Daily Horoscopes

Daily Horoscopes: 15/10/2017

Philip Garcia’s Daily Horoscopes: 15/10/2017

ARIES (March 21st – April 20th):

In General: Don’t let someone else’s low appreciation for excellence determine how far you will go. Their lack in confidence has no bases in reality.

In Love: You’re only too happy to chat with an attractive tourist; use this chance to point things in a direction that favours you.

In Work: You’re a model of efficiency but if you find yourself with scraps that you can’t use toss them out. You’ll be more efficient if you’re ruthless.


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Romance: Finance: ** (2 out of 5) Work: ***** (5 out of 5)

TAURUS (April 21st – May 21st):

In General: It’s a time of extremes and you come out on the deep end; choices you make today reach far.

In Love: You’re better off going your own way today. Look into detailed work that requires concentration.

In Work: Find a more productive path in your spare time. Once you’ve developed a better plan, make sure you write down your findings and be ready for a raise.

Romance: * (1 out of 5) Finance: * (1 out of 5) Work: ** (2 out of 5)

GEMINI (May 22nd – June 21st):

In General: As you fall into a situation that’s beyond your usual experience you’ll understand what it means to be out of your depth.

In Love: Broadening your romantic prospects is as simple as letting a few friends know that you’re looking for a little more; others are waiting.

In Work: Not everything should be made known to everyone at the workplace; don’t go making judgements or calling people out!

Romance: ** (2 out of 5) Finance: ** (2 out of 5) Work: *** (3 out of 5)

CANCER (June 22nd – July 23rd):

In General: Take care of the most important issue first; a pet personal project can be postponed and will fall into place easily later.

In Love: What you thought of as a fantastic experience left a friend cold but unless you talk let them talk about it you won’t know.

In Work: Stick with the project you signed on for until it’s wrapped, even if it feels overwhelming at times; it’s worth the effort.

Romance: *** (3 out of 5) Finance: *** (3 out of 5) Work: ** (2 out of 5)

LEO (July 24th – August 23rd):

In General: Believe in miracles and miracles will happen; everything can get done without you doing more.

In Love: Y ou have fun mixing with people who’ve travelled the world viewing all types of treasures.

In Work: Coming up with ideas that others often considered far out got you where you are; you’re an innovator and progressive.

Romance: ** (2 out of 5) Finance: ** (2 out of 5) Work: ***** (5 out of 5)

VIRGO (August 24th – September 23rd):

In General: Research your travel options to ensure that you’re getting the right deal. Logic is the quickest way for you to find lasting excitement.

In Love: Stop doing what others expect of you; you’ll be happier if you answer your own needs.

In Work: Don’t scoff at the idea a colleague brings to you, it’s their brainchild; calmly respond and help with tweaking the plan.

Romance: * (1 out of 5) Finance: * (1 out of 5) Work: ** (2 out of 5)

LIBRA (September 24th – October 23rd):

In General: It is critical that you stay on top of your assignments. Just because others are slacking off doesn’t give you the right to do the same.

In Love: Any kind of shopping gets exciting when you notice an attractive new customer in the store; ask a question!

In Work: No matter how you sweeten the news, your boss is going to find fault with something. Try to put off talking with them until tomorrow or even later, if possible.

Romance: ** (2 out of 5) Finance: * (1 out of 5) Work: ** (2 out of 5)

SCORPIO (October 24th – November 22nd):

In General: Be on your guard as forces are conspiring against your well laid plans. Review your social diary to head off last minute upsets.

In Love: Steamy time ahead for you and a fire person. Choose what form that will take.

In Work: Political motivations move you to the necessary actions to reposition yourself; from now on you must watch what you say.

Romance: ** (2 out of 5) Finance: ** (2 out of 5) Work: ** (2 out of 5)

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd – December 21st):

In General: It will take something other than magic to get an obnoxious friend under control; straight talk is a good start.

In Love: Being a social butterfly can be exhausting but it is the only way you can find true love. You’ll get another chance to relax later on.

In Work: How far do you really want to go; is climbing the corporate latter your game, or would you rather travel the globe?

Romance: ** (2 out of 5) Finance: ** (2 out of 5) Work: **** (4 out of 5)

CAPRICORN (December 22nd – January 20th):

In General: Your restlessness could certainly hinder productivity, especially if you are required to remain in one spot. Use this time to make a change.

In Love: When a sympathetic friend helps you through a situation, take note of how they manage to stay detached while still caring!

In Work: There is no way to tackle every problem by yourself, confide in your boss about how you feel and ask for the help that you need.

Romance: **** (4 out of 5) Finance: **** (4 out of 5) Work: ** (2 out of 5)

AQUARIUS (January 21st – February 19th):

In General: The energy of the day suits your mood; study and dreaming are options as is planning a family gathering; you get to decide!

In Love: You’re the number one! Seriously, you need to put yourself first today. That doesn’t mean you’re selfish, you just need tender loving care.

In Work: At times those in charge don’t do what you’d expect them to; that’s your signal to step up and start shaking things up.

Romance: ** (2 out of 5) Finance: ** (2 out of 5) Work: ***** (5 out of 5)

PISCES (February 20th – March 20th):

In General: Managing your finances should be at the top of your ‘To Do’ list; look for some fresh ideas to come from some surprising sources.

In Love: When a friend lends timely counsel to your romantic entanglement, a word to the wise is sufficient.

In Work: You can see more deeply than usual into your customers’ and colleagues’ desires and that’s saying a lot. Use your new knowledge to plan some nice surprises.

Romance: * (1 out of 5) Finance: * (1 out of 5) Work: ** (2 out of 5)

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