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Sheridan Smith

Written by Philip Garcia

Sheridan Smith is “Miss Honey” in person, so sweet you could pour her over your pancakes She has been described as “…. making the heart race a little!” She has the face of a captivating Edwardian music hall star, yet as scrumptious as she is, her demeanour is that of a “go for it” Thespian chick with a finger on the show biz pulse. In fact, she has performed her cotton socks off in “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps”, “Love Soup”, “Gavin and Stacey” and “Benidorm”. She not only won a BAFTA for her role as Ronnie Bigg’s wife, but for her interpretation of Cilla Black in “Cilla.” To boot she won two Laurence Oliver Awards consecutively, and if that was not enough, got a Best Performance Award for her supporting role in the play “Flare Path” in 2012. Wow, you might say, but the aforementioned are to be expected considering her stellar line up and natural talent.

She was born with Sun in Cancer, which accounts for her high voltage sensitivity, and capacity to enter the heart of a character. Interestingly, her acting gifts help her forget a natural Cancerian reserve, her human gifts include a magical ability to relate to others and her soul gifts flower in a resilient heart; even in a competitive show biz environment where bitchiness reigns, she can hold her own!

For all her creative independence, this lovely young lady still depends on parental support and encouragement. Like a true Cancer she enjoys her family home and Mum’s Sunday roasts. However, even the sweetest Cancer can turn crabby once in a while, in fact any injustice will see her burst into tears, she is so empathetic she will feel for a hurt child, and worry about a lost pet. She likes to look after the little creatures of this world.

She told Sylvia Roger of the Telegraph ”Now I have my own flat in Crouch End. It has an enormous garden which I share with my crazy London family of dogs. There’s a Japanese Spitz called Trish, shortened from her kennel name Patricia Passion, and a Shar Pei called Enid Blyton (they have blue tongues and I thought “blue ton” – I know it’s a bit of a stretch). And then there’s my black pug called Barry Manilow. It’s a bit camp but I’d just been to see Barry’s show when I got him.”

Venus in Cancer is all about this lovely lass’s inter relating skills; she will depend on mates to share that family dynamic, she likes groups of supportive folks around her to feel safe. Her home is that of a caring Cancer, welcoming and warm, after all she is there to help a mate when life is “no longer a beach.”


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Her happy Jupiter in Libra might appear to make light of life, but Sheridan knows how lucky she is, she appreciates the gifts providence has showered upon her, knowing that to be a great actress, conveying the desperation of a character is her astounding talent. In fact,with Mr. Jupiter on her side; her Thespian lifestyle is blessed, and will continue to be!

Another lucky astro break is her Saturn, also in Libra; this placement has helped solidify Sheridan’s career, boost her talents, and increase her popularity. On set, she sees a colleague’s point of view, she cooperates, she follows her director, cooperating with his every whim. The only trouble is that Saturn will also test her intimate relationships causing some struggle; fear of loss is a boundary she will have to cross before she finds a dependable soul mate. Her karmic lesson is about intimacy and openness. One day she will learn that accepting her vulnerability and allowing it to emerge in a couple relationship can be a blessing.

Mercury in Gemini is her surprise gift. Unwrap it and you will find a highly intelligent gal who can learn a script and overcome stage fright like no other young star. She can also talk the hind legs of a donkey when she sets her mind to it, a much needed gift in show biz environments when you need to get a point over.

No matter her sensitivity, and sweetness, she has always had the confidence to make exactly the right career decisions; in fact her chutzpah knows no bounds when it comes to promoting her considerable acting skills! But then, surprise, surprise, suddenly her Cancerian anxiety disappears with Mercury in Gemini. In fact she morphs into a care free butterfly, flying from flower to flower, jokey and fun, ready for the next exciting Thespian giggle, a true free spirit.

You could do worse than have the kaleidoscopic, multi dimensionally gifted Sheridan as a best friend, a lot, worse.

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