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Vicki Michelle MBE

Written by Philip Garcia

Vicky, once the mythical“ Allo ’Allo” star, would agree life is not always a load of laughs. However, she was smiling when she was awarded an MBE from the Queen for her charity work. In a stunning hat sporting a luminous blue rose, Vicky, said “I think it’s important to give something back, that is what I have always done, but I didn’t expect to get rewarded for it, but it’s fantastic!”

Harking from a long line of thespians, show biz blood literally streams through her veins. So one might ask how did someone so glam become the President of the Heritage Foundation, and a respected supporter of charities, including g Haven House Hospice?

It has to be said when blue eyed beauty Vicky walks into a room she lights it up. But we would expect nothing less from a Saggy with her moon in psychic Pisces and Venus in “Go For It” happy go lucky Sagittarius. She would make a great understudy for the good fairy in the Wizard of Oz, sweet and magical she not only waves her wand during the Pantomime season she waves it to make people’s wishes come true with her charity work! To boot. clairvoyant Piscean moons ensure their owners see into your soul, just like good fairies, so Vicky senses your aura and helps you out with her “magic spells” if you are in a jam.

Her attitude to life has no frontiers; it is open road ahead. Venus in Saggy morphs her into a bright butterfly flitting from flower to flower, enjoying the company of the rich and famous, and then she goes all giggly and fun as she talks over the phone to her girl friends or discusses fashion with her beautiful daughter. Vicky says hi to everyone, everywhere she goes., and most say hi back.

Because she is so joyful, so radiant, it is odd to think she can be ponderous. But this lady needs structure, demands efficiency. She takes her charity work seriously and expects to get to appointments on time so woe betide those who show up late! Mercury in Capricorn does not like her to take fools gladly, or pay lip service to those who do not deliver what they promise. She wants results “before now”, and when she makes up her mind few can change it. Capricorn ensures she is reserved, yet with friendly vibe that is under control when unreliable people depress her; she likes to feel part of something solid and traditional so when it comes to charity drives, she does “Grandfather Clock”


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Saturn in Libra also helps her philanthropic work. She certainly knows how to get what she wants in the public arena; gracious diplomacy flows through her speech and actions, however she might find an ambassador role difficult to sustain. She finds emotional rejection hard to deal with. However, with Mr. S harmonious in Libra she will give through thick and thin; even if personal relationships have been challenging in the past, they never kicked her to the ground.

Uranus in Cancer added “paradigm of virtue” “patriotic”, or “negotiation” to her list of things to do. However, these particular planetary placement helps her deal with the kind of messy problems most prefer to ignore; she can get very crabby when red tape stops the sick, the poor and the old from getting the support they need.

We like to think that when Vicky was in heaven an angel asked her, “What do you want to do on that strange old planet during your stay there?” and her soul answered “I want to help people laugh away their tears.” We believe she has accomplished her mission, what do you think?

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