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Tanya Bardo

Written by Philip Garcia

Who is that girl? Which girl? That high street honey that just wiggled by, the lass with the exotic eyes and long brown hair? The girl who wore a tiara when she married Soccer Player Phil Barsley not so long ago.

We are talking Tanya Robinson, a former glamour model with a fun Saggy Sun and Moon in her astro sky. This girl is a hottie with “let’s have fun” attitudes, a girl who believes that life should be lived to the hilt, so stuff the couch potatoes and spoiled sports who want to rain on a free thinker’s parade.

Freewheeling, tantalizing Tanya gallops Saggy style across life with the wind in her hair; well if she does not gallop she enjoys the odd ride in a deluxe sports car. Tanya is a girl who moved her sensuous body to a slow motion beat in front of the camera, but running free always gave her an ultimate thrill.

So where was Tanya born? Well she popped into the world in the United Kingdom,Wigan to be exact, even though now she is starring in the “Real Housewives” programme located in Cheshire! Now that she is married, those full page glamour spreads in Zoo Weekly, and FHM Magazine are gone, gone, gone. Also gone are the days when she was named one of the 100 sexiest women in the world. “Celebrity Fear Factor” and small roles French movies are also well and truly over.

So what makes this delectable honey tick, is she only about big, brown eyes and a perfect hour glass figure? Our answer is that we only had to gaze upon this lovely’s moon in Sagittarius to get the picture. This girl does not have beautiful eyes for nothing; she uses them to scour the horizon in case a new country should pop into view. In fact, Tanya always has a suit case on hand; ready to scarper off to some dreamy place so she can gaz at the moon and marvel at the creation of the universe.


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Okay, now you might get some of the picture, but still wonder how Tanya got to the top, after all there are so many pretty girls walking down the high street. Well, the answer is Mr. Jupiter in Scorpio pushed her into full sight. In fact, this is a gal with a success karma, when she walks into a room everyone wants her autograph, they even wanted her autograph when she was kicking off knitted booties in her pram If truth be told, she has a huge energy vibe, a vibe that could have pushed her to the edge on the odd occasion, the edge of a mountain, a love affair, a bungee jumping challenge.

If Tanya had not been born in 1981 she would have been born in 1971 She is the classic flower girl the archetypal free spirit, a smouldering fire sign with a hot and loving heart. She might not do hippy, but one thing is for sure, she does not do dull, she does not do boring either, she wants “wound up about life”. Her spirit seeks the truth, and once she realizes what that truth is, she will push it down your throat until you say enough is enough.

When it comes to love things get serious. No matter her flirty approach on camera, this is a girl who invests in relationships: Venus in Cappy does not go for lightweight love, Venus in Cappy goes for serious amour. She wants her hubby to stand by her no matter what. She wants her hubby to be seriously successful with a safe in his office. She wants her guy to be hardworking and ambitious, and nobody could fit the bill better than Stoke Defender Phil Barsley, the dood who ain’t standing for any nonsense on field and off.

Mercury in Scorpio also gifts this beautiful gal with an odd witchy flavor now and then. She is super intuitive. She can read vibes at ten paces, see through rip off merchants in seconds. Sometimes she might sense a strange feeling coming over her all of a sudden, feelings she does not really understand, but they do not perturb her that much, after all ghosts and angels are more than just possibilities to free spirits.

So at this point of the proceedings one might ask what is the cream on her cake. What makes this lovely gal so successful? Well the answer is Saturn in Libra. That planetary placement files down her rough edges and teaches her that cooperation is the best option Good old task master Saturn has helped her learn that the right approach will enhance her professional clout, so being there for people is one of her gifts.

The truth is Tanya will give all she has got to life, and life will give her back all it has in return. Saggy Sun, and Saggy Moon ensure that life is a party, a celebration, an experience that is lived with the wind in one’s hair, even when has become an old, married lady!

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