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Zoe Ball

Written by Philip Garcia

Zoe Ball is the type of gal who is every one’s pal. The type of friend you used to play cat’s cradles with when you were a kid, the kind of fun mate who climbed to the tops of trees and hollered down at you “Come on up, don’t be a woz! ” and you would “Come on Up” and “Not be a woz” even if you had never climbed a tree in your life.

Zoe Louise Ball was born on 23 November 1970, if she had been born in the days of the Wild West, she would probably have been Wyatt Earp! She is a fun, laugh a minute Saggy, and with her Moon in Virgo she is nobody’s fool. This is a lass who if given a chance might even recite the quantum theory off by heart. She is articulate she says what she means and she says it just the way it should be said, even if that famous “Fucking Brilliant” faux pas got her a BBC little red flag.

She has a sensible attitude to life may be because she is a wise old soul who expects other people to shape up or basically ship out She had a solid education, she worked hard always has done, and she expects her people to come “up to scratch.” She first got that silver celebrity ball rolling as a show biz personality when she hosted the Breakfast Show on BBC Radio One, and went on to present nineties kid’s shows like “Live and Kicking”. She is not a toff, even if she sounds like one occasionally, she is “one of the girls” who is now hosting the 2015 “Strictly Come Dancing” show and will look ever so gorgeous in a series of pretty frocks

So other than her Saggy sun and moon in Virgo, what is up with this lovely lady? Well blow us if she doesn’t have Jupiter in Scorpio. We would not have expected anything else really! Why? Well Jupiter in Scorp means the gal is a firework display of chutzpah and personal power. She will bungee jump off high places, and happily thump you if elbow your way past her up that Welsh mountain. She is the type of individual that cannot be ignored, the type who walks into the bingo hall and wins!

If you have a question about life, Zoe will come up with the answer. Jupiter in Scorp ensures she is ready to do the research, and get this, with her knowledge she will twist media power moguls around her little finger, as if butter would not melt in her mouth, to boot. She goes a bit ballistic when it comes to physical exercise though, being a Saggy. Once she sets herself a programme she keeps to it, even if that entails running around BBC headquarters 40 times before breakfast and doing fifty handstands on the Albert Memorial.


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Zoe has always been competitive with Saturn in Taurus, she probably also got that particular vibe from her dad who was also a TV announcer, which might account for the tree climbing, LOL. Saturn ensures she proves herself again and again, may be because she does not rate herself high in the looks and achievement departments, in fact she feels she is never the max, even if others pat her on the back and tell her she is great and gorgeous, as well as good.

The fun news is that Mr. Saturn in Taurus will ensure she is patient enough to wait for another opportunity, like that “Come Dancing” stint so she can continue to be something she has never been before. Some more fun news is that Zoe’s Mercury is in Sagittarius. If you thought we were talking through her hindquarters about her capacity to sound off quantum theories and the like, this placement proves you are wrong and we are right. She loves knowledge, she loves to learn, she is optimistic about her future because she believes the more she knows the freer she becomes. Mercury ensures she has her pet people and charities that she will promote with a grin on her face and just the right attitude. To boot if she does not like you she will tell you why, especially if you try to fob her off with silly mind games, such as showing up late for appointments on a regular basis or whining and moaning when there is no call for it, in fact she will cross you off her guest list faster than sound, Saggy style of course which can be tactless and far to easy going.

This half horse, half Goddess Saggy lady likes the exotic, likes overseas, likes travel, likes fun bright people and likes to know all she can about the subtle workings of the human mind She can be rude, she can be OTT Fire sign, in other words, therefore she can get on your nerves, but she will always be that courageous little girl at heart, the child who climbed trees just so she could finally see the real view!

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