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No matter how much we argued with mum as teenagers, about the messy bedroom, the bad school reports, the Gothic boyfriend, when she leaves this world we are devastated. She was our anchor, our stalwart friend. Yes we ranted at her, found her irritating, wished she would not bug us about our OTT make up or bad driving habits yet we still loved our mum so much it hurt. Our mum was our truest friend, the kind of friend that stood our hardnosed criticism of her ways, and still came bouncing back for more. There can be no mistake, a dead mother is deeply mourned, a dead mother is never forgotten, a dead mother remains within our hearts for the rest of our days.

But what would be the signs of grieving our beloved dead mother? At first we will be in shock, and denial. Totally incapable of internalizing so great a loss. Our devastation will then morph into guilt, anger, resignation, acceptance and finally a kind of peace. We need time to assimilate, we need to talk about what we feel, we need to talk about her with those who knew her and reminisce on the good times. We need to honour her memory, perhaps paint a picture of her even, or collect photos of her and put them in a scrap book. Some of us will want to consult a grief counsellor; others will want to talk to a medium.

Seeking Comfort

Talking to a medium can seem like a daunting process, if we are not used to paranormal concepts. But the death of a parent can confront us with many questions about the continuum of the soul after death. Faced with the drastic loss of someone we love so deeply, we are usually forced to ponder on the meaning of life. Talking to a medium when we are weeping for our mum can be comforting and sometimes highly inspiring. Quite frequently it will change our lives forever. To realize that our mum is sending us messages from the “other side”, to prove she still exists, will be both puzzling and awesome. The medium might channel personal information about our mum that only we know. For example the favourite meal she liked to cook us. The way she wore her hair. If she bleached it or coloured it. Where a lost item is. The medium might describe the style of a locket our mum gave us when we were eighteen years old. Nobody would know these things, and perhaps we even forgot some of them ourselves, so having a medium remind us of the small things that were so important to our relationship morphs into something magical, eternal, highly spiritual.


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Jon Kilmo

Professor Jon Kilmo has researched in-depth on the significance and meaning of life after death. The other side has been described in various different ways. But what is clear is that a person who purifies their thoughts and abides by good rather than bad edicts, will experience blinding light, angelic manifestations, wondrous colours and sometimes even a meeting with a Christ like figure.

Kilmo reported on Coast to Coast Radio that when we die “we move into a reality where there is no longer an inner or an outer” In other words, we are one with higher consciousness, We even start to understand that only by helping others and being of services to those who need us, evolves our soul.

Near Death Experiences

Many who return to this world after Near Death Experiences like to remind us that love is the only thing that matters. That nothing is more important. The kindest action, the most generous motivations are those that give peace to the soul. And when we think about it, really think about it, what could be more total than a mother’s love and the relationship with us that she built on day after day. A mother loves with her body and soul. Her attachment to her offspring is, to some extent, spiritual. A mother can “feel” when we are happy, upset or in danger. She knows the truth about us, even though we do not want to accept that she does.

The fact remains, whether we had a good or bad relationship with our mums, most of us hope to meet up with her again someday. The idea that we could bump into her in heaven with the angels, fills us with peace and joy.

Life is a mystery, many of us pass through our days totally unaware we take things for granted and never make time to be grateful for the small things in life. The love of a child, the love of a parent, the love of a friend or colleague, are far more precious than all the money in the world. But then, mum would have told you that for sure.

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