Daily Planet Overview

Daily Planet Overview, August 2014

Daily Planet Overview – 1st August 2014

Venus links tensely with Uranus but more harmoniously with Saturn. Mars and Jupiter aren’t getting along with each other. Either you or people around you are inclined to be impulsive. Expect your wallet to be a lot lighter after a fun social event or dining out during the day or evening.

Daily Planet Overview – 2nd August 2014

Mercury is close to Jupiter making this a great day to be out and about with your favourite people. Social plans aren’t set in stone. It may be dinner, dance and/or romance. The excitement is in the anticipation.

Daily Planet Overview – 3rd August 2014


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Mercury and Mars are both in quarrelsome moods. Everyone seems to be running around in circles. No one has a clue about what is going on and there will be very little to show at the end of the day.

Daily Planet Overview – 4th August 2014

While the Moon is in Scorpio some strange and weird goings-on are likely. Confusion and excitement will be around you. Some will experience a taste of the mystical and magical.

Daily Planet Overview – 5th August 2014

The Moon will be moving into Sagittarius this morning and will link with Jupiter and Neptune today. This isn’t a good time to take risks or to gamble with money that should be going on bills and everyday expenses. Don’t take unnecessary chances.

Daily Planet Overview – 6th August 2014

The Moon continues through Sagittarius and during its short spell in this sign will link favourably with Mercury, the Sun and Uranus. Surprise is in the air. Expect the unexpected. If you aren’t in the mood to get involved in anything new or different, tread with care and keep yourself to yourself.

Daily Planet Overview – 7th August 2014

Mars makes a connection with Neptune today. People you live and work with seem to be talking themselves into problems rather than resolving existing difficulties. It would be best to leave them to it and keep to your own counsel.

Daily Planet Overview – 8th August 2014

Mercury is close to the Sun and will link positively with Uranus. It’s a good day to have a clear-out. Tidy cupboards and drawers and get rid of all the rubbish. Or you could make those changes you’ve been thinking about for some time.

Daily Planet Overview – 9th August 2014

The Sun and Uranus link harmoniously today but there will be tension between the Sun, Mercury and Saturn. So, be honest in all your dealings. Think before you speak. Be sure that all you say and do is beyond reproach.

Daily Planet Overview – 10th August 2014

There’s a full moon in Aquarius. The Moon will also link tensely with Mars and Saturn. Some jobs and tasks will be brought to an end. Old debts will be settled. Legal matters will be concluded.

Daily Planet Overview – 11th August 2014

A Pisces Moon will be close to dreamy Neptune. Business and career communications should be dealt with promptly. If someone wants an answer from you they will not be put off. It would be easier to get it over with.

Daily Planet Overview – 12th August 2014

Venus is joining the Sun and Mercury in Leo. The Moon links favourably with Mars, Pluto and Saturn making this a lovely day for romance and creative past-times. It’s a great time too for getting married or making joint long-term commitments.

Daily Planet Overview – 13th August 2014

Aries is the sign the Moon will be visiting over the next few days and today the Moon links positively with Venus and Jupiter. Use your energy in positive ways. Push yourself forward and be constructive. Don’t tell yourself you can’t when you haven’t even tried. Have a go and you will discover you can.

Daily Planet Overview – 14th August 2014

The Aries Moon makes a tense link with Pluto. Be polite and flexible and above all be co-operative, even with people you may not like or don’t particularly respect.

Daily Planet Overview – 15th August 2014

Mercury now leaves Leo to enter Virgo. Mars and Pluto make a positive connection. – Try to stay positive and optimistic. This may not be possible for everyone but looking on the bright side certainly won’t cause any harm.

Daily Planet Overview – 16th August 2014

The Taurus Moon will be linking happily with Neptune and Pluto but not so well with Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Be sensible, keep on top of your finances, pay bills and be sure to keep your promises and fulfil responsibilities.

Daily Planet Overview – 17th August 2014

For most of the day the Moon will be in the practical sign Taurus. Later this evening it will move into talkative Gemini. Expect dreams to be so busy and fast that you will wake feeling as exhausted as when you went to bed.

Daily Planet Overview – 18th August 2014

Venus is close to Jupiter today. Pamper your someone special. A partner or close friend may be feeling neglected. It’s a good day to focus on your closest and most intimate relationships.

Daily Planet Overview – 19th August 2014

Today the Moon is in Gemini and Mercury and Neptune are at odds with one another. You don’t need to have anyone in the room to get into an argument because your thoughts are so confusing you can’t make sense of them and you feel irritable with yourself.

Daily Planet Overview – 20th August 2014

The Moon will move into Cancer early today and will make happy connections with the Sun and Neptune. Even if you don’t see yourself as being very imaginative, these trends could well bring out the artist or poet within you.

Daily Planet Overview – 21st August 2014

Mercury will link favourably with Pluto today. Decisions are made. Arrangements are agreed on. A few beneficial changes here and there will make this a memorable day for many.

Daily Planet Overview – 22nd August 2014

The Moon is in Cancer for most of the day, moving into Leo this evening. People can be moody and difficult to understand. Some sensitive friends are best avoided for now. An intense day emotionally.

Daily Planet Overview – 23rd August 2014

The Sun starts its annual trip through Virgo. In business matters, it isn’t a day to understate or underplay your hand. If you’re serious about anything, be courageous. Speak your mind.

Daily Planet Overview – 24th August 2014

The Moon in Leo will be close to Venus and despite a positive link with Uranus, will not be getting on so well with Mars and Saturn. Avoid doing anything hasty. Look before you leap. It’s not a good time to say or do anything on impulse.

Daily Planet Overview – 25th August 2014

Mercury joins forces with Mars, Uranus and Saturn. Plans and arrangements of all kinds are open to sudden and unexpected change. People are unpredictable at the moment but some spontaneous occurrences will be a lot of fun.

Daily Planet Overview – 26th August 2014

Venus and Saturn aren’t sitting happily together in the skies at this time. Although a situation or other people might appear calm and controlled, all it will take is one little trigger and turmoil can result. Feelings are just below the surface now.

Daily Planet Overview – 27th August 2014

Both Mercury and Mars are a little restless today. Some matters are growing tedious. Don’t let them drag on any longer. Insist that they are settled one way or another.

Daily Planet Overview – 28th August 2014

Venus isn’t getting on well with the other planets and after coming to blows with Saturn yesterday is now ready to argue with Mars today. Relationships aren’t very harmonious. Both at home and in the workplace there will be tension and misunderstandings.

Daily Planet Overview – 29th August 2014

Moon is in Libra making a positive link with Jupiter but not so good is its connection with Pluto. Everything happens at once. There’s a lot going on and in this busy day and the hours will fly by like minutes.

Daily Planet Overview – 30th August 2014

The Moon will be moving out of Libra and into Scorpio now. Be ready to bite your lips and keep your thoughts to yourself as some people will be prone to allowing their emotional reactions get the better of them.

Daily Planet Overview – 31st August 2014

The Scorpio Moon will be close to Saturn and linking with Jupiter and Pluto today. Be patient, control your temper and be very careful when dealing with people who have powerful personalities.

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