Daily Planet Overview

Daily Planet Overview, January 2015

Daily Planet Overview – 1st January 2015

Venus opposes Saturn and also makes hard links with Mars and Jupiter. All of this alongside Mars opposing Jupiter isn’t likely to bring an easy time. Fire signs especially will feel hemmed in and a need to spread their wings. – Not the best day to take chances with money.

Daily Planet Overview – 2nd January 2015

The Moon links with Neptune and Uranus. Social activities will be fun but expensive. Sensitive types will feel like rushing to the aid of someone you think is being unfairly treated.

Daily Planet Overview – 3rd January 2015


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The cheerful Sun will make a tense link with changeable Saturn while the Gemini Moon links with Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. Impulsive decisions will mean that certain situations or associations will never be the same again.

Daily Planet Overview – 4th January 2015

With a positive Venus/Saturn link in the signs Aquarius and Sagittarius get-togethers and social events could turn into something of a celebration or you could be roped in to help organise a function purely by chance. Make the most of this interesting day.

Daily Planet Overview – 5th January 2015

Communicative Mercury in its last day in Capricorn is about to link favourably with Saturn. Mercury will tease this harsh planet into giving a glimpse of a smile and will help to bring a touch of humour into serious communications.

Daily Planet Overview – 6th January 2015

The Moon will make a positive connection with Saturn but will oppose Mercury and Venus today. Someone’s pride will be hurt if things don’t go as planned. Try to be sensitive and diplomatic. Don’t make it any worse for them than they already perceive it to be.

Daily Planet Overview – 7th January 2015

Have you noticed that a lot of people seem volatile today? Moon planet of subconscious will link with Uranus planet of change. Jealousy, envy or uncertainty could create all sorts of annoying problems. Some hassles you will feel you can well do without.

Daily Planet Overview – 8th January 2015

The Moon will touch Neptune as it wings its way through today’s skies and oppose Mars. Watch that you don’t take yourself too seriously over trivial matters. Improvements can be made for those who decide to take on a little more responsibility.

Daily Planet Overview – 9th January 2015

The Moon will link with stern Saturn and oppose nebulous Neptune. Stick with your convictions. Let people see that you mean what you say. A hitch could develop and if this isn’t nipped in the bud it will be too late tomorrow to change anything.

Daily Planet Overview – 10th January 2015

The Sun and Pluto will both be dancing happily with the Virgo Moon bringing a sensible earthy influence to today’s skies. Start that diet you keep talking about or begin a keep-fit regime. It’s a day to take action. If you decide to do something, do it now.

Daily Planet Overview – 11th January 2015

A positive connection between the Moon and Saturn makes this a great day for sowing the seeds of several new ideas especially if they are of a serious and practical nature.

Daily Planet Overview – 12th January 2015

Today’s busy Moon will link with Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Pluto. Mars will be moving into Pisces. Sporting events will attract many people: supporters, spectators and players. The need to get out and about will be strong.

Daily Planet Overview – 13th January 2015

Venus makes a positive link with Uranus. Changes that occur now will eventually be looked back on as having been positive and needed. If you are wise you will stay put or avoid making big decisions until you have a clearer idea of the possible outcome.

Daily Planet Overview – 14th January 2015

Venus and Uranus continue to play happily together in the skies while the Moon is also on friendly terms with Mars and Neptune. If you’re wondering whether to remain close to home or take to the roads, your best bet is to again stay put. If there’s a choice between visiting or entertaining, make others come to you.

Daily Planet Overview – 15th January 2015

Mars and Saturn form a tense link today. Mercury and Venus continue through Aquarius. Be on your guard to make sure no one tries to steer you in the wrong direction. Some people will try to control and manipulate today.

Daily Planet Overview – 16th January 2015

The Moon will be close to Saturn and moves on to link tensely with Mars and Neptune. Someone could try to use you as a guinea pig or is looking for volunteers to help them with one of their schemes … take care that you aren’t the one who is left holding the baby.

Daily Planet Overview – 17th January 2015

Uranus, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all receive the loving touch of the Moon today. It might seem as if everything is going the way everyone wants but don’t become too smug about it especially at the end of the day.

Daily Planet Overview – 18th January 2015

Mars and Neptune receive positive Moon connections. It’s a great day for a new romance, budding friendships and for making amends for past mistakes that are upsetting current relationships.

Daily Planet Overview – 19th January 2015

Venus will oppose Jupiter. Some people will feel they’re spending more time healing rifts and mending bridges than doing anything constructive.

Daily Planet Overview – 20th January 2015

Mars and Neptune are close together in today’s skies. Even if you aren’t particularly accident-prone it might still be a good idea to be extra careful today.

Daily Planet Overview – 21st January 2015

Changeable Uranus will feel a positive Moon link but there’ll be some friction between the Moon and Jupiter. The Sun is now leaving Capricorn to spend the next month in Aquarius. This could all add up to a feeling of uncertainty. Confusion is in the air. You might get a sense that something isn’t quite right or isn’t going the way you feel it should.

Daily Planet Overview – 22nd January 2015

Venus, Saturn and Neptune are the planets that will feel the Moon’s movement through today’s skies. Working relationships will be quite harmonious. With everyone more or less in agreement it should be plain sailing for much of the time.

Daily Planet Overview – 23rd January 2015

Mars, Saturn and Pluto will be connecting with the Moon. Make an effort to be less impulsive than usual. If you aren’t prone to acting spontaneously you could be surprised by something you do or say today.

Daily Planet Overview – 24th January 2015

The Pisces Moon will be forming positive links with Saturn and the Sun. This isn’t the day to bend with the wind. People will try to pressure you into doing things you don’t want to do. Stand up for yourself.

Daily Planet Overview – 25th January 2015

The Moon will share the same sign as Uranus for a time. It will also be linking tensely with Pluto but more compatibly with Venus and Jupiter. Quite a few changes will be going on for many of us now. It could take a while for some people to get used to new ideas.

Daily Planet Overview – 26th January 2015

The Moon and Venus will be dancing together in today’s skies. Many of us will be more aware of our inner energies and inclinations. Air signs: Gemini, Aquarius and Librans will find this a great time for meditation.

Daily Planet Overview – 27th January 2015

Only Mercury will feel at odds with the Moon today. Neptune, Mars and Pluto will all be supporting
the Moon’s travels. Many of us will notice close personal relationships experience a definite upswing and this will make for a happier than usual day.

Daily Planet Overview – 28th January 2015

Communicative Mercury links up with Uranus planet of change. Go with anyone who decides to have a clear out of odds and ends. A surprisingly satisfying day to get practical work done but in emotional situations, tension is likely.

Daily Planet Overview – 29th January 2015

An active Moon will link with Venus, Saturn, Neptune, the Sun, Mercury and Uranus. Some people will allow nothing and no-one to stand in their way. If you don’t like their ethics or behaviour vow to have nothing to do with them in the future.

Daily Planet Overview – 30th January 2015

Today Venus and Saturn will form a tense link. Two powerful planets Mars and Pluto will be in harmony and the Sun is close to Mercury. To get where you want or to achieve a goal, you may need to be creative and imaginative rather than logical now.

Daily Planet Overview – 31st January 2015

The Moon links happily with Venus and Neptune today. New ideas and the people who come up with the best suggestions will encourage you to get started on long-term plans.

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