Daily Planet Overview

Daily Planet Overview, March 2015

Daily Planet Overview – 1st March 2015

Venus and Mars continue through Aries. Mercury begins the month linked harmoniously with Uranus (also in Aries) but opposing Jupiter. – A good time to meet or connect on Facebook with the special people in your life. Some people will want to publicly announce their long-term plans.

Daily Planet Overview – 2nd March 2015

The Moon will make fine links with Saturn and Mars. Still, anyone who is travelling today should take advantage of any breaks between destinations to rest and relax.

Daily Planet Overview – 3rd March 2015


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A busy Leo Moon links with Venus, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury. Jupiter and Uranus are also linked harmoniously. Share creative ideas, be inventive but this isn’t such a good time to try to get things finalised or to try to finish tasks. Too many distractions and problems will make progress difficult.

Daily Planet Overview – 4th March 2015

Venus is close to Uranus and singing harmoniously with Jupiter today. Opportunities abound. If you are one of the Water signs: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, the world will be your oyster.

Daily Planet Overview – 5th March 2015

Prepare yourself for a setback or two today thanks to the tense Venus/Pluto link. Just as everyone thinks solutions have been found something or someone else will cause another problem.

Daily Planet Overview – 6th March 2015

The Sun in Pisces connects positively with powerful Pluto. This is a great day to decide to quit a habit, whether it’s smoking, drug-related or biting your nails. Set your intention and promise yourself that you will stick to it.

Daily Planet Overview – 7th March 2015

While travelling through today’s skies the Moon will link with Saturn for a time. Tread carefully. Think things through thoroughly. Ask yourself if you are doing the right thing before taking action.

Daily Planet Overview – 8th March 2015

Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Pluto and Venus will all be touched in some way by the Moon. A wonderful day that is ripe for love and romance. New relationships and friendships take off. Evening trends favour parties and social gatherings.

Daily Planet Overview – 9th March 2015

Mercury is the planet the Moon connects most strongly with today. People will suggest ideas for saving money. Think them through carefully and go with your instincts.

Daily Planet Overview – 10th March 2015

Energetic Mars links happily with expansive Jupiter. People will promise a lot but deliver very little. Sometimes it’s just easier to fall in with the crowd or better still to go out and have a little fun.

Daily Planet Overview – 11th March 2015

Mars will be close to Uranus and makes a tense link with transformational Pluto. Personally or professionally, this is the time to start acting on recent ideas. A new found sense of freedom will pervade throughout the day.

Daily Planet Overview – 12th March 2015

Saturn and Neptune are the planets the Moon will be linking to now. A lot can and will be achieved today if everyone gets together to work towards a mutual goal.

Daily Planet Overview – 13th March 2015

Trines are great aspects and today’s Sagittarius Moon will trine Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and Venus today. Pleasant surprises are likely. Where some people expected trouble, the tension will suddenly fade completely out of the picture.

Daily Planet Overview – 14th March 2015

Mercury and Neptune are the planets the Moon will connect with now. Mercury enters Pisces. New friendships and associations that start today are likely to be lasting ones. Expect to get totally involved in joint efforts.

Daily Planet Overview – 15th March 2015

Uranus, Pluto and Mars will all link at some time with the Moon. Best to steer clear of any potentially explosive situations during the daylight hours. Energetic Mars will find outlet through sport and social interests … also good for a great evening out and will suit party animals.

Daily Planet Overview – 16th March 2015

Mercury may not be so communicative while it makes a tense link with restrictive Saturn. Avoid risks. It would be better to steer clear of temptation. Just deal with practical affairs and your everyday business.

Daily Planet Overview – 17th March 2015

Uranus makes a tense link with Pluto today while Mercury makes a positive connection with Uranus. Obstacles can and will be overcome with a little effort. Stay focused.

Daily Planet Overview – 18th March 2015

Mercury is close to Neptune. The Aquarius Moon will link with Venus, Saturn and Neptune. Venus will be leaving Aries and entering Taurus. This should be a progressive, interesting and entertaining day with the accent on social endeavours.

Daily Planet Overview – 19th March 2015

Mercury and Pluto are the planets the Moon will link with today. Not a time for anyone to let their heart rule their head. Emotions should not interfere with decision making.

Daily Planet Overview – 20th March 2015

Saturn will, for a while, feel a link with the Moon. Great for having a clear out, whether it’s your office desk, the workplace, your home, an attic or the garage. If it is needed, start clearing the clutter.

Daily Planet Overview – 21st March 2015

Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Mars will at some point in the day feel links with the Moon. The Sun moves into Aries. As we move away from the darkness of winter and a new cycle of birth and creativity begins, this is a good time to make positive changes.

Daily Planet Overview – 22nd March 2015

Lively Mercury will be linked with Pluto, planet of transformation. The Sun is at the start of its four week journey through Aries making this a great time for us all to forge ahead with our main aims and to assert ourselves.

Daily Planet Overview – 23rd March 2015

It is turn for Venus now to link positively with Pluto. This should suit people who have time for socialising or even shopping although not very much will get bought. Plenty ideas will be discussed but it’s unlikely anyone will act on them.

Daily Planet Overview – 24th March 2015

Venus has moved from a link with Pluto to making a harmonious connection with Neptune today. Be gentle but firm when you deal with others. It’s a good time to attend a spiritual workshop or seminar.

Daily Planet Overview – 25th March 2015

A Sun/Saturn link suggests that it’s one thing pursuing your aims with focus and dedication. It’s another to head towards goals without planning or thinking about it. Do this and the day will prove to be quite disappointing and possibly expensive.

Daily Planet Overview – 26th March 2015

The Moon will link with Mercury and Mars. Look after yourself properly and that means start making your health a priority now. Don’t work all the way through the day without taking proper breaks even if you do want to see a certain task finished.

Daily Planet Overview – 27th March 2015

The Moon will link with Neptune and Venus. Be careful if you’re eating out today. Something might not agree with you. If you have allergies, be alert to these. If you’re on a diet, avoid temptation.

Daily Planet Overview – 28th March 2015

Venus planet of creativity and luxury will link tensely with extravagant Jupiter. Watch your spending and avoid risky investments. Wedding bells are in the air for some.

Daily Planet Overview – 29th March 2015

Mars and Saturn receive links from the Moon as March comes almost to a close. You will have to keep your wits about you today. This is not a good time to trust to luck.

Daily Planet Overview – 30th March 2015

A positive Venus/Pluto connection can bring beneficial changes in relationships. Be creative, be inventive and make those changes you’ve been thinking about for a while. If you’re thinking about getting hitched, today’s the day to set the wedding date.

Daily Planet Overview – 31st March 2015

Mars receives a link from the Moon on this last day of March. Plenty of energy at the start of the day but can you keep it controlled? Dreaming dreams is one thing, turning ideas into reality is quite another.

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