Daily Planet Overview

Daily Planet Overview, September 2014

Daily Planet Overview – 1st September 2014

Try not to fall behind in your work. Opportunities to improve your job or money situation could be coming your way. As the Sun continues through Virgo and Mercury spends its last days in Libra, It will be the people who have cleared the slate ready for new beginnings who are more likely to take advantage.

Daily Planet Overview – 2nd September 2014

Projects are taken off the back burner as Jupiter in Leo makes a fleeting link with Pluto. Avoid working with people who are prone to scattering their energies. Success will come through focused effort.

Daily Planet Overview – 3rd September 2014


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A lot can be accomplished behind-the-scenes as the Virgo Sun links with Pluto. It’s a perfect day to hide away in the background and get on with what has to be done. Mercury moving into Libra will add positive support to joint projects over the weeks ahead.

Daily Planet Overview – 4th September 2014

Helpful business advice is shared as the Virgo Sun links with Pluto in Capricorn. People in power will be surprisingly supportive. Get busy with neglected interests.

Daily Planet Overview – 5th September 2014

As Jupiter links with Pluto, we should all resist the temptation to go overboard in our spending. Rather than giving in to an extravagant inclination a Mercury/Saturn link encourages us to look for special items at bargain prices.

Daily Planet Overview – 6th September 2014

Focus on one thing at a time while the Sun is in the hardworking sign Virgo. Aim to be thorough in all that you do. If mistakes are made, expect to have to go back to square one.

Daily Planet Overview – 7th September 2014

Venus continues alongside the Sun in Virgo. Don’t be fooled by someone who exudes flair and style. Keep reminding yourself that appearances can be deceptive.

Daily Planet Overview – 8th September 2014

Plans could be changed at the eleventh hour as the Sun makes a quick link with Uranus. Extra discipline will be needed if you’re trying to focus on a task. Do your best not to get drawn into other people’s arguments.

Daily Planet Overview – 9th September 2014

Ceres linking with Pluto makes this a good time to work on projects in private. Advice from well-meaning friends will irritate independent types thanks to a Mercury/Pluto square. In fact most people will prefer to make their own decisions today.

Daily Planet Overview – 10th September 2014

Long-range plans can be agreed on now. Mercury in Libra links with Pluto bringing news of an unexpected nature. For some, leisure interests will be rewarding while Venus links with Neptune in Pisces.

Daily Planet Overview – 11th September 2014

A news article will get a lot of people talking. News can come out of the blue with the Moon close to Uranus. We should all be careful with our money and judicious in our use of credit as the Sun links with Saturn.

Daily Planet Overview – 12th September 2014

As Mercury links with Mars, take advantage of the high energy levels of the day to get things accomplished. Disappointments in connection with friendships will be quickly forgotten.

Daily Planet Overview – 13th September 2014

A decidedly poor day for money dealings as Ceres links with Jupiter. Stay away from dubious investment schemes while Mercury makes a quick connection with Mars.

Daily Planet Overview – 14th September 2014

Mars is moving into the adventurous sign Sagittarius. Many people will be setting their eyes on new horizons. Getting unfinished jobs and projects out of the way can be an advantage while Mercury links with Uranus and Venus with Pluto.

Daily Planet Overview – 15th September 2014

Mid-September sees the Sun and Venus continuing through Virgo. Mars is in the early degrees of Sagittarius and Jupiter is in Leo. – We will all welcome a little luck concerning job or finances. A great day too to patch up misunderstandings.

Daily Planet Overview – 16th September 2014

While Venus links with Ceres, spruce up your appearance and look your best if you’re attending important meetings or interviews.

Daily Planet Overview – 17th September 2014

Don’t be fooled by today’s apparently slow and uneventful pace. With Saturn in Scorpio, a lot is going on in the background which will eventually come to your notice.

Daily Planet Overview – 18th September 2014

Relationships with old friends can be renewed while the Moon is in Cancer and Venus makes a fleeting link with Uranus. Take care that you don’t let things slide on the job.

Daily Planet Overview – 19th September 2014

Don’t be in a rush while Mercury is opposite Kora. Hold back from pushing too hard too soon where job and money interests are concerned.

Daily Planet Overview – 20th September 2014

With Ceres linking with Uranus powers of concentration may not be at their best. Meet people halfway to avoid discord.

Daily Planet Overview – 21st September 2014

A Venus/Saturn link warns us all not to make promises we won’t be able to keep. Intriguing social and romantic developments are likely for some thanks to Mars linking with Neptune.

Daily Planet Overview – 22nd September 2014

Business or financial propositions could have strings attached as Mars connects with Neptune. Beware! A Venus/Saturn link also suggests we should all err on the side of caution.

Daily Planet Overview – 23rd September 2014

Jupiter’s link with Uranus will bring opportunities for advancement for many and for some, financial prospects will get a boost.

Daily Planet Overview – 24th September 2014

Pay special attention to details as Venus links with Kora and the Sun moves into Libra. Many people will be pleased with today’s career developments.

Daily Planet Overview – 25th September 2014

The so-called facts of a situation may turn out to be nothing more than fabrication as the Moon links with Pluto. Don’t believe all you hear. Surprises of the pleasant kind are in store for some as Jupiter links with Uranus.

Daily Planet Overview – 26th September 2014

Not a good time for dealing with people in power as Venus is in the last few degrees of Virgo. Trying to get someone in authority to understand your views will be like talking to a brick wall.

Daily Planet Overview – 27th September 2014

Congratulations will be in store for some as Jupiter continues to link with Uranus. Problems of the past will be resolved to most people’s satisfaction thanks to the Moon’s link with Neptune. Friends are fun to be with now.

Daily Planet Overview – 28th September 2014

Joint efforts will go well as the Sun links with Saturn and Mercury moves into Scorpio, with everyone keen to make some headway. Singles could meet with new romantic opportunities.

Daily Planet Overview – 29th September 2014

The Sun links with Saturn and Jupiter remains on good terms with Uranus. A good day for many where work interests are concerned. Family arrangements may not go so well.

Daily Planet Overview – 30th September 2014

Venus moving into Libra promotes creativity and enjoyment of recreational pursuits. Visit a favourite restaurant or enjoy some leisure interest. Romance is highlighted too for all you romantics out there.

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