Daily Planet Overview

Daily Planet Overview, February 2015

Daily Planet Overview – 1st February 2015

The Sun and Mercury continue through Aquarius and the Moon will be entering Cancer. Venus and Mars are in Pisces alongside Neptune. If you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding or any other anniversary you can expect some great surprises.

Daily Planet Overview – 2nd February 2015

A cheerful Sun links favourably with inventive Uranus inspiring new ideas. New interests are likely to catch your imagination especially if you are a Cancerian, Piscean or Scorpio. A restless day for many and nothing much seems to get done.

Daily Planet Overview – 3rd February 2015


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Saturn and Uranus both receive favourable connections from today’s Moon but not so harmonious is the Moon/Mercury opposition. Do everything in moderation. If you can’t get your own way, back off a little. Accept that the timing is wrong for pushing for what you want. Whatever happens, it won’t be what you or anyone else expects.

Daily Planet Overview – 4th February 2015

The Leo Moon will be close to lucky Jupiter as it journeys through today’s skies. This suggests there’s a chance, for some people, of making some extra cash. An older relative might come to you for some help, advice or guidance.

Daily Planet Overview – 5th February 2015

Mercury makes a pleasing connection with Saturn helping to reduce Saturn’s usual rigidity. This should suit the earth signs Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo who are manually dexterous and people who know how to create things.

Daily Planet Overview – 6th February 2015

With the Sun opposing Jupiter don’t let anyone try to tell you what to do, push you around or walk all over you. It’s a day to be assertive and firm in your intentions.

Daily Planet Overview – 7th February 2015

Today’s Moon will link playfully with Mercury. With so many rumours flying round facts don’t seem to really matter to some people. Especially for Air signs: Gemini, Aquarius and Libra, life will get more confusing by the minute.

Daily Planet Overview – 8th February 2015

Venus and Pluto play happily in today’s skies. Happy thoughts will attract positive opportunities. Regular exercise and a good diet will help keep you healthy and happy. There will be temptations but you don’t have to succumb.

Daily Planet Overview – 9th February 2015

A Libran Moon will link tensely with Pluto but compatibly with Jupiter and the Sun. You will either enjoy the company of the people you’re meeting or working with today or you will be merely tolerate them and count the hours before you can go your separate ways.

Daily Planet Overview – 10th February 2015

After a tense link with Mercury the Moon will meet favourably with Neptune. People will be more cooperative today, including you. A good time to build bridges.

Daily Planet Overview – 11th February 2015

Pluto, Jupiter and Venus will link with the Moon. You won’t be feeling particularly assertive today but when you are, especially in your working life, you will be insisting on more independence to go with your own ideas.

Daily Planet Overview – 12th February 2015

Positive links between the Moon and Mars and Mercury suggests that happiness is in store for anyone who has a birthday today. If you’re a Cancerian or Piscean try not to fall prey to your own moods or to prejudices you don’t want to admit you have.

Daily Planet Overview – 13th February 2015

The Moon will be close to Saturn in today’s skies, disagreeably linked with Neptune but will go on to meet Uranus and Jupiter more favourably. Being moody will only lead to squabbles and hassles that will disturb the harmony for everyone. Wouldn’t it be better to accept what has to be and go with the flow?

Daily Planet Overview – 14th February 2015

Venus, the Sun and Mars connect with the Moon today. Expect there to be difficulties getting on with one or two people. There will be disagreements but whether these mar your day will depend on how you handle them.

Daily Planet Overview – 15th February 2015

Neptune, Uranus and Pluto receive links from today’s Moon. Deceit is in the air. Be cautious and don’t believe all you hear. Avoid known gossips.

Daily Planet Overview – 16th February 2015

An earthy Capricorn Moon links favourably with Venus and Mars. Lots of positive energy surrounds everyone today. This will help many cope with both positive and negative events as they occur.

Daily Planet Overview – 17th February 2015

Close to Mercury the Moon will move on to link favourably with Saturn and Uranus. Move at your own pace and not a one dictated by others. A few facts that were well hidden could suddenly get out into the public.

Daily Planet Overview – 18th February 2015

The Moon will be opposite Jupiter for a brief few hours. Someone will have a serious change of attitude. If they’re being negative they will suddenly become optimistic and cheerful, or vice-versa.

Daily Planet Overview – 19th February 2015

The Sun now enters Pisces. Mercury and Saturn link favourably. Information received today will make a number of people look at things from a newer, fresher perspective.

Daily Planet Overview – 20th February 2015

The Moon and Venus will be close for a time. Tension early on will soon be forgotten and once the day gets underway relationships or situations that have been difficult of late will become far more bearable.

Daily Planet Overview – 21st February 2015

An active Moon will meet with Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Uranus and Pluto. Venus moves into Aries adding passion and spontaneity to relationships over the next few weeks. Mercury moving into the same sign encourages quick communications.

Daily Planet Overview – 22nd February 2015

The fiery Aries Moon will link with Jupiter and Mars. Many risks abound for anyone who is trying to get a new venture or business off the ground. Check everything at least three times. It’s not a good day for any kind of risk or gamble.

Daily Planet Overview – 23rd February 2015

A tense link between the Sun and Saturn suggests that losing items you need will slow down progress. By the end of the day you won’t be the only one who decides it is time to have that one big clear-out after all.

Daily Planet Overview – 24th February 2015

Loving Venus connects harmoniously with stern Saturn softening some of Saturn’s edges. This should be an emotionally satisfying day but for other events and activities bear in mind the need for caution. Be aware of both limitations and possibilities.

Daily Planet Overview – 25th February 2015

The Moon will link with Mars, Saturn, Venus, Neptune and Mercury today. If you don’t understand anything: ask. Get everything spelled out properly. Some scandal is in the air.

Daily Planet Overview – 26th February 2015

Mars and Saturn link favourably in today’s skies. This signals the start of something new and special for many. While you might expect to have to apply a little pressure here and there don’t get too forceful or you will push others in the wrong direction.

Daily Planet Overview – 27th February 2015

Be cautious in communications. No deals should be agreed or finalised today unless you are absolutely certain of what you are entering into. It could be difficult to get started this morning when setbacks keep getting in the way. Be patient with people who are never organised.

Daily Planet Overview – 28th February 2015

February ends with an active Moon linking with Mars, Neptune, Venus, the Sun, Uranus and Pluto. Expect this to be a busy day. It would be easy to get distracted from your main intentions. You may need to exercise a little restraint in how you work or who you work with.

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