Daily Planet Overview

Daily Planet Overview, October 2014

Daily Planet Overview – 1st October 2014

Mercury in Scorpio, Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Sagittarius all give out hints of interesting new business deals and contracts with the potential for future profit. Partnerships should be profitable now with the Sun in Libra.

Daily Planet Overview – 2nd October 2014

Although it won’t be easy to solve complex problems, with Jupiter in Leo, there should be plenty of room for manoeuvring so that these matters can be resolved. Do this now as it won’t be as easy later in the month.

Daily Planet Overview – 3rd October 2014


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Sort out any outstanding paperwork and financial, investment or legal matters now before Mercury starts retrograde. Get as much done as possible or there could be delays and frustrations ahead.

Daily Planet Overview – 4th October 2014

On-line shopping or even just a trip to the local supermarket could find you some great deals. As Venus makes a quick link with Neptune Various pleasures are highlighted as the day unfolds. Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio over the next few days. Expect some minor hassle in legal and financial dealings.

Daily Planet Overview – 5th October 2014

Either you’ll be caught up in some lively drama or you will watch fiascos getting played out in front of and around you as Mars trines Uranus. Changes will be exciting rather than disruptive so go with the flow.

Daily Planet Overview – 6th October 2014

Communications could get muddled with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio. This is likely to result in people waiting in the wrong place or at the wrong time for appointments.

Daily Planet Overview – 7th October 2014

Today’s aspects are between two opposing forces, the Sun and rebellious Uranus. Those fighting for freedom and independence might feel blocked and frustrated and yet the opposition will have their best interests at heart.

Daily Planet Overview – 8th October 2014

The Lunar eclipse in Aries suggests that open and frank discussion is the key to resolving relationship misunderstandings. The Sun and Venus in Libra urge us all to be fair and honest in all our dealings. Mars links with expansive Jupiter bringing a rewarding day for many with financial and business transactions prospering. Expect there to be a good rapport between higher-ups and those on the ground floor. The Venus/Pluto square can bring a transformational influence into close relationships.

Daily Planet Overview – 9th October 2014

As nurturing Ceres makes itself felt in the skies many people will find that if they delve deep into their mental and spiritual reserves they will find the solution to any problem that crops up today.

Daily Planet Overview – 10th October 2014

Prosperous Jupiter teams up with the Sun putting an exciting spin on professional arrangements and job matters. A day of good fortune for many.

Daily Planet Overview – 11th October 2014

Relationships and conversations could get hyper-emotional as Venus opposes Uranus. Social events will either be very very good or pretty disastrous.

Daily Planet Overview – 12th October 2014

Double check all travel details and be cautious when driving. Problems from the past are likely to weigh heavily on your mind for a while as Mercury continues retrograde. A difference of opinion with a partner or workmates will make things difficult to say the least.

Daily Planet Overview – 13th October 2014

With Mercury retrograde In Libra, play it by ear. Be flexible and be ready to make last-minute plans.

Daily Planet Overview – 14th October 2014

Dare to dream big as Venus links with Jupiter and with your eyes wide open. There could be some big surprises in store.

Daily Planet Overview – 15th October 2014

Thanks to the Sun’s link with Mars and Mercury still retrograde, mixed trends will help or hinder legal and business negotiations.

Daily Planet Overview – 16th October 2014

Phone calls and on-line contact with people at a distance should be interesting and informative with the Sun and Mercury close together in the skies. Someone in the family will be welcoming visitors from afar this evening.

Daily Planet Overview – 17th October 2014

Curb the urge to be extravagant while retrograde Mercury links with Mars. Some people will be in the mood to spend, spend and spend. At least those in the retail trade will be delighted with today’s high sales thanks to a Mercury, Venus conjunction.

Daily Planet Overview – 18th October 2014

The sun and Venus continue through Libra. Expect challenges and problems in connection with joint arrangements. Even so, the day should unfold in a generally pleasant way.

Daily Planet Overview – 19th October 2014

Another day of mixed trends with the Sun and Venus in Libra and Mercury retrograde in that same sign. A possible set back early on will not be as bad as it first seems. Secret activities intrigue later.

Daily Planet Overview – 20th October 2014

With Venus linking positively with Mars and Mercury teaming up with Jupiter, someone’s imaginative ideas will turn a routine job or study assignment into an outstanding performance.

Daily Planet Overview – 21st October 2014

Mercury continues retrograde for a few more days. Any confusion in communications, delays in getting appointments and problems due to lost paperwork will soon pass. On the positive side you might use Mercury’s retrograde energy to return to unresolved issues and find a way to make them work.

Daily Planet Overview – 22nd October 2014

Avoid splashing out on extravagances today whether it’s a posh lunch in a fancy restaurant or at a glamorous boutique. Jupiter in Leo loves drama so expect there to be some amusing and entertaining events going on around you.

Daily Planet Overview – 23rd October 2014

Use the energy of the Solar Eclipse in transformational Scorpio to clear way issues and misunderstandings revolving around financial, property and tax matters. Tthis should help make the next few months less stressful. Explore your dreams over the month ahead. They could be meaningful. It’s a time for transition for many. Take nothing for granted.

Daily Planet Overview – 24th October 2014

With planets moving into Scorpio, what was aimed to be a great social and fun event could turn into one big financial or legal conflict.

Daily Planet Overview – 25th October 2014

Romance is in the air as the Sun gets up close and personal with Venus. For some wedding bells will sound loud and clearly.

Daily Planet Overview – 26th October 2014

Make sure higher-ups get to see how much work is going on behind the scenes as Mars enters Capricorn. Are you being appreciated for your hard working efforts?

Daily Planet Overview – 27th October 2014

Venus linking with Neptune triggers a delightfully romantic episode for many, even if not all plans will work out as expected.

Daily Planet Overview – 28th October 2014

As the Sun links with Neptune, logical thinking clashes with emotional reactions. No matter where you are or who with, feelings are likely to dominate.

Daily Planet Overview – 29th October 2014

There should be no half measures when making decisions while the Sun and Venus are in Scorpio. Make up your mind and stick to it.

Daily Planet Overview – 30th October 2014

Whatever problems people had over the past few days will be resolved soon and everyone will seem to bounce back nicely after some recent setbacks.

Daily Planet Overview – 31st October 2014

The Sun and Venus are in Scorpio making this a perfect time to dress up in fancy costumes, carve lanterns and have some spooky fun. The mysterious side of Scorpio reminds us that Halloween is a time when magic is most powerful and spirits roam.

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