Birth Date Numerology and Your Life Path

What is Birth Date Numerology?

birth date numerology

What does Numerology or Birth date Numerology mean? Perhaps the answer lies within us. Most of us are aware that something sacred works through us. Call it Destiny. Call it Higher Will. Or call it God. Quantum Scientists call it the Unified Field, an immense “conglomeration” of numinous creative energy forms that spew forth universes, planets, stars and human consciousness. The Unified Field also expresses itself through the mystery of high mathematics and the symbolism of sacred geometry.

Many of us are unaware that numbers decipher ultimate truths. Or symbolize the maximum energy in minimum form. They design the reality in which we live, on all levels, physical, spiritual and emotional. They can integrate elements of higher consciousness that accelerate our soul expression. Numbers express a unique vibration within our core. Some say, we are born within a massive mathematical formula. The “God formula” and it is programmed into our DNA.


Thomas J McFarlane

In his treaties “The Spiritual Function of Mathematics……….” Thomas J McFarlane described numbers as symbols. He said “It is possible to take the symbol itself as an object of thought and use it for the purpose of philosophical and general mystical integration. Moreover the greatest achievement of western genius has been the development of the abstract thought which has its crown in higher mathematics”. In short, numbers have a spiritual power, a universality, and selflessness at their core. When we enter the realm of high mathematics, we transcend the personal and touch the universal!


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Universal Numbers

Since numerology is based on high maths, the universal power of numbers translates itself into personal formats that we perceive as “ourselves”. The birth date numerology life path represents an ultimate number. The symbol that interprets a life path or destiny. Each birth date numerology life path is unique. The distinctive numerological analysis of a human life remains centered on an expression of the spiritual core.

Numbers and Meanings

Let us look at a birth date numerology core number. For example, the number two. The two vibrates to high intelligence. It is the perfect number for the diplomat, the “visionary” the profound thinker with a capacity to mix and match human faults with detached wisdom. Twos like harmony, balance, they treat people with respect, and expect to be treated with the same care. The two vibrates a “perfection energy”, Barack Obama is a two, and his diplomatic skills “could” make or “break” many aspects of life as we know it but there is no doubt he is a humanitarian. The two energies within him assure us of that! In other words, his soul number chose to be President of the USA, and take on the huge responsibilities that could crush a lesser man, and transform them!

Calculating Birthdate Numerology

As the birth date numerology life path is calculated via the day, month and year of birth, a clear, core component number is accessed and integrated into the profile. There are diverse methods of calculating a numerology profile. Different techniques to discover lucky numbers for example! Through numerology one can comprehend emotional glitches and challenging life paths more easily. In other words assess, understand and integrate the people and events in our lives. So that we transform emotional disappointment into happiness in love!

As birth date numerology links into our energy field, tunes into our karma, or the life mission to accomplish. We access awareness of every day realities, as well as divine perceptions of life. In numerology as in astrology, the universe reflects back our inner selves. Therefore, living a positive life path, even if our numbers show challenges, is fundamentally our choice. Could it be that belief in a higher power acting is what makes numerology so significant to certain souls?

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