Daily Planet Overview

Daily Planet Overview, July 2014

Daily Planet Overview – 1st July 2014

Don’t worry about having to do everything yourself. You aren’t alone. The Moon linking with Mercury suggests a friend or neighbour will offer to do you a favour.

Daily Planet Overview – 2nd July 2014

With the Moon in Virgo at odds with Neptune, be cautious about starting anything new or entering into arrangements where you don’t know all the details. The Moon will also link with the Sun, Venus and Pluto today. Some people aren’t all that they seem.

Daily Planet Overview – 3rd July 2014


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While the Moon, the planet that links us with our subconscious links with Saturn, planet of reality expect to suddenly realise that some goals are unrealistic or some dreams can never come true.

Daily Planet Overview – 4th July 2014

Mercury will link for a short while with the Moon. The Moon also makes a quick connection with Jupiter. The Sun will be at odds with Pluto all day today. Short journeys, whether to buy or collect a purchase or to meet up with old friends could also lead to an exciting meeting with someone new. A business deal could have strings attached.

Daily Planet Overview – 5th July 2014

It’s not a good day to take risks while the Moon is opposing Uranus and in tense link with Pluto. Even though there’s some slight respite as it links with Venus it’s still a time to avoid taking chances. Stay away from crowded areas and troublesome people.

Daily Planet Overview – 6th July 2014

Special social and sporting events will give some people a chance to express their talents and creativity while the Moon is close to Mars and linking throughout the day with Mercury and Jupiter.

Daily Planet Overview – 7th July 2014

As Venus links happily with Uranus it’s a great time for anyone who is working on projects needing creativity and imagination. Romance is in the air. The Moon will link with Neptune and Pluto. Expect success if your business involves healing or creative art.

Daily Planet Overview – 8th July 2014

The Moon’s connections with the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter increase the likelihood of closer involvement with people at work. Friendships on the job scene will make your working life more harmonious. The Sun’s tense link with Uranus suggests sudden changes will not be to everyone’s liking.

Daily Planet Overview – 9th July 2014

The Sun and Saturn combine to bring fresh opportunities. This will also herald some new ideas within your work environment or community. Even if you don’t like everything being discussed, at least consider suggestions. Don’t dismiss them immediately.

Daily Planet Overview – 10th July 2014

The Moon will be connecting with Uranus, Venus and Mars during the course of the day. Old friendships are rewarding but the same can’t be said about a new romance or relationship as this could be shortlived.

Daily Planet Overview – 11th July 2014

Since the Moon is at odds with Mercury, before opposing ideas that are being discussed, give them a chance. Neptune and Pluto are also making links with the Moon today so wait a while and find out what others think. Watch what people say and do.

Daily Planet Overview – 12th July 2014

Mars planet of energy is arguing with Saturn, planet of restraint. Do your best not to fall behind. In order not to miss out on some good opportunities, you will need to keep up with everything that’s going on and with what other people are arranging.

Daily Planet Overview – 13th July 2014

While Venus links with Mars, bargains are to be had. If you’re shopping at a market, car boot sale or on an on-line auction expect to find some great buys. It’s also a good day to complete long-term deals and sign contracts.

Daily Planet Overview – 14th July 2014

During the course of the day the Moon will link with Uranus, Saturn, Mars and Venus. Try not to worry too much about jobs that don’t get finished. One moment things will be going well and the next everything seems to go wrong. It’s just one of those days.

Daily Planet Overview – 15th July 2014

With the Moon linking with Neptune and Pluto today, some people will be overly-sensitive and not very responsive to constructive criticism. No matter how well meant, advice will be taken in the wrong way.

Daily Planet Overview – 16th July 2014

The Moon will link with Saturn and the Sun mid-July, making this a great time to change your personal image if you feel you’ve get stuck in a rut. Even if you aren’t thinking about making any drastic changes, pamper yourself and relax.

Daily Planet Overview – 17th July 2014

Jupiter is now in Leo, starting its year long journey through this sign. Big changes are ahead for everyone over the next few months as Jupiter sheds it’s beneficial influence into new areas of our life.

Daily Planet Overview – 18th July 2014

Spirits will be a little dull as the Moon links with Pluto and Uranus. You might notice how a lot of people are complaining about their health. Everyone’s a little sensitive today. Don’t feel guilty if you want to just stay at home and laze around the house.

Daily Planet Overview – 19th July 2014

Mercury links with Neptune making this a great day for meditation and spiritual pursuits for those who are so inclined. The Sun’s link with Mars suggests we should all get out of the house or office, get some fresh air and blow away the cobwebs. A walk in a park, along the sea front or in the countryside depending on where you live, can help ease pressures.

Daily Planet Overview – 20th July 2014

The Moon will connect with Mercury, Pluto and Saturn during the course of the day. A sudden change of plans is likely due to someone in power deciding to go against arrangements already made. This will throw everything up in the air.

Daily Planet Overview – 21st July 2014

Money luck is likely for some people as the Moon links with the Sun and with Jupiter. Or a gift or prize will make someone’s day. Happy surprises will light up our lives and these can be anything from an unexpected email or text message to a purchase that will be far more valuable than first thought.

Daily Planet Overview – 22nd July 2014

Mercury is at odds with Pluto. Problems on the job front could set you back a little. At least people are willing to help and you could make some good friends as others volunteer to help you sort out your problems.

Daily Planet Overview – 23rd July 2014

The Moon will be in a playful mood as it connects with Uranus. New schemes that are dreamed up today need further work before they are presented to people in power. Be sure that ideas are properly thought through.

Daily Planet Overview – 24th July 2014

Venus will link with Neptune today and the Sun is close to Mercury. Health and medical matters are likely to be time-consuming or expensive. Colleagues will be trying to boost their personal influence but could this mean losses for you?

Daily Planet Overview – 25th July 2014

Uranus will make itself felt in one way or another today. Impromptu parties and fun celebratory events will make this a sociable day that is full of fun. Even if you’re working there will be the occasional fun moments.

Daily Planet Overview – 26th July 2014

Keep everything above board while Mercury connects with Uranus and Saturn. There is some deceit in the air. Be sure that at least all your dealings are honest and all that you say is truthful.

Daily Planet Overview – 27th July 2014

While the Moon makes a tense link with Mars, another person’s interference in your personal affairs could start to irritate you. A general atmosphere of tension will cause harsh words. Where groups of people are together, tempers are likely to flare.

Daily Planet Overview – 28th July 2014

The next few weeks will bring an easing of tension and a brief respite from past difficulties. It’s a great time to take a break, relax and recoup your energy as for a short spell.

Daily Planet Overview – 29th July 2014

Thanks to a Moon/Mars link, a spurt of busy activity will see a lot getting done in a very short space of time. Something new is in the air. This will keep everyone on their toes.

Daily Planet Overview – 30th July 2014

Over the day ahead, the Moon will link with Pluto, Venus and Saturn. It’s a great time to mix business with pleasure. A special, perhaps even glamorous, event is in the offing.

Daily Planet Overview – 31st July 2014

Mercury wants to have influence over today’s events. Everything will happen very quickly. A series of fascinating moves will bring about some worthwhile achievements.

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