Daily Planet Overview

Daily Planet Overview, November 2014

Daily Planet Overview – 1st November 2014

Mercury links with Jupiter, Venus with Pluto and Mars with Neptune making for a highly charged period with intense emotions and some powerful reactions.

Daily Planet Overview – 2nd November 2014

Join in with creative projects and stimulating recreational plans while Mercury is in Libra and the Sun and Venus in Scorpio. With Jupiter in Leo, party dates, travel possibilities and fun events will be on top over the next few days.

Daily Planet Overview – 3rd November 2014


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As the Sun links with Pluto it’s not a good idea to allow small differences of opinion to snowball into much larger problems. Arrangements made today could transform people’s lives in a surprising way.

Daily Planet Overview – 4th November 2014

As we approach a full moon in Taurus it’s a great time to indulge in pleasure pastimes. Financial and business transactions can be concluded now. Whether it will be to your advantage will depend on how assertive you are. Generally there will be congenial views on issues of joint interest.

Daily Planet Overview – 5th November 2014

As the Sun links with Uranus no-one should be afraid of change. It can be as good, or as better than a rest.

Daily Planet Overview – 6th November 2014

There’s a full moon in Taurus. Many people will experience some ambiguous feelings over the coming weeks, not knowing what they really think or feel.

Daily Planet Overview – 7th November 2014

As the sign Scorpio dominates, all kind of morbid thoughts can creep in when there is doubt and uncertainty all around. Stay hopeful. The Fates will throw you or others a lifeline.

Daily Planet Overview – 8th November 2014

The dim side of Neptune will become apparent today when confusion abounds.

Daily Planet Overview – 9th November 2014

Some people will have to make some difficult choices as Venus links with Jupiter. Career and domestic life are in a tug of war. Trends later are nicely trimmed with pound/dollar signs.

Daily Planet Overview – 10th November 2014

Opposing authority of any kind is not a good idea while Mars is close to Pluto. Pay attention to speed limits when driving.

Daily Planet Overview – 11th November 2014

A series of quick emotional flash-points are likely to create contention and tension as the Sun, Mercury and Venus journey through Scorpio. It might seem impossible to avoid a confrontation of some sort.

Daily Planet Overview – 12th November 2014

As Mercury links with Neptune, small sacrifices and the willingness to put other people’s desires before your own can mean big improvements for everyone.

Daily Planet Overview – 13th November 2014

Observe rules in new situations while Venus and Saturn are close and Mars links with Uranus. . Show respect towards those who are more qualified or experienced even if it seems like they’re talking rubbish.

Daily Planet Overview – 14th November 2014

People around you seem to be on a collision course as the Sun links tensely with Jupiter. Keep your head down and avoid anyone who looks like they’re spoiling for a fight.

Daily Planet Overview – 15th November 2014

There is a light at the end of the tunnel promised by Jupiter in Leo, even if you can’t yet see it. Stay hopeful and keep moving forward.

Daily Planet Overview – 16th November 2014

Mercury linking with Pluto highlight glamorous events and activities. Romance, social events and marital affairs all come under positive stars.

Daily Planet Overview – 17th November 2014

Be wary about what you take on as Mercury links with Uranus. It’s a time that’s likely to bring someone topple suddenly from power.

Daily Planet Overview – 18th November 2014

Caution and prudence will be necessary in all dealings as the Sun gets close to Saturn. Some people will seem moody but this won’t last for long.

Daily Planet Overview – 19th November 2014

Many people will get a big break promised by Jupiter in Leo. Career and financial affairs will get a boost.

Daily Planet Overview – 20th November 2014

As Venus links with Neptune, top items on today’s agenda are likely to be: romance, creative pastimes, social and travel plans. This sentimental day for some favours women more than men.

Daily Planet Overview – 21st November 2014

Mercury links with Mars making for a great day in terms of energy and pizzaz. Relationships between friends and loved ones will be positive and helpful.

Daily Planet Overview – 22nd November 2014

A long awaited opening will allow people to branch off in new directions as the Sun moves into Sagittarius.

Daily Planet Overview – 23rd November 2014

Jupiter’s presence will bring a little bit of luck into some people’s lives. For some, a romantic proposal will be on its way. Heed the warning from the Mercury/Jupiter link though to take extra care that these matters run smoothly.

Daily Planet Overview – 24th November 2014

With the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius most people will be easy to get on with especially if you take on the role of listener.

Daily Planet Overview – 25th November 2014

It’s not such a bad thing to work quietly in the background as Mars makes a fleeting link with Jupiter. Sometimes this is the only way to get things done.

Daily Planet Overview – 26th November 2014

Mercury is close to Saturn. So many people want help, advice and guidance or just to grumble about grievances that little productive will get done.

Daily Planet Overview – 27th November 2014

A super romantic day thanks to Venus linking with Uranus. The Sun will also be linking with Neptune. Be sure to take advantage by making arrangements to be with the special person in your life.

Daily Planet Overview – 28th November 2014

Mercury will join the Sun and Venus in Sagittarius. This day should be pleasant enough if you get the freedom to make your own choices and do things you really like.

Daily Planet Overview – 29th November 2014

Making a wrong decision could cause a few moments of regret or disappointment but emphasis on the sign Sagittarius reminds us all that it’s no use crying over spilt milk. Keep a lookout for the next great opportunity.

Daily Planet Overview – 30th November 2014

The month ends with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius making this an ideal day for new starts for many. Be sure to enjoy friendship activities too.

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