Daily Planet Overview

Daily Planet Overview / December 2014

Daily Planet Overview – 1st December 2014

As Mercury links with Neptune and Mars with Saturn, all manner of responsibilities, tasks and people are likely to take up your time and attention.

Daily Planet Overview – 2nd December 2014

With the Moon in Aries early on, people might start the day off with energy and enthusiasm but they could quickly run out of steam.

Daily Planet Overview – 3rd December 2014


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Higher ups may seem like they’re in a position to do you a favour but they aren’t. If you’re not sure whether to ask a question, trust your instincts and don’t. Emphasis on the sign Sagittarius can make some people a little too impulsive … look before you leap.

Daily Planet Overview – 4th December 2014

As Venus links with Jupiter and the Sun with Uranus, attending workshops, seminars or taking an on-line course can be enormously stimulating.

Daily Planet Overview – 5th December 2014

Resolving problems that have been simmering too long should be a priority today. The Sun, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius encourages everyone to be honest and frank in their dealings.

Daily Planet Overview – 6th December 2014

As Mercury links with Uranus some people will be making festive plans that are too grand or complicated to be realised unless they’ve got next Christmas in mind for these.

Daily Planet Overview – 7th December 2014

Mars is in Aquarius, other planets in Sagittarius and Jupiter continues through Leo. Whatever else is going on, holiday cheer will seem to abound. There’s a good chance many people will be overspending on Christmas gifts today.

Daily Planet Overview – 8th December 2014

Text messages and emails may at first seem disturbing as the Sun and Mercury meet in the skies. Don’t overlook possible advantages.

Daily Planet Overview – 9th December 2014

The Sun, Mercury and Ceres are all close together bringing an uneasy feeling of having been cheated or lied-to. Some people will just be disappointed with the general state of affairs. Expect to get a strange sense of déjà vu at some point today.

Daily Planet Overview – 10th December 2014

Venus is moving into Capricorn. In order to get the job done someone will have to take charge. Organisation is key to getting successful results.

Daily Planet Overview – 11th December 2014

Quiet studies will be rewarding as there is so much going on thanks to planets in Sagittarius and Aquarius. If you really want to get anything done, stick to the background. It isn’t such a good time to express your hopes, wishes or feelings.

Daily Planet Overview – 12th December 2014

Mercury links with Jupiter making this a blockbuster day for professional and financial affairs. A great time to catch up with your Facebook friends. Watch for the chance to start off in new directions.

Daily Planet Overview – 13th December 2014

If you’ve been having problems getting your head around certain issues, your thinking will be much clearer now thanks to Mercury in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius

Daily Planet Overview – 14th December 2014

Making important decisions won’t be easy because there is so much more to the issue than some people realise. Those in power will expect everyone to go along with their ideas with Mars in Aquarius. If possible put off making choices until later in the month. Excitement is in the air thanks to the Sun linking with dreamy Neptune and lucky Jupiter. People will be elated with developments and some will say that even Christmas morning doesn’t feel as good as this.

Daily Planet Overview – 15th December 2014

There may be an inability to reach agreements over a joint financial matters of some importance while Uranus links with Pluto. Sudden events can be disturbing and disruptive.

Daily Planet Overview – 16th December 2014

The Moon is in Libra. There’s a lazy feel to the day when it will be obvious others aren’t feeling much like taking on anything that might be too much bother.

Daily Planet Overview – 17th December 2014

Mercury moves into Capricorn. Venus is also in this sign bringing a serious feel to social and business relationships and joint transactions.

Daily Planet Overview – 18th December 2014

Mars continues through Aquarius. Stimulating conversations and activities with friends, neighbours and colleagues will make you feel you have a lot to look forward to over the days ahead.

Daily Planet Overview – 19th December 2014

If you’re en-route to another locale for the Christmas holidays give yourself plenty time for the journey. While Mercury is in Capricorn the more organised you are, the better the results will be.

Daily Planet Overview – 20th December 2014

The Sun joining Mercury and Venus in Capricorn could herald the start of new business or financial ventures. Enjoy spare-time interests especially artistic, musical and creative ones while Venus links with Uranus and Pluto. Mercury’s link with Neptune should ensure that most people will get through the day without too much hassle and with plenty personal pleasure.

Daily Planet Overview – 21st December 2014

Minute yet constant frustrations of the past few weeks will not be so limiting now as emphasis on the sign Capricorn brings order out of past chaos.

Daily Planet Overview – 22nd December 2014

Not a good day to seek favours. With Mercury, Venus and the Sun in Capricorn, people will be encouraged to put in the work themselves. Avoid contentious issues. Some ideas will need to be adjusted but important group endeavours are far from over.

Daily Planet Overview – 23rd December 2014

Saturn begins its long journey through Sagittarius which can be an asset over the months ahead in matters of further education, travel, distant dealings and legal transactions.

Daily Planet Overview – 24th December 2014
With Mars in sociable Aquarius, seasonal activities might seem to be taking their toll on friends and colleagues when a number of people are starting to look the worse for wear.

Daily Planet Overview – 25th December 2014

Mercury links with Pluto and Uranus. New interests may mean organising your finances to cater for the extra outlay these incur. Seasonal activities will dominate the day and many people are in for a few surprises, not limited to the gifts they unwrap this Christmas.

Daily Planet Overview – 26th December 2014

Jupiter makes its presence felt this Boxing Day, making this a good time to make travel arrangements and for planning exciting things for the future.

Daily Planet Overview – 27th December 2014

People will want to discuss 2015 plans and strategies. Others will want to know what your New Year’s resolutions might be. The Sun’s link with Neptune casts a dreamy, romantic aura over the day’s activities.

Daily Planet Overview – 28th December 2014

As Venus in Capricorn makes a quick link with Jupiter in Leo, constructive progress will be seen through positive effort and cooperation.

Daily Planet Overview – 29th December 2014

Mars in Aquarius suggests there are some who will decide to totally withdraw their involvement in a group effort or team enterprise. Will you have the energy to look for a more cooperative partner?

Daily Planet Overview – 30th December 2014

Reply to emails and text messages that you had forgotten about while Mercury links with Jupiter. Pay a visit to someone who has been waiting for you to call on them since this time last month.

Daily Planet Overview – 31st December 2014

Mars in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius help dilute the more serious influences of the Sun, Mercury and Venus in practical Capricorn. Be flexible in plans and expectations for New Year’s Eve. Impromptu pleasures will be most fun.

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