jim to build weird machinery that helps mum in the kitchen; you know the “supersonic vegetable cutter” that runs on solar energy, or the “plate into sink inserter”, etc. But sometimes Aquarian dads seem distant, especially when they get involved in numerous social activities to save the dolphins, or spend a lot of time with “best friends” down the pub. No matter how much an Aquarius dad likes to appear a cool dude, his son will be a top priority, because together they will save the human race from extinction, or annihilate the ants from the broom cupboard. Whatever!


Piscean dads will teach their sons the wonders of metaphysics. They will go on crop circle weekends, or spend hours in the garden with telescopes trying to spot UFOs. The best present you can give a Pisces dad for Christmas is a fish to add to his aquarium or garden pond however. Yet, if Sonny Jim displeases Piscean dad, and takes his kindness for granted, expect a couple of days of vacant stares, and stony silences. All will be well if Sonny Jim understands that Piscean dad is only trying to build a bridge to a better relationship with the universe overall, but still Sonny Jim will do well to add another fish to the aquarium when he mucks up. Pisces dads are forgiving!

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