Daily Planet Overview

Daily Planet Overview, June 2014

Daily Planet Overview – 1st June 2014

The Sun in Gemini harmonising with Mars in Libra can light up the social world around us. This should be a pleasant and sociable opener for the month. There may be lingering problems connected with money or a long-standing financial situation in which case daring moves and decisions are likely to pay off. A great time for physical activity and exercise.

Daily Planet Overview – 2nd June 2014

Venus in its own sign, Taurus spreads love all around us now. If you’re single there should be plenty romantic opportunities with so many people dancing through these early days of the month. Artists, musicians and anyone working in creative fields are likely to enjoy increased inspiration now.

Daily Planet Overview – 3rd June 2014


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Lots of career activity can mean new and improved ways of achieving business goals and of course financial gains as well. On the whole planetary patterns are not adverse for this period.

Daily Planet Overview – 4th June 2014

As Venus links with Neptune this day could be especially enjoyable for creative and spiritual people. Some, however, may experience a change of heart or perhaps a few doubts about an offer or relationship.

Daily Planet Overview – 5th June 2014

Any change or reform that takes place while the Sun links positively with Uranus will bring improvements. Innovative ideas will be shared.

Daily Planet Overview – 6th June 2014

Mercury is about to turn retrograde. Some people will be undecided about travel or academic plans. It can be hard if there’s a choice between two options when a romantic interest is pulling you one way or another. That’s the kind of conflict a link with Venus and Mars is likely to bring. This link can also highlight conflict between wanting to push forward and see results with recognising the sense of holding back and going with the flow.

Daily Planet Overview – 7th June 2014

Mercury is starting a retrograde phase during which time some people may experience some confusion, the occasional change of heart or indecisive moment … generally a variety of reactions to somewhat uncertain progress. This should-I-go-this-way-or-that-way feel to many dealings over the weeks ahead can mean no progress will be made!

Daily Planet Overview – 8th June 2014

Venus links with Pluto bringing hidden attractions, clandestine meetings and adding an air of intrigue to some associations. Money favours may have hidden strings attached so be cautious in financial dealings. Restrictions may be imposed by someone who is in a position to call the shots. There may be disagreements about matters concerning youngsters or financial speculation but these can be quickly resolved. The Sun links with Chiron cautioning anyone who has allergies to take steps to alleviate the symptoms.

Daily Planet Overview – 9th June 2014

Mars will soon be linking with Pluto. Use extra caution in driving and other hazardous activities and avoid overindulgence. Use a little restraint.

Daily Planet Overview – 10th June 2014

Saturn’s links can have a negative effect on our energies so make a point of planning your agenda to include enough sleep rest and relaxation.

Daily Planet Overview – 11th June 2014

Mars links with Pluto and this transit will be felt for a few days through power struggles, people acting ruthlessly and tension in the atmosphere around us. People who are normally set in their ways will be even more stubborn now.

Daily Planet Overview – 12th June 2014

Powerful energy surrounds us as Mars still links with Pluto. This can bring constructive action but also increased risk of accidents and arguments. On a more personal level, the use of charm and personal magnetism can bring an intriguing offer that could lead to career or academic advancement.

Daily Planet Overview – 13th June 2014

Try to avoid forcing emotional issues when planetary trends are decidedly hostile towards romantic desires. Powerful planets Mars and Pluto link in an aggressive way stirring up aggression, anger and competition. The Sagittarius full moon brings religious, cultural and educational conflicts to a head.

Daily Planet Overview – 14th June 2014

As Venus links with Saturn there may endings in relationships and old commitments are also brought to a conclusion. There may be some condition at work that is a source of frustration from time to time or it could be a person that causes this aggravation if you are unemployed but in general, whatever your situation, you should be able to get ahead. – Perseverance is key.

Daily Planet Overview – 15th June 2014

If marriage minded you could meet someone from a distance or from another country. This person will be a strong contender in your marital sweepstakes. Jupiter in Cancer brings the outside world into our homes through intensified internet activity, distant communications, TV, education and religious and/or cultural activities.

Daily Planet Overview – 16th June 2014

Joint interests could see a new direction beginning in your partner’s career or your own although the Mars/Pluto link suggests plans may need some adjustment.

Daily Planet Overview – 17th June 2014

Mercury returns to Gemini bringing some confusion in communications … ‘think’ before opening your mouth. Read text messages and emails before pressing ‘send’. The Sun’s link to the Moon’s North Node makes this a splendid time for social get-togethers, parties, barbecues and fetes. – Just keep it nice and light.

Daily Planet Overview – 18th June 2014

Venus linking with Jupiter favours pleasant social interactions, educational advancement, artistic and creative pursuits and travel.

Daily Planet Overview – 19th June 2014

Communications with influential people should go well while Venus links with Jupiter. Results of fund raising and charitable endeavours will exceed expectations. This link can be a decided advantage in terms of attracting support for your aims.

Daily Planet Overview – 20th June 2014

Mercury close to the Sun can have mixed effects on partnerships and close ties. This transit can strengthen a sound alliance but can severely test a weak one. An old ailment may flare up or it may just be frayed nerves that will prompt some people to seek seclusion to rebuild their energy.

Daily Planet Overview – 21st June 2014

The Sun is at its peak. The longest day is here and astrologically the summer solstice is marked by the Sun’s entry into Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Midsummer is a time when we should all celebrate family, friendship and the power of love.

Daily Planet Overview – 22nd June 2014

Mercury continues retrograde. Beware of financial risks or extravagance. If you have a susceptibility to an allergy or illness, it may now flare up so take all precautions and preventative measures you can think of. If you are a parent matters concerning children are favoured thanks to Jupiter in Cancer.

Daily Planet Overview – 23rd June 2014

Moon Jupiter aspects support money making efforts. Reading, writing, having fun with friends and starting a new hobby can all be positive diversions from the usual responsibilities of life.

Daily Planet Overview – 24th June 2014

As Venus enters Gemini, one-to-one relationships will steadily improve over the weeks ahead. Venus will help smooth any misunderstandings Mercury retrograde (also in Gemini) has accentuated. Some of us might experience health problems or some fatigue. Don’t be surprised if you get that wanting to start taking it easy feeling and this could lead you to call off some of your appointments. This could be a fun day if you take the voracious romantic incidents that occur not too seriously!

Daily Planet Overview – 25th June 2014

Jupiter links with the Moon’s North node making this a good time for making contact with people in distant places. Catch up with your Facebook friends, start a Facebook group and bring like-minded people together. Important relationships can be established now.

Daily Planet Overview – 26th June 2014

Be cautious with investments as the day is better suited for hard work than speculation.

Daily Planet Overview – 27th June 2014

Tension is possible in partnerships and close friendships. Mars in Libra makes us all a little more assertive about getting our feelings out. Partners are working harder longer hours or experiencing some problems or you might both be engrossed in a long range security project. The new moon in Cancer promotes family interests and new starts in the domestic area including home renovation, decoration or new garden projects.

Daily Planet Overview – 28th June 2014

The Sun links with Neptune bringing an air of creativity, spirituality and harmony into our lives and relationships. Being near water can help refresh the soul. This is a great time for spiritual development.

Daily Planet Overview – 29th June 2014

The Moon entering Leo favours creative endeavours, romance and having fun. Anyone who enjoys their work will feel good about today’s developments.

Daily Planet Overview – 30th June 2014

Avoid impulse buying or selling or legal entanglements while Venus links with Neptune. Any unexpected results will almost certainly be adverse. Strive to be realistic as emotion can cloud our judgement under this transit.

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