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Written by Philip Garcia

Why gag to meet Paris Hilton if you can meet super Aries Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr instead? If you grannies out there don’t know who the gentlemen is let us clarify: he is a US blogger, television personality, writer and columnist par excellence, and he revels in celebrity gossip; in fact his litigious blog has gained a humongous following.

Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr, otherwise known as Perez Hilton, does not only have blonde ambitions, he is determined to “out” as many celebrities in the closet as humanly possible; not everyone agrees with his mission, including Gay Rights Advocate Spokesperson Damon Romine.
In 2013 he welcomed his first son Armando Lavandeira III into the world by donor egg and surrogate mother, he is a doting father, his child gives him a purpose and love on a level he never knew possible!

“Media speculation about a celebrity’s orientation is not something we support” says Romine. “This kind of gossip ……. may drive others further into the closet. People are going to become more guarded and secretive and not less, because they don’t want to create any opportunities for anyone to out them.”

Perez is immune to such critical declarations. His ambitious Aries nature is into emergence any time, any place. He said “What sets my site apart is that prior to PerezHilton.com, most blogs were mainly online journals and diaries, but that never interested me. I wanted to talk about celebrities because they’re far more entertaining.”

Perez is not only a brunette Aries that runs rings around the block, but his moon in complex Mr. Virgo has Mr. Critical overtones and bitchy insights. He will sort out secretive information faster than Speedy Gonzales; in fact he can place his finger on the promotional pulse in a jiffy.


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“A typical git of our time!” granny moans, well may be, due to his Mercury in Gemini! Now that particular astro angle ensures that Perez scans the inner workings of the VIP brain without so much as a by your leave. He is no Mr. Diplomatic; Merc in Gemini backs up his Mr. Uncensored side. He will get all fired up about a celebrity and then do his best to antagonize them. Mercury in Aries has no “hairs on the tongue” as they say in Italy. In short Mr. Hilton is not afraid to kick the celebrity circuit “where the sun never shines”. Yet, unzip this guy’s head and all you will see is a high powered brain circulating to the speed of sound. A brain that is waiting for “That Scandalous Breakthrough!” Challenge him to a media dual, and you will have grist for your mill, a guy who thinks nothing of using your guts for garters; check out his “row” with Miley Cyrus if you don’t believe us.
Hilton took part in the UK reality series Celebrity Big Brother in January 2015, with mixed reception, his crazy unorthodox antics made him a target for the other celebrities.

So was it Perez’s Venus in Gemini that encouraged him to put his foot in it when he announced the “death” of Cuban President Fidel Castro? We blame Venus in Gemini for having those curious fingers in too many pies. In fact, when it comes to Venus in Gemini, you will see Perez saying one thing for another as if butter would not melt in his mouth.

So what astro vibe explains why this guy is constantly dealing with libel actions, and hacked off stars sick of his gossipy vibe? We opt for Saturn in Leo which will do practically anything to be seen even if they are “disbelieved.” Saturn in Leo also ensures this guy is the leader of a pack that could end up in the mouth of a Lion. His astro lesson is proper use of personal power.

So can our Perez hack the humbling experience? Well, as long as he is aware he also has Uranus in Scorpio, a placement that wants Perez to tread carefully and avoid uncontrollable, show biz temper tantrums. So may be the best astro advice we could give Perez Hilton is to clear his decks before an astro celebrity hurricane hits him for six one last time.

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